1.Hey, Who Wants Pizza?-After breaking up with Amber, Jonah starts to realize he may have feelings for Andi, which ultimately leads Cyrus to feel uncomfortable about being with Iris and leaves Buffy suspicious. Bowie tries to reconcile his relationship with Bex.

2.Here's Amber!!!:Amber comes back seeking revenge on Andi,and hurts Cyrus in the process. Meanwhile, Buffy and Marty go out on a 'friend-hang' and realize something about Jonah.

3.Open The Door,Cyrus: Jonah gets embarresed by Cyrus at a meet. Meanwhile, Andi visits her great-grandma.

4.Space-y Otters: Buffy tries to join the Space Otters and gets in a fight with Andi. Meanwhile,Cyrus decides to play matchmaker and realizes his own crush.

5.Best Friends For Never: Jonah tries to help fix things between Andi and Buffy. Meanwhile,Cyrus loses a note he wrote to Jonah and tries to find it before Amber does. Also,Bowie tries to tell his parents about Andi.

6.It's My Way Of Saying Hello: Amber gives Jonah the note Cyrus wrote and he thinks it was intended for Andi. Andi meets Bowie's parents and has a tough time bonding with them. Meanwhile, Buffy and Cyrus try to dig up dirt on Amber and find something juicy.

7.Cyrus Loves Andi?!: Amber tells Andi that Cyrus loves her,and she asks him if he does. Meanwhile,Bex finds out a secret about Bowie.

8.Love Is In The AirCyrus tells Jonah that he loves him and it ruins things with Andi and Jonah. Marty tells Buffy he loves her but she doesnt feel the same. Meanwhile,Bex meets Bowie's ex.

9.Coming Home From Homecoming:Jonah decides to hold a homecoming dance for the Space Otters and Amber confronts him there. Meanwhile, Andi tries to rekindle her relationhip with Buffy.

10.Confrontation:Bex tells Andi the she's pregnant. Meanwhile,Amber tries to be nice to Jonah and it fails... hard.

11.'Accidentally On Purpose Jonah kisses Cyrus  'accidentally'. Meanwhile, Andi and Buffy go to a new arcade in town and find Marty with another girl. 

12.11.Choose The Choice: Jonah is frced to choose who he really loves. Meanwhile, Andi found out Bex's baby died. Buffy confronts Marty's girlfirend.