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Let it go? That is a concept I have never understood.

Buffy to Cyrus

You're the One That I Want is the ninth episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the twenty-first episode overall. It first aired on January 26, 2018 to 1.28 million viewers.[1]



Andi questions her relationship with Jonah. After a discouraging talk with Amber, Andi enlists Buffy and Cyrus to investigate.[2]

Full Plot

At school, Andi is staring at Jonah Beck from a distance because she doesn't want to talk to him. She is still mad about seeing him at The Spoon with another girl. Buffy comes over to cheer her up with news about puppies, but Andi is too upset to let Buffy in. So, Buffy walks away. Jonah comes over to talk to Andi and asks if everything is okay. Andi tells him about seeing him with another girl but Jonah seems clueless at first. Jonah tells Andi that the girl is Natalie. She is the captain of the Ultimate Frisbee Team at Peabody. A fellow diskhead. He asks Andi if she's jealous and Andi denies it.

After school, Andi goes to The Spoon to pick up some food and finds Amber. Amber tries to engage Andi in a conversation about Jonah but Andi doesn't want to listen because of their dark past. Nevertheless, Amber continues to talk, saying that she's there for Andi even though they've had their differences. She tells Andi that Jonah did the same thing to her when they were dating. Back then, Jonah had told Amber that Andi was just a friend. But then he broke up with Amber and started hanging out with Andi. This makes Andi worried but she doesn't want to admit that Amber may have a point. Amber offers a shoulder for Andi to cry on when she needs it. And she will need it. Andi leaves the diner.

In addition to Amber getting in her head, Andi becomes more paranoid when Buffy and Cyrus show her a video of Jonah at Natalie's swimming pool party. When Buffy notices how upset Andi is, she tries to cheer her up with the pictures of the puppies but Andi doesn't want to see any.

Meanwhile, Bex goes to Bowie's nursery, Judy's Blooms, to get her plants checked. She finds a cheerful young woman named Miranda Patrick. After introductions, they start bonding over how they both have two first names. Before they know it, they quickly become friends. Miranda later tells Bowie about her encounter with Bex. Bowie comes over to Bex's apartment and they start talking about Bex and Miranda's friendship.

Andi finds them during this conversation and it only makes her more upset because everyone else seems to be making new friends. Andi asks them if they believe Jonah and Natalie are just friends. At first, Bowie says they're probably just friends because it's unlikely that Jonah would fall for someone he met in frisbee... But then he's reminded that Jonah and Andi met through frisbee. Andi walks away from them. Bex wants to go talk to Andi but Bowie offers to go. He finds Andi duct-taping her laptop so that she doesn't have to see the video of Jonah Beck and Natalie. She has also taped her phone to avoid any temptation. Bowie sits next to her and offers fatherly advice. He admits that they really don't know what's going on in Jonah's head. But he and Bex are there for Andi.

The next day, when Bex goes into pick up her plants, she finds both Bowie and Miranda Patrick. Bex and Miranda have a wonderful conversation and even agree to go out together for donuts. While Bowie is in the back, Miranda starts talking to Bex about Bowie. She tells Bex that she would like to ask Bowie out unless Bex likes Bowie. Bex denies liking Bowie. When Bowie returns and asks what's going on, Bex gets nervous and leaves. She even cancels her donut date with Miranda. Miranda asks Bowie out as Bex leaves, disappointed.

To help Andi find out what's going on between Natalie and Jonah, Bowie enlists Cyrus to spy on the two of them. They look through their social media but can't find any photos of Natalie on Jonah's FacePage. However, they notice that they're both going to be at the same frisbee lesson by Furious George at the park this afternoon. So, Buffy asks Cyrus to get his camera for spywork. They hide behind the bushes during the frisbee game to take photos of any contact between Jonah and Natalie. Afterwards, they present a big yellow envelope to Andi containing everything they found. Andi doesn't want to open it. When she finally opens it, she finds nothing. There's nothing in the envelope because Jonah and Natalie didn't even touch, apart from a single fist bump. They really are just friends.

Now that she knows there's nothing between Jonah and Natalie, Andi asks Jonah if he's excited about tonight. Jonah thanks Andi for accepting to come. But wait, Andi is the one who invited Jonah. What's Jonah talking about? It turns out, Jonah was thinking of an invite from Natalie to be in her frisbee YouTube video. He had forgotten that Andi had already invited him to a Grease sing-along. Jonah doesn't know what to choose: Andi's sing-along or Natalie's epic video. When Andi notices that Jonah is having a hard time choosing, she tells him to do what makes him happy. He seems to really like the video. So, he should do it. Jonah thanks Andi for understanding.

After that, Jonah goes to The Spoon Diner where he encounters his ex-girlfriend Amber. Amber confronts Jonah about Natalie. She tells him that Andi is a really great person and if he continues choosing Natalie over her, he is going to lose her. Jonah is surprised that Amber is fighting for Andi. Amber tells Jonah that he thinks that Andi is cool with it but she's not. Andi acts like she's the cool girl but she is the jealous kind. And she is going to be very heartbroken if Jonah messes this up. Amber reminds Jonah that he already dated the cool girl (Amber) and he blew it. He'd better not blow this up with Andi too. Jonah feels bad.

Before getting into the bus for the Grease sing-along, Andi tells Buffy and Cyrus about Jonah going to Natalie's video instead. Buffy is disappointed that Andi didn't stand her ground and make Jonah come with her instead. With Buffy's push, Andi decides to go after Jonah. She runs all the way to the park where Natalie is filming her frisbee YouTube video. She asks Natalie where Jonah is but Natalie reveals that Jonah cancelled on her to go to the sing-along. It turns out that his encounter with Amber helped Jonah make the right decision. So, Andi runs all the way back and finds the bus leaving. Buffy gets the driver to stop the bus. Andi walks to the back row where Jonah is seated. They share a sweet moment as the rest of the students stare at them.

On their way, Andi looks at Jonah's face and she can tell that he would rather be doing something else than be there with her.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack (credit only)

Recurring Cast

Trent Garrett as Bowie Quinn
Emily Skinner as Amber
Shelby Simmons as Natalie
Chloe Hurst as Miranda Patrick

Guest Cast

Patrik Connole as Furious George


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  • The title is from a song from the musical Grease, which is a coincidence since Andi goes to a Grease sing-along.
  • This is the first appearance of Judy's Blooms, the plant nursery where Celia helped Bowie find employment, as mentioned in Hey, Who Wants Pizza?.
  • In the episode promo, Disney uses "Agents of Andi" which is a reference to Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which is also owned by Disney.
  • First appearance of Miranda Patrick, who will complicate Bex and Bowie's relationship.
  • Natalie has a channel on MeTube, a social network that is also mentioned in the Raven's Home episode, Diss Track.
    • This could possibly mean that Andi Mack is in the same universe as Raven's Home.
  • The last scene spoofed The Graduate.
  • The song that plays when Andi goes looking for Jonah is "Forever in Love" by Phototronique, which is also featured in a mission in the open-world action-adventure video game Watch Dogs 2.


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