Red Rooster Records is a music store in Shadyside, Midwest that Bowie Quinn works at. Jonah Beck, Shaun, and Victor have taken music lessons here as well, and Jonah has performed at two open mics.


  • Bowie shows Bex, Andi, and Jonah around the shop in A Walker to Remember, where it's revealed that he will be working here from now on instead of Judy's Blooms. Andi explains to Jonah what's going on between Bex, Bowie, and Miranda as they look around and observe them flirting.
  • In this same episode, Bowie and Jonah have a heart-to-heart at the shop about Jonah's panic attacks, and Bowie gives him a free guitar and a lesson to help with his anxiety and books him an audition with Sid, a prodigious music teacher.
  • Andi helps Bowie move his stuff out of Judy's Blooms in Crime Scene: AndiShack! so he can start working at Red Rooster Records.
  • In Andi's Choice, Bowie and Jonah meet at Red Rooster Records again. Jonah admits he didn't make it to the audition and mentions that he doesn't think Andi likes him anymore. Bowie advises that Jonah write and perform a song for Andi, and helps him write one.
  • Jonah performs "Being Around You" at the open mic while Andi, Bowie, Bex, Buffy, and Cyrus watch. Jonah and Andi then share their first kiss.
  • In For the Last Time, Jonah suggests making a time capsule for Buffy when she moves away without burying it while he and Andi are hanging out at Red Rooster Records.
  • Andi meets Cyrus at Red Rooster Records in Buffy in a Bottle where they discuss the sneakers Walker gave Andi. Cyrus gives Andi advice on telling Jonah he's her boyfriend. Jonah arrives unexpectedly as his frisbee practice has been cancelled. He sees the shoes, recognizes the design from the mural Andi had made with Walker, and storms off.
  • Miranda and Morgan surprise Bowie at work in Bought, Lost or Stolen. When Morgan gets bored waiting for Bowie to finish working, he gives her music boxes to play with. When he's finished, he notices one of the music boxes is missing. Morgan claims to not know where it is, however, it makes a sound in her pocket. She insists that she didn't know it was there, and Miranda makes her put it back. This situation causes Bowie to break up with Miranda.
  • Andi and Bex are planning Bex's proposal to Bowie in The Cake That Takes the Cake when they stumble into the shop giggling. Bowie suspects they are up to something, which they unconvincingly deny.
  • Jonah is practicing guitar at Red Rooster Records in It's a Dilemna when Victor and his son, Shaun arrive looking for a guitar for Shaun's 9th birthday. Victor asks Bowie if he's a guitar teacher. As he's saying no, Jonah jumps in a suggests that Bowie should be a guitar teacher, that he taught him to play, write songs, and perform them by his third lesson. Victor tells Bowie Shaun has a gift and asks him to give him guitar lessons, and Bowie agrees. However, contrary to Victor's claims, Bowie struggles to teach Shaun.
  • In Hole in the Wall, Jonah and Andi, now having agreed to just be friends, are hanging out and having fun in the shop, taking pictures of each posing with various records. Bowie interrupts them to inform Jonah that there's an open mic coming up and asks him to sign up since no one else has. Jonah expresses concern that he doesn't have anything prepared besides "Being Around You", but he agrees to come up with something.
  • That open mic, Jonah performs a song he wrote about the night he said goodbye to Andi to go to frisbee camp. Andi, Buffy, and Cyrus are watching and Andi grows mortified as the song makes her seem pathetic and people start to stare at her, realizing it's about her. Andi asserts that the lyrics are wrong.
  • In That Syncing Feeling, Bowie is still struggling to teach Shaun. He thinks he's bad music teacher and that Jonah just happened to be a natural. However, Shaun admits that he never wanted to do guitar and that his father was making him. They break the news to Victor, who says he wanted Shaun to learn because he never did. Bowie offers to teach Victor, and they begin. Unlike his son, Victor learns quickly.
  • Cyrus and Jonah discuss why Jonah has an issue with TJ at Red Rooster Records in I Got Your Number.
  • Miranda and Morgan show up at Red Rooster in The Ex Factor. Morgan wants to learn guitar. Miranda also wants to make up with Bowie, but Bowie is engaged. As Bowie goes to start a lesson with Morgan, Morgan disappears and he goes around the vicinity looking for her, only to find her with Miranda.
  • Also in The Ex Factor, The Good Hair Crew go to ask Bowie if Jonah can get a job at Red Rooster just as Bowie is finishing up a guitar lesson. Bowie says they're a small business and can't afford more employees. Jonah then steps out of the music room.


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  • In The Snorpion, TJ is browsing through items outside a store called "Red Rooster Vinyl, Books & Comics" with a similar branding on its sign, although it is unclear whether the two establishments are connected in any way.
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