And so ends another adventure of The Good Hair Crew.

— Cyrus

The Good Hair Crew is the group of three best friends (Andi Mack, Buffy Driscoll and Cyrus Goodman) in the television series Andi Mack. They also serve as the shows main protagonists. The term "Good Hair Crew" was first used by Cyrus to refer to the three in the episode, "It's Not About You". They are great friends who are always there for each other whenever one of them is going through tough times.

Andi, Buffy and Cyrus are portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Sofia Wylie and Joshua Rush, respectively.


Season 1


  • Andi shows off her new motorized scooter to Buffy and Cyrus and tells them her plan to become rebellious since she's becoming a teen.
  • Cyrus agrees to pretend that the motorcycle is his so that Andi doesn't get in trouble.
  • Andi re-introduces Cyrus and Buffy to her cool older sister, Bex.
  • When Cyrus mistakes Andi's "big thing" for her first period, he shows that he's sensitive and understanding to the girls; and tells Andi that she doesn't have to spell it out for them.

Outside the Box

  • Buffy and Cyrus are both excited for Andi after learning that she will be spending time with Jonah Beck practicing frisbee.
  • Andi wants to tell her friends the secret but she struggles on how to explain it to them.
  • Andi introduces her friends to Jonah Beck but doesn't want them to join the frisbee team - none of them want to join it either.
  • Buffy advises Andi against making a bracelet for Jonah if he already has a girlfriend.
  • Cyrus and Buffy hang out in Andi Shack and find Bex memory box, discovering that Bex has a secret baby.
  • The Good Hair Crew go to The Spoon Diner together where Cyrus and Buffy continue to ask about the secret baby.
  • Both Cyrus and Buffy are worried for Andi when Amber comes in wearing the bracelet that Andi made for Jonah and pressures Andi into a staredown contest.
  • Buffy calls Andi "Andi with the good hair".
  • Andi reveals to Cyrus that she's the secret baby, making them the first non-family members to know the secret.


  • Andi opens up to Cyrus during P.E. about the struggle of living with two mothers.
  • Cyrus and Buffy are worried for Andi when she starts sleeping in class after staying late to watch a scary movie.
  • Buffy asks the crew to be supportive of her joining the track team.
  • Cyrus advises Buffy that not everything is about winning.

Dancing in the Dark

  • Cyrus is comfortable telling Buffy about embarrassing moments like running into glass doors.
  • When Andi notices everyone is looking at her, she asks Buffy and Cyrus to check to see if she had a wardrobe malfunction or something.
  • Cyrus reveals that he told his mom Andi's secret to make it easier for Andi since it was difficult for her to tell everyone.
  • Buffy and Cyrus are the first ones to arrive at Andi's dance party.
  • Cyrus wants to help Andi by confronting Amber but he's terrified by her.

It's Not About You

  • Andi vents to Buffy and Cyrus about the situation at home.
  • Cyrus is proud to show Buffy and Andi that he can talk to Jonah Beck and get a response from him.
  • Buffy confronts Jonah about Amber's behavior during Andi's party.
  • When Buffy gets called into the principal office, Andi is concerned and agrees to accompany her.
  • Both Andi and Cyrus are angry when the vice principal forces Buffy to change her hairstyle.
  • Cyrus seeks date advice from Andi.
  • Andi worries when Buffy fails to show up at The Spoon Diner as planned.
  • Andi gets jealous when she discovers Buffy spending more time with Bex than her, but when Buffy opens up to her about the hair situation, Andi feels bad for not being there.
  • The trio is proud when Buffy confronts the vice principal about the hair and goes back to her curly hair.
  • Cyrus labels the trio "The Good Hair Crew" and jokes that t-shirts have been ordered despite Buffy and Andi's denial.

She Said, She Said

  • Buffy and Cyrus advise Andi to tell Jonah Beck the truth about Amber.
  • After Andi's fallout with Jonah, Cyrus and Buffy come to check in on her.
  • On realizing that Andi might be depressed, Buffy and Cyrus try to help her miss school by faking sickness.

Dad Influence

  • Cyrus and Buffy are excited to tell Andi that Jonah Beck and Amber broke up.
  • Buffy enlists Cyrus to help lead Jonah into asking Andi out but it backfires when Jonah mistakes Cyrus' advice and instead follows his instincts to get back together with Amber.
  • Andi tells Buffy and Cyrus about meeting her dad, Bowie Quinn.

Terms of Embarrassment

  • Andi introduces her dad to Cyrus and Buffy.
  • Buffy and Cyrus have fun at The Spoon Diner eating baby-taters with milkshake as dipping sauce.
  • Cyrus shows Buffy the text he got from Jonah Beck calling him girly.
  • Buffy helps Cyrus act more like a boy and learn how to talk to Jonah Beck.

She's Turning Into You

  • Andi and Cyrus both suggest that Buffy has a crush on Marty but Buffy tries to deny it, challenging Marty to a race.
  • Cyrus is worried about Buffy accusing Marty of stealing her shoe.

Home Away From Home

  • Buffy and Cyrus go to Andi's new apartment although she doesn't let them in because she's embarrassed by it.
  • Cyrus asks Buffy to stand in for his date during a double date with Jonah Beck and Amber when Iris refuses to show up.
  • Cyrus is excited to show Buffy photos of his adventures with Jonah Beck.
  • Buffy feels bad for Cyrus when Jonah refuses to honor their plan to put on matching jackets.

Were We Ever?

