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Something to Talk A-Boot is the 18th episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the 55th overall. It premiered on July 12, 2019 to 0.56 million viewers.



Andi makes a big decision about her future; T.J.’s act of kindness toward Buffy lands him in trouble; Amber asks Jonah for some space.

Full Plot

Buffy is a little late to meet up with her friends, and Cyrus says she's late because of an appointment. He and Andi are confused about which appointment, until Buffy shows up on crutches, coming from a foot doctor appointment. Cyrus, Andi, and Jonah all ask Buffy what happened, and she says she has a stress fracture. She then tells them she got injured by running a marathon without training. Jonah asks if she will still be able to play basketball. She says yes, to the relief of her friends, but then tells them she won't be able to play until next season.

TJ notices Buffy struggling to cross the football field and offers to take her to class in a golf cart. When she seems confused, he says he heard about he injured foot. She tells him she's fine, but he says "tell your face" (essentially saying that she clearly isn't). She then admits that he's right, and she's really upset about not being able to play her last game. He tells her to get in.

Andi notices that Amber is still struggling after her breakup with Jonah. Amber pulls Jonah aside. He tries to apologize for the way he broke up with her, but she brushes him off and then asks him to stop coming to The Spoon because seeing him upsets her. After seeing his face, she reassures him that it won't be for long. When he leaves the Spoon, Andi asks him what happened and he tells her Amber needed space.

When Bex asks Andi if she is alright, Andi mentions that she finished her application to SAVA, but she isn't sure she wants to submit it. Bowie says that SAVA would be crazy not to let her in. When Andi asks Bex what she thinks, she says "I trust your judgment," which Andi thinks means Bex thinks she won't get in. After Andi leaves, Bowie asks Bex why she didn't tell Andi she would get in, and Bex says she's worried Andi won't.

TJ tells Cyrus that he's being sent to student court for stealing the golf cart. Cyrus doesn't think that's fair, as TJ was only doing it to help Buffy. TJ is worried that he will get suspended or kicked off the Basketball team. Cyrus offers to be his lawyer.

Andi tells Jonah that she needs to make a decision. She doesn't tell him what the decision is in case she decides not to do it. He notices that it's making her nervous and tells her that, just based on that, she shouldn't do it. She's relieved and agrees. However, when she opens her laptop, she realizes that she already submitted it.

Kaitlin is upset that Buffy broke her foot because she knows how much that reduces the teams chances of winning. Buffy offers to help from the sidelines using a playbook, but Kaitlin says that's not as good as having Buffy on the team.

The student court starts to hold the hearing for TJ and Cyrus comes in as his lawyer (which the court reluctantly allows). TJ explains what happened and Cyrus repeatedly interjects. Cyrus then conducts an interview with himself, to the court's annoyance and TJ's clear embarrassment.

Buffy's teammates throw an end of season party (even though the season isn't over) because they "won't feel like celebrating after losing their next game". She's disappointed by their attitudes, but she's still happy to celebrate with them.

Bex and Bowie find out that Andi applied to SAVA from a postcard. They wonder why she didn't tell them, then decide to put the postcard back in the mailbox to see if she will tell them she applied.

Buffy's teammates decide to watch a video of their old games. Buffy notices that some of her teammate are good players, but they make key mistakes that cause them to lose anyway (like Kaitlin closing her eyes before she shoots). After the girls realize this, they agree to look at the playbooks.

Thanks to the playbooks and Buffy's work on the sidelines, the team wins the game.

The student court reaches a verdict. They find TJ guilty. However, the only punishment they are allowed to give is lunchtime detention. TJ and Cyrus share a hug after that.

Jonah tells Amber that his Dad found a job and his family found an apartment. He says he wanted to tell her because she was the one who helped get him through this. Delighted at the news, she offers to bring him a milkshake.

Now that TJ knows the worst punishment he can get is lunchtime detention, he steals the golf cart again and offers to take Cyrus on a joyride. Cyrus accepts.

Andi finds the SAVA postcard. Bex and Bowie ask her if she has anything to tell them, but she tells them about Buffy's team winning their first game, not about SAVA. After Andi leaves, Bowie reassures Bex that kids don't tells their parents everything, but Bex was hoping that they, as parents, would be different.


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  • Sadie Gray as Maria (uncredited)


  • This is the least viewed episode of the series.


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