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He's ruining my life.

Andi to Bex about Bowie

Terms of Embarrassment is the eighth episode in Season 1 of Andi Mack. It first aired on May 19, 2017 to 1.48 million viewers.



Andi catches someone snooping through her laptop making her yearn for some time to herself. Meanwhile, Cyrus is challenged by a text from Jonah Beck and enlists Buffy's help.

Full Plot

After finding Bowie doing a headstand in Andi Shack, the Macks debate on what to do about it. Bex and Andi want Bowie to live with them and stay in the Andi Shack. Unfortunately, Celia is not happy about it. She wants him out but after Andi and Bex persuade her, she allows him to stay for 48 hours.

At school, Andi is shocked to see Bowie hanging out with her Space Otters Frisbee Team mates. Jonah Beck tells Andi that Bowie is their new frisbee coach but Andi feels embarrassed by it. Bowie reveals that he himself was a disc head (played Ultimate Frisbee). Andi then tells Jonah and the rest of the team that Bowie is her dad. She also introduces Bowie to Cyrus. Bowie sticks around to watch the team play despite Andi insisting that no parents come for their games. In fact, Cyrus is the only team fan. Bowie continues to video-record Andi.

Andi gets more jumpy about her privacy when Jonah walks in on her while she's stalking his loop (social media) page and playing a video clip of Jonah in repeat. It doesn't help that she's eating baby taters and they're smeared all over her face. Feeling embarrassed, Andi runs behind a chair to hide from Jonah seeing him. She asks him to leave.

While Bowie is excited about following Andi everywhere and taking videos of her, Andi feels a lack of privacy and wants some alone time. She complains to Bex about feeling embarrassed by Bowie but Bex assures her that that's what dads do. They embarrass their kids. Bex says that even Ham used to embarrass her. Ham comes over, does some embarrassing dance and asks them to join the rest of the family at the dinner table. Bowie surprises the Macks by preparing Celia's favorite Lop Chung recipe. He impresses Celia so much that she throws away the clock and stops timing him, meaning that Bowie can stay as much as he needs.

Later on, Bowie takes Bex to the last place they saw each other before he left town. It's revealed that they had a fight before he left. He tells Bex that he always planned on coming back to her once he made it in life, but that never happened. Bowie then tells Bex that he wants to be part of her and Andi's lives. He asks Bex what she wants but Bex avoids giving a straight answer by saying she wants pizza.

Meanwhile at The Spoon Diner, while Cyrus and Buffy are eating baby taters with milkshake as dipping sauce, Cyrus receives a text message from Jonah Beck saying, "U R Girly." He asks Buffy if people think he's girly but Buffy calms him down because it doesn't matter if people think he's girly. Cyrus defends himself saying that it's easy for Buffy to say since no one is calling her girly. They both realize their gender role reversal situation.

Since Cyrus is worried about impressing Jonah, Buffy offers to help him by teaching him how to act like a boy. She teaches him sports talk so that he can have conversations with Jonah. She teaches him how to do handshake and hug like a boy. She helps him dress like a boy. Cyrus admits that acting like a boy is tough. When Buffy feels like Cyrus is ready for Jonah, she takes him back to The Spoon Diner.

Buffy proud of her Cyrus version but when Jonah Beck enters the room, Cyrus gets too nervous to say anything cool. Jonah is surprised by Cyrus' new outfit and admits that he likes his usual outfit. Cyrus then asks him why he said he's girly but Jonah Beck says he meant to say "U R Gnarly" but it got auto-corrected. When Cyrus asks what he means by Gnarly, Jonah Beck says Cyrus is cool and drops the subject.

Later at the Macks, Andi and Bex are enjoying cookies that Bowie made. When they can't find Bowie to thank him, Andi walks upstairs to her room. She is shocked to find Bowie going through her laptop. She freaks out and confronts him for violating her privacy. She asks him to leave her alone and he walks out. Bex comes over to find out what's going on. She asks Andi to check what Bowie was doing on her laptop. They find a video with all the clips that Bowie had been filming. It's a very emotional video of Bowie explaining how his life changed for the better when he found out that he has a child. He never thought he would leave a mark in this world, but now with Andi, he's proud of himself.

Bex and Andi are so touched by the video. So, they start looking for Bowie to apologize and thank him. But Bowie is nowhere to be found. He's long gone.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack

Recurring Cast

Stoney Westmoreland as Ham Mack
Trent Garrett as Bowie Quinn


  • Bowie prepares a dish of Lop Chung (sweetened Chinese sausage) with sliced lotus root and carrots over rice, from a recipe from Andi's grandmother.
  • Andi had mentioned previously in Dancing in the Dark that Bex usually orders pizza whenever she doesn't want to answer questions.


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