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Surprise! I did the right thing.

TJ to Cyrus

The New Girls is the seventh episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the forty-fourth overall. It first aired on November 30, 2018 to 0.83 million viewers.



Andi becomes friends with Jonah's new girlfriend; Buffy is excited to learn the girls' basketball team has a talented player; Cyrus tries to keep avoiding TJ.

Full Plot

Following the gun incident,[1] Buffy and Andi have taken it upon themselves to protect Cyrus from any harm. And that includes keeping him away from TJ. They won't even let Cyrus read texts or take phone calls from TJ, who keeps calling. They believe TJ is a danger to Cyrus because he is friends with people like Reed who play with their parent's guns. Cyrus defends him by saying that TJ probably feels bad. But the girls don't listen. Instead, they force Cyrus to block TJ against his will.

During lunch, a heartbroken TJ is eating alone in the cafeteria. Cyrus feels bad for him and wants to go sit with him. But Andi and Buffy pull him away. TJ knows that Cyrus wants to talk to him; his friends are the ones keeping them apart. So, he starts trying to find Cyrus alone. Since he knows Cyrus goes to the swing set where they first really connected, TJ keeps stopping by the swing set from time to time to see if Cyrus is there.

Eventually, TJ finds Cyrus on the swing set. He explains that he's been trying to get to Cyrus alone without his friends so that he can apologize. TJ tells Cyrus that he didn't know Reed would bring a gun and he definitely wouldn't have invited Cyrus to come if he knew. He says he knows Cyrus hates him now. He says he and Cyrus had a good thing but he just had to ruin it. Cyrus then calls TJ out for not actually apologizing. This leads to a playful discussion where TJ calls Cyrus annoying and Cyrus calls TJ intimidating, ending with TJ saying that Cyrus is the only person he can talk to like this. TJ then asks if he can stay at the swings with Cyrus.

After making up, Cyrus and TJ find a quiet place where they can talk, just the two of them. TJ tells Cyrus that Reed was punished to do 100 hours of community service, and his dad is being investigated for negligent storage of a firearm. To Cyrus' surprise, TJ reveals that he is the one who reported Reed's gun to the police. Surprise! TJ did the right thing!

Right after getting Cyrus to block TJ's calls, Andi and Buffy notice Jonah Beck talking to a new girl. Andi is convinced that the girl must be Jonah's new girlfriend because he's touching her hair. She thinks Jonah refused to introduce them because he's afraid Andi might be hurt. But Andi wants to make it clear that she is okay with Jonah dating someone else. So, against her friends' advice, Andi runs after the girl to introduce herself. She calls out but the girl doesn't look back. She concludes that the girl has iced her because she already hates her. Later on, Andi is shocked to learn from Jonah that the new girl - Libby - couldn't hear her because she is deaf. Jonah officially introduces Andi and Libby to each other at The Spoon. Andi already knows some sign language so she easily communicates with Libby, unlike Jonah who usually has to text in order to communicate with Libby. The girls start making fun of Jonah for that, and Jonah feels left out because he has no idea what the girls are talking about. Andi and Libby quickly hit it off and end up having a lot more chemistry than Libby had with Jonah. They compliment each other's headbands and even swap them. It turns out that Libby is just as artistic as Andi and that she also made her own headband. The girls find out that they have so much in common. Andi realizes that Libby would really love the Andi Shack. She asks Jonah if she can borrow Libby. Jonah accepts but is left complaining that Andi stole his date.

Libby and Andi have so much fun together in the Andi Shack. Libby loves the Andi Shack and says that if she had it, she would never be sad. Andi then mentions that she's actually been sad before inside the Andi Shack before. This was the night that Jonah said goodbye before leaving for a frisbee camp.[2] Libby asks Andi about her break up with Jonah. Andi explains that they decided not to officially break up but stay friends. She says that Jonah is cute but they didn't really have much to talk about. This makes Andi conclude that Jonah is boring.

After their adventures in the Andi Shack, Andi welcomes Libby to come back whenever she likes. When Jonah keeps texting the girls, Andi explains that Jonah is worried that she might say something to make Libby want to break up with him. But Libby then claims that Andi already did - when she implied that Jonah is boring. Andi feels bad that she might be the cause of their break up. So, she starts begging Libby not to break up with Jonah. Jonah arrives and asks what they're talking about. Unable to think straight, Andi just responds with the classic, "Um..."

Meanwhile, Buffy is struggling to train the girls on the new girls basketball team. They're so horrible at playing, that she keeps taking breaks to breathe and relax. She wishes that she could get at least one good player to help motivate the other girls.

Buffy's wish comes true when she notices a new girl shooting something into the trash. She recognizes her. It's Kira, the former shooting guard from Monroe. She recently transferred to Jefferson Middle School. Buffy walks over and introduces herself to Kira. Buffy and Kira have a great chemistry right from the start as they talk about Buffy's rare, iconic name (see Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Buffy then tells Kira about the new team she's starting and asks her to join. Kira is reluctant at first because she thinks that's the only reason Buffy is being nice to her. But she eventually accepts. When Kira asks when she can meet the rest of the team, Buffy tries to prepare her by telling her that the team is a "hot mess."

During the first training session with Kira, Buffy is impressed by Kira's skills. She asks the other players to be like Kira. However, as time goes by, Buffy realizes that Kira keeps putting down her teammates and bragging about her skills. Kira starts complaining out loud about how horrible the team is. She accidentally reveals that Buffy called them a hot mess. The entire team is shocked. Buffy quickly ends the training session.

Afterwards, Buffy meets up with Kira to discuss what happened. She praises Kira for being an amazing player but asks her to adjust her attitude. She asks Kira to be a team player but Kira just brags, saying that she is the team. Kira refuses to take Buffy's advice. She reminds Buffy how she called her own team a "hot mess" - to which Buffy regrets. Realizing that Kira is too arrogant for the team, Buffy kicks her out. Kira has no regrets because she knows the team is horrible anyway.

Elsewhere at Cloud 10, Bex is having trouble with some of the equipment not working properly. She wants to call someone to fix them because she doesn't have the right tools but Bowie offers to help. Unfortunately, Bowie ends up using very unconventional means to fix the things. For example, he ties a piece of cloth on a tap to prevent it from leaking. Bex doesn't like it but she doesn't want to disappoint him.

Back at home, while cleaning the garage, Ham starts a hobby of building sculptures out of old parts from computers and phones. He starts calling them "creople" (creature plus people). This really bugs CeCe. She takes the creople to Cloud 10 to complain to Bex about Ham's new hobby. She is shocked to find the mess that Bowie did in the name of fixing things. Bex and CeCe realize that both of their problems can solve each other. Since Ham loves fixing things and CeCe needs to keep him busy, they ask him to fix the broken things at Cloud 10.

When Bowie returns, he is a little disappointed that Bex didn't really like his style. Bex explains the situation and the fact that they needed to help Ham get back to himself. Bowie makes himself feel better by claiming that was his plan all along.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • TJ wears the same hoodie from the swing scene in Unloading Zone.
  • Cookie Monster and The New Girls were developed under the consultancy of the child development experts at The Brady Center and Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S), a program of the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center.
  • The episodes include a public service announcement about gun safety.
  • This episode features a deaf character.
  • This is the last episode with Stoney Westmoreland as Ham, following his arrest and criminal charges. He is edited out of all subsequent episodes.
  • This is the last episode to air in 2018
  • This episode aired on Emily Skinner's 16th birthday
  • This episode reveals that Buffy has been referred to as Buffy the Vampire Slayer since she was 2 years old.



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