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The Cake That Takes the Cake is the twenty-fifth and final episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the thirty-seventh overall. It first aired on August 13, 2018 to 1.05 million viewers[1].



Andi and Bex plan a special dinner for Bowie, but unexpected company drops in to crash the party.[2]

Full Plot

After deciding to propose to Bowie together,[3] Andi and Bex go to buy an engagement ring. They go through multiple trays of engagement rings but can't find the perfect one for Bowie. Just before giving up, Andi notices a ring with a yin yang symbol and it gets her attention. Bex explains that yin-yang is the Chinese symbol for the universe. It is clearly the perfect ring for Bowie. Andi and Bex agree to bake a cake and invite Bowie over so that they can propose.

Meanwhile, Buffy is casually shooting basketball hoops as Cyrus cheers her up. Cyrus asks her about rejoining the Jefferson Middle School Basketball Team but she doesn't want to. Cyrus explains to Buffy that she shouldn't give up on her basketball dreams just because of TJ. He tries to convince Buffy that TJ is a changed person now. Buffy refuses and insists that she doesn't want to play with TJ. So, Cyrus tricks Buffy into coming to the basketball court where she runs into TJ. TJ admits that Buffy is a good player and asks her to rejoin the team but Buffy declines. Cyrus proposes that Buffy and TJ should play a one-on-one game to see who's better at shooting hoops. Cyrus tries to keep score at first but he gets bored and falls asleep. He wakes up when Buffy wins the game. TJ is embarrassed for losing to Buffy, and so he asks them not tell anyone about it.

Despite beating TJ, Buffy adamantly refuses to rejoin the team. Instead, she reveals that the reason she's not joining the team is because she got an approval to start her own girls' basketball team. Now that TJ and Buffy don't have to compete for being the star of the boys' basketball team, Cyrus urges them to be friends. Buffy says she won't forgive TJ until he genuinely apologizes to her. So, TJ proves himself to Buffy by quickly forming an amazing cheer rap praising Buffy for her skills and confidence. Cyrus and Buffy are impressed by TJ's performance. Buffy forgives TJ and admits that was the best apology ever. As TJ walks away, both Cyrus and Buffy talk to each other, admitting that they're confused. Before getting too far, TJ turns and looks back at either Buffy or Cyrus and smiles.[4]

Back at their apartment, Bex and Andi finish baking the proposal cake. They insert the ring in the cake and use a toothpick to mark where the ring is so that they can give that piece to Bowie. When they realize how messy their little apartment kitchen is, they decide to use CeCe's kitchen to cook the rest of the dinner. Bex tricks Celia to leave the house by booking her a hotel room which would supposedly help her deal with Ham leaving. Andi and Bex put together an amazing dinner at CeCe's house. They are excited for Bowie to arrive. Bowie arrives. But he brings some surprise company - his former bandmates, The Renaissance Boys. The band has a surprise for Bowie.

During dinner, Rafe kneels down as if he wants to propose and asks Bowie to come back to the band for a six month tour. Bowie declines the offer, arguing that he's just getting to know his daughter. Andi urges Bowie not to give up his dream of being in the band just because of her. So, Bowie asks the band to give him a few hours to make up his mind. At that point, Bex calls Andi into the kitchen. She explains that if they want Bowie to rejoin the band, they shouldn't propose to him. She says that by proposing, they would be forcing Bowie to make a tough sacrifice. Andi still wants to propose. She says that she believes in Bowie and she knows they can still propose to Bowie without him having to give up his dreams. While Andi and Bex are still arguing, Celia arrives and accuses them of tricking her to leave the house so that they can throw a party. Andi and Bex explain what's going on. CeCe urges them to propose now. Otherwise, if Bowie goes to the tour, he might find someone else.

Upon realizing that CeCe removed the toothpick from the cake, Bex and Andi rush back to the dinner table and try to locate the cake. In the process they destroy the cake but claim that it was intended to be a scrambled cake. Bowie joins in and puts his hand into the cake. He finds the ring and asks them to explain. Unsure of what to say, Bex and Andi just respond with their classic, "umm...".

Then Bowie responds with, "Um?"


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Adam Chambers as Rafe
  • Guthrie Worthington as Guthrie (uncredited)


  • This episode serves as the Season 2 finale.
  • TJ showcases his rap skills to Buffy and Cyrus in this episode.
  • Joshua Rush revealed that TJ was supposed to be looking back at Cyrus in the Season 2 finale and that the scene was not originally intended to be ambiguous, but the editors edited it that way.
  • This the only season finale to not feature Jonah and Amber.
  • This is the only episode where Jonah dosen't appear in.
  • Members of the The Renaissance Boys:
  • This episode was packed full of references:
    • The episode also makes a parallel between the drills Buffy and TJ were doing in the episode Friends Like These and the 1-on-1 basketball game that Buffy and TJ were doing in this episode.
      • However, in the former, TJ acts rude and constantly fouls Buffy. In the latter, Buffy and TJ play competitively, however, TJ and Buffy act with kind sportsmanship after.
    • This episode references Best Surprise Ever, where Amber states that if Andi looks back, it means she likes Jonah.
      • In this episode, TJ looks back at Cyrus, indicating he has a crush on him.
    • This episode also references Hey, Who Wants Pizza? with Andi, Bex, and Bowie all saying "Um." in the proposal that Bowie gave to Bex.
      • Both episodes hid the ring in some sort of food and had the title referencing that same food (In Hey, Who Wants Pizza, it referenced the pizza. In this episode's title, it referenced the cake).
  • This episode marked the first absence of Jonah.
    • This was because Asher Angel had to go away for filming Shazam!, but in the show, Jonah has left for frisbee camp.
  • This was the only episode this season, and the second in the series, that had different ending credits.


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