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Walk to the muffin like you already own it.

— TJ to Cyrus

There's a Mack in the Shack is the eighth episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the twentieth episode overall. It first aired on January 19, 2018 to 1.28 million viewers.[1]



When Andi and Celia spend more time together, Bex feels jealous. Buffy agrees to tutor TJ if he agrees to pass her the ball on the court.[2]

Full Plot

Still upset about the possibility of losing Andi Shack, Andi goes to CeCe's and locks herself up in the Andi Shack. She puts up some decorations and lights, making Ham and CeCe feel a little guilty about selling the house. CeCe explains why they need to sell the house. It's too big for them and too quiet. Before Andi and Bex moved out, CeCe would constantly tell them to keep it down. But now that they're gone, she misses the noise.

Andi asks if they could keep the house a little longer if she spends more time there. CeCe promises to try. Back at their apartment, Andi happily tells Bex that she's figured out how to save the house but Bex warns her that CeCe never changes her mind. She might be trying to manipulate Andi by making it look like it was Andi's decision. Nevertheless, Andi starts spending more time at CeCe's house. She starts going there for breakfast before school and is surprised that CeCe is willing to try cereal she would never try before, just to please Andi. When Andi goes into her old room and plays music really loud, CeCe walks in as if she wants to ask her to keep it down. Instead she joins Andi in dancing. She tells Andi that she has been taking some dance classes. Ham joins them a few minutes later and is surprised by this new side of Celia.

The next day, Bex gets a call from school telling her that Andi missed school. She gets very worried and goes to CeCe's house to see if they had seen Andi. Ham tells her everything that's going on between CeCe and Andi. He tells her that they went for a quick morning shopping spree after breakfast but apparently decided to take the whole day instead of letting Andi go to school. CeCe and Andi arrive and Bex confronts them for making her so worried. This leads to an argument about selling the house during which Ham and CeCe realize that they didn't have the exact same vision on what to do afterwards. CeCe was thinking of moving to a smaller house nearby while Ham was planning on travelling the world.

So, CeCe and Ham agree to take the house off the market for now until they decide what they want to do later. Andi Shack is saved.

Later in Bex's apartment, Andi tells Bex that CeCe has changed and she's trying really hard to bond with Andi. While still talking, CeCe arrives and asks Andi to join her for her next dance lesson. Bex asks to join them too. At the dance studio, Bex and Andi are amazed at how much fun they're having with CeCe. After the dance, CeCe agrees to go to The Spoon Diner with them for the first time. At the diner, she's thinking of ordering healthy food only to realize that Andi and Bex usually order baby taters.

Just before CeCe gets her first order of baby taters, Jonah Beck enters the diner. He's with another girl. Andi and Bex quietly tell CeCe who Jonah Beck is. CeCe realizes that it's Jonah from Chinese New Year. She is upset that he's there with another girl. She wants to go and confront him but Andi and Bex hold her back to avoid creating an embarrassing scene.

Awkwardly, CeCe and Bex abruptly leave The Spoon Diner while hiding Andi from being noticed by Jonah Beck.

While Andi is busy skipping school to save Andi Shack, Buffy and Cyrus are dealing with the TJ problem. During a line to get muffins, Cyrus complains about how the muffins always run out before he gets one. This time he's lucky. There are three muffins left and there's only one person ahead of him - TJ. Unfortunately, TJ takes the three muffins - he keeps one for himself, gives one to his friend, and steps on the last one since it fell on the floor.

After a math class, Buffy's math teacher, Mr. Coleman, asks Buffy to stay behind. He tells her that there's a student who really needs help with algebra. They've tried a lot of tutors but Buffy is now their only option. Buffy is glad to help... unless that student is TJ. Needless to say, the student is TJ. Both Buffy and TJ can't stand each other. The math teacher tells Buffy that if TJ fails algebra, he would have to be kicked off of the basketball team. Is that what she really wants? Yes. Yes, that's what Buffy wants. TJ has been an obstacle for Buffy. He's made her life difficult on the basketball team since he is a mean, sexist team captain. He disrespects her and never passes the ball to her. So, maybe TJ being kicked off the team isn't that bad. Buffy walks out.

TJ loves basketball and is willing to do anything to remain on the team. So, when he sees Buffy in the muffin line the next day, he begs her to tutor him so he can remain on the team. Buffy agrees to help but only if TJ agrees to her demands. First, he has to promise to pass the ball to her next time. And second, he has to help Cyrus get that last muffin. TJ agrees to Buffy's demands. He teaches Cyrus to get it for himself, but as Cyrus walks up to the counter to retrieve the last muffin, the students protest. TJ helps him by saying Cyrus is "with me," intimidating the other students and allowing Cyrus to grab the muffin undisturbed. The deal is sealed.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack

Recurring Cast

Stoney Westmoreland as Ham Mack
Luke Mullen as TJ Kippen
Shelby Simmons as Natalie

Guest Cast

Andrew Diaz as Mr. Coleman
Jeffrey Louizia as Dance Instructor


  • The tradition of making 1,000 paper cranes for a wish is actually Japanese, while the Macks have been shown to follow Chinese customs.


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