Every time I'm deployed, I hold it together just barely long enough to say goodbye. But once I leave the room, the second I know that you can't see me, I cry. Oh, boy, do I cry!

Pat Driscoll is a recurring character on Andi Mack. She is Buffy's mother and works for the United States military. She has spent most of her time deployed overseas. Pat is portrayed by Siena Goines.


Pat is strong and courageous as she is a high ranking officer in the military. She always encourages Buffy to be strong. She is a loving and caring mother who shows a lot of passion for her daughter, Buffy.


Pat is a high ranking officer for the United States military. She has been deployed overseas, forcing her to stay away from her family - and especially her daughter, Buffy. While Pat is deployed, Buffy tries to keep in touch with her through voicemails and sending images. Whenever she comes home, she asks Buffy to promise to remain strong for her. She eventually gets transferred to Phoenix and moves there with Buffy.


Season 2

We Were Never

Pat returns home and comes to surprise Buffy at a basketball game. On seeing her mom, Buffy drops the ball and goes straight to hug her mom, leading to a very emotional reunion

Better to Have Wuvved and Wost

Pat gets transferred to Phoenix, Arizona and has to move in a week. Buffy tells her friends Andi and Cyrus about it and they start brainstorming ideas to keep Buffy around at least for the summer. Andi comes up with an idea for Buffy to stay in her old bedroom - in Celia's house. After hearing about the plan, Pat goes straight to Celia to confirm. She learns that Andi hadn't informed CeCe about the plan but CeCe gladly volunteers to let Buffy stay there. Pat accepts. However, both Buffy and Pat realize that they have missed each other so much and don't want to be separated anymore. So, Buffy agrees to go to Arizona with her mom.

For the Last Time

On Buffy's last day in town, Andi and Cyrus tell part about the surprise time capsule they're making for Buffy. They give her a list of Buffy's items they want as momentos for the time capsule. By looking through the list, Pat realizes how much she's missed a lot of important moments in Buffy's life. She starts looking for the items but runs into Buffy who becomes suspicious immediately. She tells Buffy about the list for the time capsule. Buffy explains that she didn't want the time capsule because it would be very emotional for her and she would cry but doesn't want her friends to see her crying. Pat then comforts Buffy by telling her that it is okay to cry. She admits that she herself cries whenever she's leaving Buffy behind. Pat understands why Buffy doesn't want to say goodbye. She and Buffy leave town earlier than planned, without providing the items for the time capsule.





I will show you my tears if you show me yours.

— Pat to Buffy


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