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Bowie to Miranda

The Ex Factor is the twelfth episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the forty-ninth overall. It premiered on February 22, 2019 to 0.73 million viewers.



Andi, Buffy and Cyrus worry about Jonah's unusual behavior; Miranda tries to cause problems for Bowie and Bex. [1]

Full Plot

Jonah joins Andi, Cyrus and Buffy at The Spoon for breakfast. The Good Hair Crew places their orders but Jonah refuses to order, claiming that he's not hungry. After taking their orders, Amber comes back with a plate of pancakes that were supposedly returned by a customer. She asks Jonah if he would like to eat them so they don't go to waste. Jonah quickly agrees and starts eating them hungrily even without waiting for the others to get their food. His friends are surprised - for someone who claimed he wasn't hungry, Jonah sure seems to be eating those pancakes really hungrily.

After breakfast, the Good Hair Crew starts brainstorming on where to hang out. Jonah is on board until they settle on Adrenaline City which requires buying tickets. He says that he's going to sit it out because he's not feeling it. They try to convince Jonah without much luck; then Amber overhears the conversation and comes over. She says it's a shame that Jonah won't join them because she has two free tickets. Suddenly, Jonah accepts Amber's free ticket and agrees to come with them to Adrenaline City. Buffy becomes very suspicious of this pattern - Jonah refuses to do things with them but suddenly changes his mind when Amber offers? An unexpected twist.

The day for the Adrenaline City rides finally arrives. Jonah and Amber do most of the rides and events together for most of the day. Buffy notices them sharing a pretzel, which she and Cyrus agree implies they're in love. Andi still isn't convinced, arguing that Jonah is still dating Libby.

Buffy and Cyrus conclude that Amber being so nice to Jonah can only mean one thing - they must be dating again. Andi doesn't agree with them, making them suspicious that she knows something they don't. After some persuasion, Andi agrees to tell them what she knows. She takes them back to her place and shows them the secret lantern wish that fell at the Moon Festival. It was Jonah's wish. She had kept it secret to protect his privacy and to avoid complicating things since they had just started their no-breakup breakup.

In the wish, Jonah says, "I wish my family could be happy again." Andi explains that she thinks that Jonah's family might be having money problems. It would explain why he hasn't been ordering at The Spoon lately. He must have confided in Amber since Amber went through a similar situation. That's why Amber has been so nice to Jonah, giving him free food and tickets. Following this realization, Andi, Buffy, and Cyrus feel bad for Jonah. Andi wants them to wait for Jonah to open up to them but Cyrus suggests they should do something to help. Andi and her friends go to the Red Rooster Records to ask Bowie to give Jonah a job. Unfortunately, Bowie's business isn't making enough money to hire anyone. Jonah arrives during this conversation and Bowie apologizes for being unable to offer him a job. Jonah has no idea what they're talking about because he didn't say he wanted a job. Andi, Cyrus and Buffy are compelled to come clean to Jonah about the wish.

Jonah finally opens up to his friends about his situation. He says that his dad made a bad investment and lost a lot of money. This forced them to declare bankruptcy and lose their house. Since they became homeless, they've been living with relatives. It's hard but at least they're still together. Buffy, Cyrus and Andi sympathize with Jonah for this bad situation.

Next, The Good Hair Crew is walking across a bridge when they see Jonah and Amber sit together. They make a few jokes saying Jonah and Amber could never get back together but work great as friends. Just then, they are all shocked to see Amber kissing Jonah! Jaw-dropping.

Meanwhile, Bowie's ex-girlfriend, Miranda Patrick shows up at the Red Rooster Records with her daughter, Morgan. She asks Bowie to teach Morgan how to play guitar. Bowie says he doesn't have enough time but they pressure him to give in. Morgan guilts Bowie by claiming that he's refusing to teach her because he hates her. So, Bowie gives in. Morgan reveals that her mom has a new boyfriend but he's not as nice as Bowie. Miranda admits to Bowie that she misses him too, even though she has a boyfriend. Bowie confidently tells her that he has moved on and he's already engaged to Bex.

Miranda doesn't take Bowie and Bex's engagement well. She heads straight to Cloud 10 where she finds Bex and CeCe. CeCe makes it clear that she doesn't like Miranda at all. She is still upset that Miranda accused Andi of lying when Morgan stole the Tibetan prayer box.[2] Bex is willing to listen to what Miranda has to say. Miranda congratulates Bex for her engagement with Bowie. She then starts to get in Bex's head by explaining how her own marriage with Morgan's father fell apart. She says that they were fine until they got married and everything changed so much that they started wondering why they were together in the first place. To make Bex nervous, she says that she is sure that Bex and Bowie will be fine because they have what it takes to make a marriage work.

Back at the Red Rooster Records, Bowie is preparing to start teaching Morgan to play guitar. Morgan promises to be nice this time and not steal anything. After agreeing on the type of guitar to use, Bowie turns to pick one. However, when he turns back around, he's shocked that Morgan is nowhere to be seen. He nervously starts calling and looking for Morgan but can't find her anywhere. He becomes very worried that she could be in danger. After looking around for hours, he finally goes to tell Miranda the bad news. Miranda seems worried as well. But then suddenly, Morgan comes out of hiding, laughing about how scared Bowie looks. It turns out, Miranda knew where Morgan was the whole time. She just played along to scare Bowie. This makes Bowie very upset because he had been worried sick about Morgan all day. Miranda tries to apologize but Bowie storms off, saying he's done playing their games.

Later on, Bex goes to mail the wedding invitations. The mailman casually mentions that Bex's life is about to change. Thanks to Miranda getting in Bex's head, Bex starts to get cold feet. She doesn't want anything to change between her and Bowie. So, she changes her mind and chooses not to send out the wedding invitations.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Andrew Tinpo Lee as Nicky


  • The title is a reference to the TV show The X Factor. However, the actual episode does not involve references to it and only serves as a pun regarding Amber and Andi being exes with Jonah, as well as Miranda being Bowie's ex.
  • This is Miranda and Morgan’s first appearance in Season 3.
  • It is revealed in this episode that the Beck family have been having financial issues since Jonah's dad made a bad investment and have lost their home. They are staying with relatives.
  • Jonah and Amber kissed in this episode which implies that they are back together again.
  • Peyton Elizabeth Lee's dad, Andrew Tinpo Lee, made a cameo as Nicky the mailman in this episode.


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