Walker  : you think I could keep that one?
Andi  : The drawing of me that you gave me?
Walker  : Yeah, um, it kind of sounds kind of stupid, but... I just wanna remember the moment I met you.
— Andi and Walker, Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

Wandi is the pairing between characters Andi Mack and Walker Brodsky. It is heavily implied that Andi has an interest in Walker. They first met during Cyrus' bar mitzvah party in which Walker was the caricature artist.

Andi and Walker are portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Darius Marcell respectively.


Season 2

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

  • Andi meets Walker - the caricature artist - for the first time at Cyrus' party.
  • Walker thinks Andi is cute and draws her.
  • Walker walks up to Andi, preventing a chance for Jonah to talk with Andi.
  • Andi and Walker dance together and even go to the photo booth together. Walker helps Andi forget about the drama with Jonah Beck.
  • Walker asks Andi to let him keep the drawing of her so that he can remember her.

Better to Have Wuvved and Wost

  • Bex and Andi hint that Andi might have a crush on Walker.
  • Andi seems eager to know more about Walker and where he lives.

A Walker to Remember

  • Walker video chats Andi and asks her if she wants to hang out.
  • Andi walks up to Walker while he is eating roasted nuts. He eats them all but then reveals he bought Andi some too.
  • Walker takes Andi to an art gallery that he has a painting in. Andi is challenge to guess which painting is his. He tells her that it is a blank canvas and that he needs her help painting because the deadline was that day.
  • They paint a rainbow swirl on the canvas.
  • Walker tells Andi that the deadline wasn’t actually that day.
  • They sign their names at the bottom left corner and Walker draws their Caricature heads above the signature.

Andi's Choice

  • Andi and Walker talk on the phone.
  • Walker comes to meet Andi and her friends at The Spoon
  • Andi admits that she might have feelings for Walker.
  • Buffy asks Andi to make a choice between Jonah and Walker.
  • Andi kisses Jonah implying that she chooses him over Walker.

Buffy in a Bottle

  • Walker keeps texting Andi but Andi starts ignoring his texts and calls.
  • Andi invites Walker over to officially end things since she's chosen Jonah.
  • Despite Andi's choice, Walker gives Andi a gift of sneakers that he painted himself for her and insists that she should still accept the gift.
  • Andi loves Walker's sneakers so much that she wears them outside where she runs into Jonah Beck.
  • Jonah becomes jealous of Andi and Walker.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

  • During an art fair, Andi finds that Walker is showcasing the charcoal drawing of Andi he drew during Cyrus' bar mitzvah.
  • Walker and Andi have a fun conversation about how amazing the painting is doing.
  • Andi and Walker start taking photos together.
  • Jonah finds Andi and Walker having fun together and he is surprisingly not jealous of losing Andi to Walker.

Season 3

The Boys Are Back

  • Andi has supposedly moved on from Jonah, barely even missing him.
  • Walker arrives at the Spoon, and Andi thinks he's here to see her when in fact, he's here to see Buffy.
  • Andi tells Buffy she's not "over the moon" about the situation.
  • Despite insisting that she's okay Buffy and Walker dating, seeing them act like a couple upsets Andi and prompts her to leave.
  • Andi admits to Bex that she's still conflicted about her feelings for Walker and Jonah.

It's a Dilemna

  • When Buffy brings up wanting to invite Walker to join the Good Hair Crew and Jonah at Color Factory, Andi is silent and says they'll talk later.
  • Andi admits that she feels "weird" around Walker and doesn't like seeing him and Buffy together.
  • Buffy tells Walker this, prompting him to go to Andi's house to talk things out. Despite her okay-ing Walker going to Color Factory, she acts rather hostile towards him and doesn't end up going herself. She is visibly jealous of the fun they end up having at Color Factory.






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