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No, I'm the kid here. You're the adults. It's your job to figure this out. Let me know when you do. I will be in my room.

Andi to Bex and Celia

Shhh! is the third episode in Season 1 of Andi Mack. It first aired on April 14, 2017 to 1.19 million viewers.



Against Celia’s wishes, Bex convinces Andi to stay up late to watch a scary movie; and when Andi falls asleep in class the next day, she receives detention and then misses the Space Otters game. Meanwhile, Buffy joins the track team and is determined to win.

Full Plot

There's still tension between Celia and Bex because of their different parenting skills. Andi is still looking for a grandma name to call Celia because she thinks "Celia" is too casual and Celia doesn't want to be called grandma or any of its variations. During breakfast, Bex brings home toaster tarts and when Andi asks for one, Celia says they're not healthy. However, Bex gives Andi one anyway when Celia is not looking. Bex reveals that she has used her connections in town to get a job.

Bex arrives at her new job at The Fringe, a makeover and costume shop. It proves quite awkward since her new boss is Brittany, a girl she used to babysit. She tells Brittany that she will be doing makeovers. Brittany says the owner said she was too scary and looked like a vampire. She also has a tattoo. Through the conversation, Bex gets concerned because of how "interesting" Brittany turned out to be. Things get more awkward when Bex has to correct Brittany multiple times when she gets expressions wrong. Bex breaks the awkwardness by asking where to start working.

Meanwhile, at Jefferson Middle School, Andi finds Cyrus pretending to be frozen to avoid participating during P.E. She stands next to him and tells him that things are still awkward at home because of having two moms. Buffy comes running and knocks them over. She continues running to victory, hurting a few other students on the way. Buffy's excellent speed and sportswomanship impresses Coach Reznikoff who asks her to join the school's track team. Buffy asks Cyrus and Andi to be happy for her that she is joining a sports team. During the practice game, Buffy impresses the coach even more and proves that they have a real chance of winning in the next game. However, Buffy doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in her teammates.

After school, Bex comes over to pick up Andi on her motorcycle. She tells Andi not to tell Celia about it. Bex is surprised to see Mrs. Devlin the librarian. She tells Andi that Devlin reminds her of the scary librarian in a scary movie called, "Shhh!" Later that night, Bex wants Andi to watch the "Shhh!" movie but Celia refuses because she hates scary movies (and puns!). Bex stands up to Celia, saying that she is Andi's mother! She starts watching the scary movie with Andi but sleeps during most of it, leaving Andi alone. In the movie, when the librarian shushes people, they stop talking and after some time, their mouths become a dark hole of nothingness.

The following day at school, Andi is all sleepy and jumpy because of staying up late watching the scary movie. She gets detention for sleeping in class. She tells Buffy and Cyrus that she is disappointed about missing the first Space Otters frisbee game with Jonah Beck because of detention. Jonah is impressed that Andi Mack has layers. He also explains to Andi that the detention is held in the library and is supervised by Mrs. Devlin. This gets Andi even more spooked.

Cyrus shows support for Jonah's Space Otters frisbee team by providing sunscreen, drinks, and snacks to keep the players refreshed during the game. The players are so impressed by his team spirit that Jonah even gets them to chant Cyrus' name.

At the library, Andi sits through her first detention under the supervision of Mrs. Devlin, who scares the creeps out of her because of her resemblance to the scary librarian in the movie. Andi starts to doze off and drops her pen. She starts hallucinating that Mrs. Devlin is coming to shush her, just like the librarian in the movie. She screams out loud.

After finding out what happened, Celia becomes very furious with Bex. She says that Bex is a danger to Andi. Bex and Celia's argument escalates to an extent that they pressure Andi to choose which one of them should be her mom. Andi doesn't want to choose, saying that they are both good moms. She asks them to figure it out since they're the adults. She storms out. Bex tells Celia that because she is Andi's mom doesn't mean that Celia can't continue to be her mom. The problem is not Celia losing Andi, it's Celia not willing to let Bex in. Celia promises to try.

The next day, Buffy's teamwork is tested during a relay race with a rival school. When she gets the baton, she runs all the remaining turns without handing it over to the next person on her team. She is proud when she finishes running before the other teams. However, she is disappointed to find out that she got her school disqualified since this is a team race and she was supposed to hand the baton over to the next player. She tells the coach that all she wanted was to win. The coach advises her to stop getting in her own way. After the game, Buffy joins Cyrus and explains what happened with her race. Cyrus tries to advise Buffy but she reminds him that he's not an athlete even if the Space Otters are cheering his name. Cyrus, nevertheless takes pride in his work.

Later on, Bex finds a box of memories that Celia kept about Bex, realizing that Celia cares about her too. She shows the content to Andi. Andi finds bikinis in the box and assumes that they belonged to Bex but Bex denies it. Then Celia comes over and admits that they belong to her. She tells them that when she was younger she used to be quite fun and wild. People used to call her "Cece." Andi likes the name Cece and says that's what she will be calling Celia from now on. That's the grandma name she's been looking for.

While looking in the Toaster Tarts box for more toaster tarts, Andi finds a picture. She asks why Bex is hiding it. Bex looks uncomfortable, making Andi suspect that the boy in the picture is her father.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack

Recurring Cast

Chelsea T. Zhang as Brittany

Guest Cast

Lonzo Liggins as Coach Reznikoff
Dee Macaluso as Mrs. Devlin




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