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We're on Cloud Ten is the twenty-fourth episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the thirty-sixth overall. It first aired on August 10, 2018 to 1.01 million viewers.[1]



Andi and Jonah go on their first date where she learns some sad news. Bex and Celia prepare for the grand opening of their business.[2]

Full Plot

Buffy and Cyrus are at The Spoon together. When Amber brings the baby taters, Cyrus starts making small talk with her. This gets on Buffy's nerves because she can't stand Amber. She asks Cyrus why he feels the need to be friends with unfriendly people like TJ and Amber. Cyrus defends them, arguing that according to Amber, Buffy is the unfriendly one.

Determined to help Buffy and Amber reconcile their differences, Cyrus tricks both of them to meet him at his dad's office. Buffy arrives first and starts asking Cyrus what game he wants to play. Amber walks in only to find Buffy there. Both Amber and Buffy are disappointed. They call Cyrus out for tricking them to hang out together. Cyrus tells them that he wants them to get along. He asks Buffy what Amber has ever done to her. Buffy starts listing things that Amber did to Andi, like humiliating her[3] and stranding her on the Ferris Wheel.[4] But Cyrus wants Buffy to say things that Amber did to her personally since this is not about Andi. Buffy can't come up with anything. When it comes to Amber's turn, she says that the only reason she dislikes Buffy is because Buffy dislikes her.

Cyrus concludes that the only reason Amber and Buffy can't get along is their unsubstantiated dislike for each other. When Cyrus takes out his old notebook to "pencil" them in for another appointment, the girls start ridiculing him for being so old-fashioned. Before they know it, Amber and Buffy share a laugh.

Meanwhile, Andi, Bex, and CeCe are getting ready for the grand opening of their new salon, Cloud 10 - formerly, The Fringe. They are handing out samples and flyers to potential customers in preparation for the official opening in 2 weeks. However, CeCe is dispirited because Ham left to go tour the world. Bowie joins them and gives CeCe a plant to help cheer her up. He then helps Andi and Bex with the promotion. Jonah Beck comes over and asks Andi to go out on a date with him at this cool place where the entire room is filled with trampoline. Both Andi and Bex are excited for Andi's first date. Later that evening, Jonah comes to pick up Andi at Bex's apartment. Bowie is there and tries to act like a strict father but he can't pull it off. He lets them go.

During the date, Andi has so much fun jumping on the trampoline with Jonah that she suggests they should come back the following weekend. Unfortunately, Jonah reveals that he can't because he's leaving town the next day for an ultimate frisbee camp that would last eight weeks. Andi struggles to process the sad news. Jonah explains that after being rejected by the regional ultimate frisbee team,[5] he decided to sign up for a camp so that he can become better at it. Andi understands Jonah's situation but says that she is still disappointed that he has to go. Jonah walks Andi to Andi Shack where she wants to stay and process the news. Andi and Jonah say their goodbyes. After that, Andi walks into the Andi Shack only to find CeCe there, also depressed - about Ham leaving. They comfort each other.

Back at Bex's apartment, Bex asks Bowie to stay for a while. She convinces Bowie to cook for them, after which they start binge-watching a tv show together. When Bex gets sleepy, she asks Bowie to let her lie on his shoulder. After watching the long episode, Bowie notices that Bex is completely asleep. He adjusts her to sleep properly on the couch. He calls her a couple times to see if she is awake and then says, "Bex, I love you," but Bex doesn't open her eyes and appears to be asleep. However, right after Bowie walks out of the apartment, Bex opens her eyes. She heard him after all.

The next day, Andi tells Bex about Jonah leaving and CeCe being lonely. They agree that they need to spend more time together. Bex then casually mentions that she will ask Bowie to marry her. In the spirit of spending more time together, Andi suggests that she and Bex should propose to Bowie together.


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  • This is the only episode of Season 2B that aired on a Friday, a half hour early to accommodate the premiere of the DCOM Freaky Friday.
  • Cyrus revealed that this episode takes place in 2018.
  • While the title is a play on the saying "We're On Cloud 9," it is also referencing the remodeled Fringe.
  • Andi and Jonah's first date was at a trampoline place. But their actual first date was at the arcade in Head Over Heels, which means that this is actually their second date.
    • It is revealed that Jonah would have to leave for camp the day after the date, for 8 weeks.
      • This is Asher Angel's last appearance of the season, because of Asher having to leave to go film for DC's Shazam 2018 reboot.
  • The song in the end is "Sorry" by "Clooney".



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