  • Cyrus tells Andi and Buffy how excited he is about the school picture day and the girls try to calm him down.
  • With Bex's help, the Good Hair Crew all dress up in prison uniforms to lead a protest against Principal Metcalf and the unreasonable dress code at Jefferson Middle School.
  • Principal Metcalf threatens to suspend Andi, Buffy and Cyrus for protesting but he's easily outnumbered when other students join in.
  • The trio celebrate their victory at The Spoon Diner.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

  • Andi shares her news about Bowie asking Bex out to her friends Buffy and Cyrus.
  • Cyrus introduces his girlfriend, Iris to the rest of the gang.
  • Cyrus comes out to Buffy first and is worried about how awkward it will be when Andi finds out that he and her both have a crush on the same boy.
  • It is revealed that they are all in seventh grade.

Friends Like These

  • The Good Hair Crew starts avoiding their favorite hangout, The Spoon Diner to avoid Amber, who is now working there.
  • Jonah Beck says that he knows they're "the Good Hair Crew" and Cyrus wants to invite him to join the crew.
  • Jonah convinces them to be nice to Amber and return to The Spoon.


  • When Cyrus gets hurt, both Buffy and Andi abandon whatever they're doing to visit him in the hospital.
  • Buffy admits that even though she is competitive and likes to win at everything, her friends come first.

The Snorpion

  • Both Buffy and Cyrus are concerned for Andi when she starts trusting Amber after everything Amber has done to her. Buffy tells Andi that Amber is a snorpion (a snake and a scorpion) and can't be trusted.
  • When Amber puts Andi in trouble, Cyrus and Buffy help scare Amber by lying to her that Andi got hurt.

I Wanna Hold Your Wristband

  • When Andi shows interest in holding Jonah Beck's hand, Cyrus and Buffy help by giving her advice.
  • The Good Hair Crew is not happy when Dr. Metcalf splits them into two different groups.

You're the One That I Want

  • Both Buffy and Cyrus are worried for Andi after learning about Jonah Beck and Natalie.
  • Buffy and Cyrus spy on Jonah and Natalie to help Andi figure out what's going on.

A Good Hair Day

  • The Good Hair Crew goes to the annual Renaissance Faire together as a tradition.
  • Andi and Cyrus feel bad for Buffy because she has to stay for so long without seeing her mother, who is deployed abroad.
  • Andi invites Buffy and Cyrus to the birthday party she's throwing for Bowie.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

  • Andi and Buffy give a tribute dance to Cyrus.
  • Cyrus tells Andi that he also has a crush on Jonah.
  • So far, The Good Hair Crew members are the only ones who know that Cyrus has a crush on a boy, being Jonah.

Better to Have Wuvved and Wost

  • The Good Hair Crew is on the verge of getting torn apart when Buffy agrees to move with her mom to Phoenix.
  • Jonah Beck jokes to Andi that he would love to replace Buffy in The Good Hair Crew to keep it a total of 3 people.

Perfect Day 2.0

  • The Good Hair Crew tries to recreate their perfect day from five years before, in order to have one last fun adventure together before Buffy leaves for good.
    • Bike ride to special fruit stand for Pumpkin Spice Donuts and Hot Apple Cider.
    • A visit to the Alpine Jump recreational area.

Andi's Choice

  • Andi finally introduces Walker to the Good Hair Crew.
  • Walker draws a portrait of the trio together before Buffy leaves.
  • Buffy and Cyrus ask Andi to make a choice between Walker and Jonah.

For the Last Time

  • The Good Hair Crew go to The Spoon to eat baby taters together for the last time before Buffy moves to Phoenix.
  • Buffy tries to cheer Andi and Cyrus by asking them to sing whenever they say the phrase "for the last time."
  • To avoid breaking down in front of her friends, Buffy tells Andi and Cyrus that they shouldn't do a formal goodbye.
  • Buffy tells her mom that Andi and Cyrus are part of her.
  • Cyrus and Andi work together to mobilize their friends to get Buffy a last minute time capsule.
  • One of the items in the time capsule is a #goodhaircrew t-shirt, that Cyrus actually printed.
  • They also bury their last baby tater because eating baby taters is their favorite thing to do together.
  • Andi and Cyrus are crushed to learn that Buffy left early, without saying goodbye.

Buffy in a Bottle

  • Cyrus and Andi start hanging with Buffy's time-capsule just to feel Buffy's presence.
  • They are both disheartened without Buffy to cheer them on and push them to not give up.


  • Their names begin with ABC (Andi, Buffy,Cyrus) and some fans (even on Mack Chat) have also suggested calling them "the ABC crew".
  • Jonah Beck mentions "Good Hair Crew" in Friends Like These.
  • They have been friends since the age of seven.
  • For tater tots and milk shake meet ups at The Spoon, Andi, Buffy and Cyrus each exclusively use a different color drinking straw on Andi Mack – pink for Andi, orange for Buffy and green for Cyrus.


We're not just friends. We're like a really small gang. And when she is sad, let's just say you don't wanna see me when she's sad.

Just another service we provide.

— Group Slogan

Cyrus  : And so ends another adventure of the Good Hair Crew.
Andi  : We're not the Good Hair Crew.
Cyrus  : Yes, we are. The T-shirts have been ordered.
Andi & Buffy  : (laughing) Oh my gosh!

Don't you get it? She wants you gone. She thinks you're a threat. Andi with the good hair.

Buffy  : Vampires aren't the only thing this Buffy's slaying.
Andi  : So, is this gonna be your hair from now on?
Buffy  : Well, maybe. Don't you like it?
Andi  : I do! I do. I just like your curly hair better.
Buffy  : Well, I'm trying this. And I think I look great. So get on board.
Cyrus  : Andi, don't you know anything about women? You can never tell one you don't like their hair.


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