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We're not talking behind his back. We're talking in front of his face.

Libby to Andi, about Jonah

The Quacks is the tenth episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the forty-seventh overall. It first aired on February 1, 2019 to 0.84 million viewers.



Andi lends a hand when Buffy's coaching skills are tested at the school's first girls' basketball game; Amber helps Cyrus create a dance routine; Libby is disappointed that Jonah hasn't learned sign language. [1]

Full Plot

After rejecting Walker's dance proposal,[2] Buffy confidently sticks with her choice. She is surprised her friends thought she would say yes. She didn't like Walker's approach and all the secrecy; she doesn't like surprises; she hates being put on the spot and she doesn't want to be predictable. She also reveals that Walker had made her the same shoes he made for Andi, making things awkward. She makes it clear that she doesn't want to date Walker anymore. She thinks Walker should have got the message but Cyrus and Jonah ask her to break it to Walker in person. She agrees.

But first, Buffy must deal with her girl's basketball team, the Spikes, competing in their first game. She has convinced Mrs. Mendenhall, the guidance counselor to be their coach because no one else wants to coach them. She keeps complaining that they're going to lose really bad. Kaitlin, one of the girls in the team suggests that Buffy should be more encouraging but Buffy is too pessimistic. To make things worse, Buffy realizes that only four players showed up. Kaitlin says the rest got scared away because she kept saying they were going to lose horribly. Buffy must get at least one more player in order for her team to be allowed to play. She starts calling her team but no one is willing to play. She starts looking around and notices Andi.

Andi is seated with Jonah and Libby on the bleachers waiting for Buffy's game to start. She is the interpreter between them since Jonah still doesn't know sign language. She can see that Libby is getting frustrated. Andi asks Libby if she's still thinking about breaking up with Jonah and Libby pretty much agrees. When Jonah asks if they're talking about him, the girls deny it. Andi says she feels bad talking about Jonah behind his back but Libby says they're talking in front of his face. He just needs to learn sign language.

With no one else willing to play, Buffy asks Andi to come play for the team. Andi leaves Libby who is later joined by Jonah and Cyrus. Jonah is surprised that Cyrus can already communicate to Libby using sign language. He asks Cyrus to ask Libby if she's mad at him. Cyrus reports that Libby says Jonah should really learn sign language. Jonah tells Cyrus to tell Libby he's sorry but Libby gets upset and leaves. Cyrus asks Jonah why he still hasn't learned sign language. Jonah says that he is afraid of messing up. Cyrus asks Jonah to make an effort.

On the court, Buffy begs Andi to play for the team even though she doesn't know how to play basketball. Andi agrees and puts on Spikes team jersey #14 to play and help her friend out. During the game, Andi and the rest of the team keep messing up badly because they have no idea what they're doing. Kaitlin says Buffy was right when she said the game was going to be a bloodbath. At that point, Buffy calls a time out. During the team huddle, she surprises them by saying that she's just grateful to them for showing up. She says that she was afraid of losing because she thought losing was the worst thing, but failing to play at all is much worse. She apologizes for not being a good captain. She tells them not to worry about the score. She encourages them to go out there, have fun and lose! After that huddle, the team gets more spirited. Andi finally gets her first basket in but it turns out she scored for the other team. Nevertheless, they all celebrate. Buffy's team loses by a large margin but what matters is that they had fun.

Later, after the game, Jonah goes to Libby. Libby wants to take her phone out in order to text as usual but Jonah surprises her by asking her "will you teach me sign language?" using sign language. Libby is impressed by Jonah's effort. She gladly agrees to teach him. She starts by teaching him how to say "I like you."

Buffy makes a call in which she apologizes to the person on the other end for how things ended between them. She asks to speak in person. The person she's calling turns out to be... Marty!

Meanwhile, Cyrus has to choreograph a dance for his dance class final. Unfortunately, he has no clue how to do it and no one is willing to teach him because he is a really bad dancer. While trying and failing miserably at a dance studio, he's surprised when Amber walks in. Amber says that she had booked the studio. After listening to Cyrus' struggle with dance class, she offers to teach Cyrus a dance choreo. She says it's the least she can do for all the time Cyrus was there for her. It takes a while for Cyrus to get the dance but Amber doesn't give up on him. Once he's ready, Amber goes with him and cheers him on during his final presentation. Thanks to Amber, Cyrus passes the dance class.

Back at Bex's apartment, Bowie has a surprise for Andi and Bex. He shows them that he got a house sign that says "The Quinns" so that they can use it after they get married. To his disappointment, Bex doesn't want to change her last name to Quinn. Andi suggests a mashup of Quinns and Macks but that would just make them "The Quacks." So, that won't work. Bex suggests that they should just keep their current names but Bowie says sharing the same last name is important to him. It makes the family more united, like a tribe.

Following that incident, Bex realizes that she and Bowie may have some issues they need to work through and it's best if they're straight up-front before they get married. So, she conducts an exercise in which she and Bowie take turns in asking one another important family questions like if they ever want to have more kids. They write the answers down. At the end, they read each other's answers. They're surprised to realize that they agree on all the big issues and only have a few small things to work on.

Later on, Bowie surprises Andi and Bex with a new sign that says "The Macks". He announces that once they're married, he will officially change his name to "Bowie Mack."


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  • The title is a portmanteau made from the surnames of "Quinns" and "Macks."
  • Bowie promises to change his last name to "Mack," after the wedding.
  • Marty returned in this episode, after being absent for a total of 27 episodes. His previous appearance had been in Head Over Heels, which aired 13 months prior to this episode.
  • Bayli Baker Thompson returns as Cyrus' dance teacher from It's a Dilemna in an uncredited cameo.
  • This marks the last appearance of Libby.


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