The Renaissance Boys is a rock band in Andi Mack. Although not an official member of the band, Bowie Quinn has a strong association with them, as he often toured with them playing drums in various cities around the country. Official members of the band are Rafe, Micah and Guthrie.


Season 1

The Renaissance Boys were touring the country with Bowie when Bowie got an email from his ex-girlfriend, Bex in It's Not About You. So, Bowie left the band and came to Mack's house to see Bex. After realizing that he has a daughter, Andi, Bowie decided to take some time from the band tour so that he can get to know his daughter better in Dad Influence.

After a brief misunderstanding with Andi in Terms of Embarrassment, Bowie returned to the tour. However, during the next few months, he began finding photos of Bex at various gig venues, and decided it was the Universe's way of telling him that he, Bex, and Andi were meant to be together as a family. Bowie then cut ties with the band, and returned to Shadyside to be with his girls in Best Surprise Ever.

Season 2

Several months later, are on the verge of their very first world tour. So, in The Cake That Takes the Cake, The Renaissance Boys track down Bowie to ask him to rejoin the band as their rhythm guitarist. After running into them, Bowie invites them to the Macks' house where Bex and Andi had invited him so that they can propose to him. Bex and Andi are not very happy with the unexpected company.

It gets even weirder when just before the proposal, Rafe announces that he has something important to ask Bowie. He kneels down and asks Bowie to join the band for a six month world tour. Bowie declines the offer, saying that even though the band was his dream, he just got to know his daughter and he wants to stick around for her. The boys insist and give him time to decide. This throws a wrench into Bex and Andi's proposal plan. Andi still wants to go ahead with the proposal but Bex is afraid that if they propose, Bowie will choose them and give up his dreams of being in a band. After finding the ring, Bowie makes it clear that he would say yes to the proposal.

However, Bex doesn't want Bowie to give up his dreams. So, she decides to keep the ring and asks Bowie to go for the world tour first. So, Bowie joins The Renaissance Boys for the world tour.

Season 3

After about two months into the world tour, the band starts to fall apart because each one of them needs to pursue their other dreams. Micah, the drummer, gets into law school at the University of Michigan. Rafe throws his back out. Guthrie meets a girl in Australia. And Bowie, never really wanted to go for the tour in the first place. So, the band cancels their world tour. Bowie returns home to Andi and Bex.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • The Renaissance Boys were first mentioned in Dad Influence and made their first appearance in The Cake That Takes the Cake.
  • Originally, Bowie played the drums for the group when he toured with them, however when they ask him to officially join, The Renaissance Boys want him to be the rhythm guitarist.
  • Andi admits she knows who The Renaissance Boys are.


Band Members

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