Terri Minsky has an extensive career in the television and media industry as a producer, writer, creator and journalist. She created “Lizzie McGuire,” a defining hit live-action and animated series for Disney Channel that resonated with a generation of kids and tweens. Continuing her track record of writing strong and relatable female characters, Minsky returns to Disney Channel as creator and executive producer of its new series “Andi Mack.”

Minsky also created “Less Than Perfect” and “The Geena Davis Show” for The ABC Television Network, and “Finding Carter” for MTV. She also served as a consultant for the hit cable series “Sex and the City.”  Her first post-Andi Mack project is an updated Lizzie McGuire series  for Disney +, with Hillary Duff reprising her iconic role.  .

She has a far-reaching list of writing credits including “Pearl” starring Rhea Pearlman and Carol Kane; “Central Park” starring Raquel Welch; and “Sibs” starring Jami Gertz and Dan Castellaneta.

Her producer credits include the Viacom TV series “Flying Blind” with Teá Leoni and Corey Parker.  Additionally, she was instrumental in producing Columbia Television’s “Teech” and “Doctor, Doctor” for CBS.

Prior to working in television, Minsky was a writer for The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, New York Daily News, and magazines including New York, Esquire, and Premiere.

She currently resides in New York with her family.

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