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You know that Jefferson has a secret society?... You've never heard about the Secret Society?

Secret Society is the ninth episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the forty-sixth overall. It first aired on January 25, 2019 to 0.79 million viewers.



Invitations from a secret society at school cause tension between Andi and her friends; Bex and Celia search for the perfect wedding dress.

Full Plot

At school The Good Hair Crew is siting at a bench, worried. Jonah comes and tells them that there's a secret society and one of them will be invited to join. They say that the secret society has to take all of them. At first Andi and Buffy say that they will reject them and Cyrus doesn't think he'll be invited. Then he goes to his locker and sees that someone has put an invitation in his locker. He is suddenly happy he was invited and tells the girls he will go for research purposes to see what it’s about.

Later Andi, Buffy, Cyrus and Jonah are at a table. Jonah is trying to make sure Cyrus is able to keep a secret. Andi and Buffy are getting suspicious of the boys as they walk away.

Later at Andi's locker, she gets an invitation to join the secret society. She says that if Cyrus won't tell them what it's about then she will go. Later when she comes back to talk to Buffy she says she can't say anything and tries to apologize. Buffy gets mad and storms away from them saying she knew this would happen to them. Andi says she'll deal with this problem later as she's going shopping with Bex.

Finally at Buffy's locker she finally gets an invitation to go to the secret society but she throws it in the trash. Curiosity gets the best of her and she goes back for it. She goes downstairs and sees smoke from the mechanical room. She goes in finding 3 hooded figure chanting "Will you? Will you?" First Buffy says it's stupid and asks will she what? Then a hidden voice asks her to the Fall Formal. That voice turns out to be Walker, and the hidden figures were Andi, Cyrus, and Jonah who say that they weren't choosing a secret society over Buffy but were pretending to be one for her. So Walker asks Buffy the question again, but seeing everything she says no leaving Walker heartbroken, and Andi, Jonah, and Cyrus shocked.

Meanwhile, Bex gets interested in getting a wedding dress after seeing Bowie in his dad's wedding tuxedo. She goes to CeCe to see if she can use her wedding dress but it turns out to be too small. So, on a whim they go shopping for a wedding dress. After trying several dresses, they finally find the perfect one. They both agree that Andi would really love it. That's when it hits them that they went dress-shopping without Andi. They convince Ricky the sales manager to let them come back with Andi later and pretend to be buying it for the first time.

The next day after school, Andi is excited to go wedding-dress shopping with Bex and CeCe. Rich tells them that he knows the perfect dress and points them to the one they had bought previously. Andi likes it. However, she wants to see Bex try different dresses and give that "wow" look when she finds the perfect one. Unfortunately, the sales manager isn't willing to put up with their drama. So, Bex and CeCe insist that is "the dress," making Andi suspicious. They finally admit that they had bought the dress without her.

Andi is offended that Bex had gone without her and then put up this fake reenactment show. She pressures CeCe into returning the dress. She and Bex continue fighting on their way home. When Bex has given up on finding the perfect dress, Andi notices a dress in another store through the window. Bex looks at it and gives that "wow" look Andi wanted. They agree to buy it.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • George Janko as Ricky
  • Leo T. Kaplan as Leo


  • This is the shortest episode of the series, with a length of 18 minutes.
    • This is a result of Ham's scenes and mentions being edited out, following Stoney's arrest.
    • In Australia and Israel, the episode was aired uncut on Foxtel GO an Australian internet service and one of his scenes featured Bowie asking Ham to be his Best Man
  • This episode aired the same day Sydney to the Max premiered on Disney Channel.
  • Leo T. Kaplan, who plays Leo, is Lauren Tom's son.
  • This is Walker's final physical appearance in the series.


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