Walker Brodsky is a recurring character on Andi Mack. He is a very talented artist whom Andi meets at Cyrus' bar mitzvah where Walker is hired as the caricature artist.

Walker is portrayed by Darius Marcell.


Walker is a very talented artist. He draws amazing caricature drawings and makes a very beautiful painting of Andi. He seems sweet and kind in the way he talks to Andi and Bex. He is very funny. He seems to be very relaxed because he wasn't offended when Andi said that caricatures are the worst. He has a habit of showing up unannounced but otherwise is good at communication, wanting to confront problems instead of ignoring them.


Season 2

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

Walker is hired to serve as the caricature artist for Cyrus' bar mitzvah. Andi meets him when Bex takes her for a caricature drawing for just the two of them - but then things get awkward when Bowie comes over and wants to be in it. Walker understands the situation and accepts Andi and Bex's request not to do the drawing.

Walker walks into Andi just as she's trying to finally talk to Jonah Beck about their tense situation. He shows Andi a very beautiful drawing he made of her. Andi is impressed and starts walking around with Walker. They have so much fun together, helping Andi forget about her stressful situation with Jonah. Walker and Andi go to a photo booth together which is interrupted when one of Cyrus's parents comes looking for Walker because other guests want drawings, while Jonah is right outside waiting for Andi. Jonah starts becoming jealous of Walker.

Later, Walker asks Andi to give back the drawing to him because it's so beautiful and he wants to keep it so he can look at her magnificent beauty. Andi gives him the painting.

A Walker to Remember

Walker gives Andi a call and asks her to come hangout with him. He takes her to an art gallery where they have fun taking photos in front of different paintings. He then asks her to guess which one of the paintings is his. When she can't guess, he shows her a blank painting. He tells Andi that he has a deadline to finish the painting that day or he would lose the spot at the gallery. But he doesn't know what to paint. So, he asks Andi to help him paint. Together, they come up with a beautiful rainbow-themed painting. They write their names on it. Walker then admits to Andi that there wasn't really a deadline. He just wanted to hang out with her.

Andi's Choice

When Andi tells Walker about Buffy leaving, Walker comes to meet them at The Spoon. He paints a portrait of Andi, Buffy and Cyrus so that they can remember their time together. After meeting Walker for the first time, Buffy and Cyrus urge Andi to make a choice - Walker or Jonah. Later that evening, Jonah performs a song for Andi, after which Andi kisses him. This implies that Andi chooses Jonah over Walker.

Buffy in a Bottle

Andi starts ignoring Walker's texts because she's with Jonah now. So, she invites him to her apartment to tell him face to face that they can't hangout or talk anymore because she has a boyfriend. Walker comes in carrying sneakers he painted for Andi. After hearing that Andi chose Jonah, Walker is disappointed but respects Andi's choice. He agrees to remain as friends. He also insists that Andi should keep the sneakers because he made them just for her. Andi is reluctant to take the sneakers out because she could run into Jonah Beck. Jonah sees the sneakers and becomes upset after figuring out that they're from Walker.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

Walker is participating in the local art fair but Andi doesn't know about it. Andi, Bex and CeCe go to the art fair and are surprised to find Walker's charcoal drawing of Andi from Cyrus' bar mitzvah is on display. Not only that, but it's actually the winning painting. Walker comes over and introduces himself to Bex and Celia. Andi asks him why he didn't tell him that he was displaying a painting of her but Walker reminds her that it was her idea that the two should stop talking. Walker and Andi decide to take photos together. But then, Buffy and Cyrus arrive - with Jonah Beck. Andi freaks out and tries to explain. But Jonah says that he knows what's going on - Walker is the artist. To everyone's surprise, Jonah happily introduces himself to Walker. Andi is amazed at how cool Jonah is with Walker and not jealous at all.

When Walker is left with Buffy and Cyrus, Buffy starts asking him about the paintings. Cyrus notices that Buffy is playing with her hair as she speaks to Walker. He asks Buffy if Walker is her crush but Buffy denies it and asks him to stay out of it.

Season 3

The Boys Are Back


It's a Dilemna


Hole in the Wall


That Syncing Feeling


Secret Society


The Quacks


One in a Minyan

Andi asks Buffy if she's texting Walker, implying they have not officially broken up yet. She is not.



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Walker is an artist that Andi meets at Cyrus' bar mitzvah. When she expresses her distaste for caricatures, Walker draws a portrait of her. The two bond at the party and he asks to keep the portrait so he can remember this. Walker invites Andi to an art fair to help him with a painting. He then gives her shoes of the design. Andi is conflicted between Walker and Jonah but chooses Jonah for the time being. However, when Buffy and Walker start dating, the conflict emerges again and Andi is jealous.


Main article: Buffy and Walker

Walker and Buffy met in For the Last Time when Walker offered to draw the Good Hair Crew as a going away present. She developed a crush on him. They started texting and face-timing during the summer between Season 2 and Season 3. They started officially dating in The Boys Are Back when Andi say she was okay with it.


  • According to Disney Press release, Walker will be a recurring character[1]
  • Fans have started to call the Andi - Walker ship: Andikin SkyWalker.
  • The ship has been renamed "Wandi".

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