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It won't last. Kira is not a nice person. It only took me a day to figure that out. Since he is a guy, it will take longer.

Buffy to Cyrus

Unloading Zone is the 15th episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the 52nd overall. It premiered on June 21, 2019 to 0.61 million viewers.



Andi, Buffy, Jonah, and Cyrus take a stand against a wasteful clothing company; Cyrus is disappointed by TJ's new friendship; Celia refuses to forgive Bex. 

Full Plot 

Cyrus and Buffy are watching from a distance as TJ is playing with Kira, giving her piggyback rides. Cyrus says that he has been avoiding TJ because he’s always with Kira. Buffy assures Cyrus that TJ will eventually figure out that Kira is not a nice person.

Afterward, TJ comes to Cyrus and asks if he's been avoiding him but Cyrus denies it. When Cyrus makes a comment about TJ and Kira's "relationship," TJ assures him that he and Kira are just friends, not a couple. All they talk about is basketball. He explains that he only gave Kira a piggyback ride because she dared him that he couldn't lift her. TJ invites Cyrus to hang out with them but Cyrus declines, saying that Kira hates him because he's Buffy's friend. Kira joins them and through her tone and sarcasm, makes it clear that she doesn't want Cyrus hanging out with them. Cyrus gets the hint and leaves. As Cyrus walks away, TJ looks back at him and keeps staring until Kira asks him to focus on her.

Andi tells Buffy, Cyrus and Jonah of an article she read about Mint Chip, a clothing company that gets rid of the clothes they can't sell by burning them. The company chooses not to give out the clothes for free because that would dilute their brand. After realizing that Mint Chip burns millions of dollars worth of clothes every year, the Good Hair Crew decides to do something about it. They sneak into garbage bins outside the company's building where they find lots of expensive clothes in trash bags. They carry all the clothes and take them to the flea market where they give them out for free. One customer questions why they would give away such expensive clothes for free, but still walks away with a new leopard winter coat.

While giving out the clothes, Cyrus finds a jacket and tells Buffy that it would be perfect for TJ. He is afraid it could be awkward if TJ doesn't take it but Buffy encourages him to give it to TJ anyway. Cyrus takes a picture of the jacket, texts it to TJ and TJ loves it. When TJ replies back that he is at the park, Buffy and Cyrus conclude that TJ wants Cyrus to take the jacket to him there.

At the park, Kira asks TJ whom he's texting but he hides the fact that he's talking to Cyrus. As they approach the "Tyrus" swing set, Kira asks TJ to hop on and swing with her. TJ feels uneasy because he sees the swing set as a special spot for him and Cyrus. Kira relentlessly insists and gets TJ to give in by daring him that he can't swing higher than her. Cyrus arrives and notices TJ having fun with Kira on the swing set. He is so heartbroken that he stops walking and hides behind a tree to catch his breath. He then sadly leaves without talking to TJ. Back at the flea market, Cyrus gives the jacket to Jonah, saying that he doesn't want anything to do with it.

Just before their free clothes giveaway is over, Andi and her friends are approached by a police officer who asks to see their sales permit. They say that they were not selling the clothes but the officer says that they can't give away clothes for free if they don't belong to them. The officer arrests Andi, Cyrus, Buffy and Jonah and locks them up in jail.

Meanwhile, Bex tries to make amends with her mother but Celia refuses to forgive her for canceling the wedding. Celia guilts Bex and Bowie by sending them the special wedding gift she had custom made for them. It is a snow globe with figurines of Bex and Bowie proposing to each other with Andi in the middle. Bex becomes so emotional that she's unable to write a "thank you" note to CeCe. She goes to Cloud 10 to thank CeCe in person. She tells CeCe how much it meant to her but CeCe still refuses to forgive her.

Bex and CeCe's conversation is interrupted when they get a call informing them that Andi and her friends have been arrested.


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  • The episode revolves around the culture of fast fashion, and how major clothing companies produce millions of clothes every year to meet frequently-changing market demand at the cost of adverse environmental impacts.
  • TJ wears the same hoodie from the swing scene in The New Girls.
  • Andi saying "Winter is coming" references the tagline for Game of Thrones.


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