So this is a competition of sorts. It’s very much community based. So there are 6 awards this year. And they are...

Best Episode

Easily explained. What is the best episode? List your fave in the comments!

Best Season

Season 1 or 2? You decide!

Favorite Actor

Which actor portrays their Charecters the best?

Topic Handled Best

What was/is the best topic they discussed?

Best Charecters

Who is the best carecter?-No Side/BG Charecters (Like Gus And Denise)

Best Pairing/Group

So this award will get a lot of controversy. But this award is for the best pairing/group. It can be a group of friends such as The Good Hair Crew. And pairings don’t have to be romantic,like Buffy and Cyrus or Amber and Andi. (But most will be romantic.


Seeing as this is an award show, we have performers! We have 2 definitely confirmed performers, which are Sabrina Carpenter and Asher Angel. There will be many other performers and performances. We’ll have the cast of TWO Disney shows standing together to perform an AMAZING mashup. (Can you guess who?)

When will it be?

It will be the weekend before Christmas. On Saturday. It will be great! See you there!