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The Spoon Diner (or simply "The Spoon") is a diner/restaurant in the Disney Channel original series, Andi Mack, where Andi, Cyrus and Buffy often go to eat and hangout. The Spoon is popular for its baby taters and milkshakes.


Season 1

  • In "Outside the Box," Andi, Buffy and Cyrus were at The Spoon Diner when Amber came in wearing a Andi's bracelet.
  • In It's Not About You, Andi and Cyrus show up at the Spoon Diner but Buffy refuses to show up, making Andi worried. Meanwhile, Cyrus uses the opportunity to get dressing advice from Andi about his double-date with Jonah Beck.
  • In She Said, She Said, the trio is at the diner when Buffy encourages Andi to tell Jonah Beck the truth about Amber.
  • Bowie Quinn takes Andi to The Spoon Diner after their day of adventure in Dad Influence. He uses the opportunity to get some additional vegetable oil for his "grease mobile" car.
  • In Terms of Embarrassment, Buffy shows Cyrus how to use milkshake as dipping sauce for baby taters at The Spoon Diner. While still there, Cyrus gets text from Jonah Beck saying that he's girly and asks Buffy to give him a make-over to look less girly and impress Jonah Beck. They later meet up at The Spoon Diner with Jonah Beck.
  • In She's Turning Into You, Andi and Bex are seen at the Spoon Diner together for the first time. They have so much fun together that Andi wishes Bex was always there in her life. Unfortunately, they get in trouble with Celia for eating at the diner and missing family dinner.
  • In Were We Ever?, Bex takes Andi, Buffy and Cyrus to the diner to celebrate their victory in their protest against the unreasonable dress code.
  • In Best Surprise Ever, Jonah Beck goes to The Spoon Diner and goes to Andi and Cyrus' table to say hi but Andi prevents Cyrus from talking to Jonah. Jonah then sits with his girlfriend Amber but Amber's friends constantly make fun of Jonah and his Space Otters Frisbee Team.

Season 2

  • In Hey, Who Wants Pizza?, it is revealed that Amber now works at The Spoon Diner. She tells Jonah Beck that she needs the job to help support her family since her dad lost his job. In the same episode, Cyrus comes out to Buffy while at the diner.
  • In Friends Like These, Andi, Buffy and Cyrus start feeling uncomfortable hanging at The Spoon with Amber as their waitress. They start looking for alternative hangout places but at the end realize that nothing can replace The Spoon. After being convinced by Jonah Beck that Amber genuinely wants to be friends, the Good Hair Crew decide to come back to The Spoon.
  • In The Snorpion, Amber takes an intense call from her dad during work at The Spoon. She tells her dad that she won't come home if he is still fighting with her mom. Andi overhears the conversation and sympathizes with Amber about the situation. Andi even invites Amber for a sleepover which turns into a disaster.
  • In There's a Mack in the Shack, Andi and Bex bring Celia to The Spoon and want her to try "baby taters" for the first time. But then they have to run out awkwardly when Jonah Beck shows up with another girl.
  • In Perfect Day 2.0, the Good Hair Crew refuses to spend time at The Spoon hoping for something more adventurous. But when the day goes horribly wrong, they end up just coming back to The Spoon to order their usual baby taters.
  • In Andi's Choice, Andi, Buffy and Cyrus wonder why they even look at the menu when they always order the same thing - baby taters. Walker comes to The Spoon to meet Buffy before she leaves. He makes a painting of them.
  • In For the Last Time, the Good Hair Crew hangs out at The Spoon and eats baby taters together for the last time before Buffy leaves for good.
  • In Buffy in a Bottle, Andi and Cyrus hang with time-capsule Buffy at The Spoon. TJ sits with them for the first time. Jonah also comes over to have lunch - with Natalie.
  • In Keep a Lid on It, Andi invites Cyrus to The Spoon for a surprise - that Buffy has returned.
  • In Bought, Lost or Stolen, Amber tells Cyrus that while working at The Spoon, she spits on hamburgers and loves to watch people eat them. She later reveals that it was test to see if Cyrus can keep a secret.

Season 3

  • In The Boys Are Back, The Good Hair Crew reunite at The Spoon after spending summer apart. Walker joins them there, leading to a surprise revelation that he and Buffy are now dating.
  • In It's a Dilemna, Walker joins the Good Hair Crew at The Spoon again and Andi makes it clear that she is still uncomfortable with seeing Walker with someone else. So, she asks Buffy not to invite him to the Color Factory.
  • In The New Girls Jonah introduces his new girlfriend, Libby to Andi at The Spoon. The girls hit it off and leave Jonah alone at the diner.


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  • The Good Hair Crew spend most of their free time at The Spoon Diner.
  • Amber starts working at The Spoon Diner in Season 2.
  • Its primary competition appears to be Shapiro's Delicatessen (first seen in Hey, Who Wants Pizza?) The kids once tried going there to avoid Amber, but were dissatisfied by the food.
  • Down the street is Red Rooster Vinyl, Books & Comics
  • While primarily open for lunch and dinner, the Spoon does occasionally offer an All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast..




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