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Andi, I think we're sinking.

Amber to Andi

That Syncing Feeling is the fifth episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the forty-second overall. It first aired on November 9, 2018 to 0.84 million viewers.[1]



Feeling left out by her friends, Andi spends time with Amber; Andi and Celia pick out Bex’s wedding cake; Bowie helps a guitar student break some bad news.[2]

Full Plot

Andi is still uncomfortable with the fact that Buffy is dating Walker. So, she is infuriated when Buffy invites Walker to hang out with them. She spends most the whole time complaining to Cyrus about it. It gets even more awkward when the group decides to go canoeing. Buffy pairs with Walker and Cyrus pairs with Jonah. Andi is left alone with no one to canoe with.

While Andi is sitting with her loneliness on her tree log, a familiar voice compliments her hat (crown). It's Amber. Amber had come there as part of some family bonding activity to help her relationship with her parents. She is surprised that Andi is out there alone without the rest of her crew. Andi explains that she couldn't canoe with her friends, because it takes two to canoe. After chatting with Andi for a while, Amber suggests that they should canoe together.

Andi and Amber request their own canoe and start paddling. It doesn't take long before Amber starts complaining that oaring is boring. To make canoeing more fun, she suggests that they should start hitting other canoes. She starts paddling towards the Buffy and Walker's canoe but Andi tells her that they can't hit that one. Amber wonders who is with Buffy, and Andi explains to her the whole Walker situation. At that point, Amber tells Andi that she should be mad at Buffy because Buffy violated the girl code. Andi doesn't understand the girl code. So, Amber explains that Buffy broke the first rule of girl code - you don't go out with someone after they've been out with your friend. Andi feels relieved when Amber validates her feelings and confirms that Buffy is the problem.

Suddenly, Amber notices that the canoe is sinking. She panics but Andi calms her down by reminding her that they have life vests and they're only three feet from the shore. In a hurry to get to the shore, Amber stands up, causing the canoe to turn over. They both get soaked in water. While waiting to dry up, both Amber and Andi admit that they had fun hanging out with each other.

Buffy starts getting concerned about Andi's relationship with Amber. When Walker asks her who Amber is, Buffy describes her as their mean "friend." Later on, Walker takes Buffy and Cyrus to one of his favorite places for a grilled cheese sandwich. Buffy and Cyrus start wondering if they should invite Andi but they conclude that she might not even want to come. Coincidentally, Andi shows up and says hi to the group. They invite her to join them but it turns out that Andi is actually with Amber. Andi and Amber wave and smile before leaving together. As Buffy watches Andi go out with Amber, she admits that she feels ditched.

Back at home, CeCe is still trying to make Bex and Bowie's upcoming wedding as perfect as it could be. But Bex is not excited about it at all. CeCe asks Bex to come for a wedding cake-tasting but Bex refuses because she knows CeCe will not respect her choice. Andi agrees to go with CeCe. After eating a lot of cake, Andi and CeCe settle on two. However, they can't agree which one. Andi wants the chocolate one but CeCe refuses to let Andi have her way. At that point, they realize that's why Bex didn't want to come.

So, they agree to let Bex decide. Bex reminds them that she didn't want to get stuck in CeCe's decision-making vortex. To remain firm with her decision, Bex decides not to put any effort into it. Instead, she randomly selects one of the cakes against Andi and CeCe's will. Luckily, she selects Andi's. Later on, Bex comes back in and tastes the two cakes. She really likes one of them and sadly hopes she made the right choice.

Meanwhile, Bowie is still struggling to teach Shaun how to play guitar. No matter how hard he tries, Shaun just doesn't get it. Bowie is ready to give up. He concludes that he's not a good guitar teacher; he only thought he was because of Jonah but maybe Jonah was just a natural. At that point, Shaun admits that he is the problem - he doesn't want to play guitar. He's only attending the lessons because his father is making him. Bowie is relieved that he's not a bad guitar teacher after all.

Bowie then asks Shaun to tell his dad that he doesn't really want to play guitar but Shaun is afraid. Bowie promises to help Shaun break the news to his father. Victor is disappointed to hear that his son doesn't want to play guitar. He says that he wants Shaun to learn how to play because he thinks it's cool and he wishes he himself would have played guitar back in school. Bowie encourages Victor by telling him that it's not too late to learn how to play. Bowie starts teaching Victor instead. Victor turns out to be a quick learner.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Trent Garrett as Bowie Quinn
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack

Recurring Cast

Emily Skinner as Amber
Darius Marcell as Walker Brodsky
Nick Yiakoumatos as Shaun
Tyler Poelle as Victor


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  • Amber made her first appearance of the season.


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