You crack me up, man... Eating contest? We're not gonna eat the watermelons. We're gonna shoot them!

— Reed to Cyrus

Reed is a character on Andi Mack. He is one of TJ's former friends who tried to pressure Cyrus into dangerous situations such as shooting watermelons with a real gun.

Reed is portrayed by Parker Queenan.


Reed is outgoing and social. He instantly warms to Cyrus after meeting him for the first time and encourages him to ride with them. He is very persuasive. He passively pushes Cyrus to ride a dirtbike by lending Cyrus his dirtbike. He is adventurous and apparently makes dangerous decisions, as evidenced by stealing his father's gun with the intent to shoot watermelons as targets.


Season 3

Cookie Monster

Reed is riding dirt bikes with his friends, TJ and Lester. Cyrus joins them as TJ had invited him. Reed quickly warms to Cyrus, saying that he's funny, although his attitude is a little aggressive. Cyrus is invited to try riding a dirt bike, but refuses as he is scared. Reed verbally pushes Cyrus to try, suggesting that he won't know what he likes unless he tries it. Reed then offers to lend his own bike to Cyrus, which convinces Cyrus to try. TJ instructs Cyrus on how to ride. Reed and TJ cheer Cyrus on during his first ride.

After the ride, Reed and Lester start setting watermelons up on rocks. Cyrus asks TJ if the watermelons are for an eating contest but Reed reveals that they're actually for shooting. It turns out that Reed took his dad's gun without permission so that he and his friends could shoot the watermelons. Cyrus becomes very concerned that someone could get hurt because of the gun, but Reed asks him to chill. Cyrus, however, doesn't give in to peer pressure and unsuccessfully attempts to convince TJ to leave with him, before leaving alone.

The New Girls 

It is revealed that as a result of Officer Wright's investigation, Reed was sentenced to serve 100 hours of community service, and his father was placed under further scrutiny for negligent storage of a firearm.


  • He steals his dad's gun with the intention of playing with it.


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