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Well, that, of course, is Aunt Ruthie's kugel. That's your classic bagel and lox. That's gefilte fish, skip that, and I'm gay.

— Cyrus coming out to Jonah

One in a Minyan is the eleventh episode of season 3 of Andi Mack and the forty-eighth in general. It premiered on February 8, 2019 to 0.84 million viewers.



Andi, Buffy and Jonah support Cyrus as he sits Shiva for his grandmother but Bowie's homemade kugel dish is a shanda (disgrace).

Full Plot

Andi is at CeCe's discussing various decorations for Bex and Bowie's upcoming wedding. They agree on some of the things but reach a stalemate when it comes to centerpieces. CeCe wants to buy orchids but Andi wants to make the centerpieces out of crafts from AndiShack. Unable to compromise, Andi storms out angrily.

At the Goodmans' house, Cyrus has lost his grandmother, Bubbe Rose. As part of the Jewish grieving traditions, the Goodmans have invited relatives and friends to sit Shiva during which they pray together and share memories. Andi, Buffy and Jonah all come over to support their friend, Cyrus during this difficult time. They are moved as Cyrus explains this important Jewish tradition. To show support, Jonah, at the invitation of Rabbi Hurwitz, even joins in praying with a minyan. Buffy and Andi sit quietly, still not exactly sure on what to do. In this silence, Buffy's phone starts buzzing, attracting everyone's attention. She goes outside. Andi follows her and asks to know who is texting Buffy but Buffy keeps it a secret.

Bowie arrives to offer support for the family. He is excited to bring a kugel dish only to learn that it is a shanda (disgrace), as he was unaware that in family functions that dish is always provided by Ruthie, and compounded the mistake by not adding raisins to his recipe. Not even a staged apology, prompted by Cyrus' parents to keep peace in the family, placates her. He has no one to defend him because Bex is running late from Cloud 10 due to a high volume of clients. Before coming over, Bex asks CeCe about her wedding "committee" discussion with Andi earlier that morning. On hearing that Andi wants to make the centerpieces, Bex instantly chooses Andi's side, forcing CeCe to cave in. She then closes Cloud 10 and comes to the Goodmans house just as they're about to kick Bowie out.

Cyrus' Aunt Ruthie asks Andi if she's Cyrus' girlfriend but Andi says they're just friends. This makes a disappointed Aunt Ruthie wonder why Cyrus doesn't have a girlfriend yet. Andi just smiles. She then joins Buffy and Cyrus outside. Cyrus starts telling Andi and Buffy about how close he was with Bubbe Rose. He says that he wishes she knew everything about him. He says he was afraid to come out to anyone else. He feels bad that he hasn't even come out to his friend Jonah Beck yet. Andi tells him that it is okay, and that it's his choice who he tells and when. But, she also assures him that people love and care about him more than he thinks.

With support from Buffy and Andi, Cyrus becomes determined to come out to Jonah. He goes inside to look for Jonah but can't find him anywhere. After looking around, he hears someone breathing heavily in another room. It's Jonah Beck having another, really bad panic attack. Cyrus sits by Jonah's side and helps calm him down. He assures him that everything will be okay. It's just a panic attack and it will pass. With Cyrus' help, Jonah's anxiety cools down and he starts breathing normally again. Jonah thanks Cyrus for being there for him. He says that he is very lucky to have such a good friend like Cyrus Goodman. He then asks what Cyrus wanted to talk about but Cyrus realizes that it's probably not the right time to come out to him.

Later during a buffet, Andi and Buffy are excited to hear how it went with Jonah but Cyrus says it wasn't the right time. Jonah then joins them and asks Cyrus for help deciding what food to choose from the buffet menu. Cyrus starts listing the various foods and then casually ends the sentence with "... and I'm gay!"

Jonah looks at Cyrus with a proud, supportive smile on his face and asks, "Oh yeah?" Cyrus nods and Jonah says it's cool and goes back to trying foods as if it wasn't a big deal. Cyrus is so relieved that coming out to Jonah turned out to be so much easier than he anticipated. Buffy and Andi are very proud of Cyrus for having the courage to come out to his friend.

Afterwards, Cyrus tells Jonah, Andi and Buffy some of the great stories about his Bubbe Rose. This makes Andi realize that she should appreciate her grandmother more while she's still alive. So, Andi runs to CeCe and apologizes for being stubborn about her decision. She's willing to accept CeCe's suggestion to buy orchids for centerpieces but CeCe says that she's already on board with Andi's idea - after talking to Bex. Andi brags about the victory but emotionally leans in to hug CeCe to show how much she appreciates her.

Back at Cyrus' house, Andi and Buffy ask Cyrus if he will ever tell Jonah that he used to have a crush on him but Cyrus says he never will. He says that he likes having Jonah as a friend and that's more than he thought he could have. When it comes to Jonah, Cyrus admits that there's so much he has been wrong about. The conversation about Cyrus' ex-crush on Jonah is interrupted when TJ finally arrives carrying bread. Cyrus is thrilled that TJ actually came. TJ responds with a smile, saying "of course I came!" Cyrus smiles back at TJ.

Buffy's phone starts buzzing again. Andi has given up trying to figure out who it is but Cyrus insists. Buffy gives in and reveals that Marty is the one who has been blowing up her phone. She admits that she missed Marty. Andi and Cyrus are excited to hear that Buffy finally reached out to Marty. Buffy insists that she still just likes Marty as a friend but Cyrus and Andi aren't buying it. During this, TJ is lost because he has no idea who Marty is. When he asks who Marty is, The Good Hair Crew shouts in unison, "Marty from the party!"


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  • Cyrus finally comes out to Jonah as gay.
  • Cyrus finally uses the words "I'm gay". This is the first Disney Channel series to ever use this definition of the word "gay" if you count it when in the Bizaardvark Christmas episode they said it while singing a carol with Baby Ariel.
  • The episode's writer, Jonathan Hurwitz, wrote in a GLAAD blogpost that this episode was heavily inspired by his own life: Jewish background, dealing with anxiety, and coming out to his college friends.
  • The title is a play on the phrase "one in a million," which is widely regarded to describe someone special to a person, as what Bubbe Rose was to Cyrus. In contemporary Judaism, a minyan is a prayer service. It is also a gathering of ten Jewish adults for certain religious obligations, as seen in the episode.
    • With that, it is possible the title also refers to Jonah joining the minyan, as he literally is one in a minyan.
  • The working title for this episode was "Panic! At the Shiva".[1]
  • As the address reads 2440, not 256 Citrus Avenue, it can be presumed that Bubbe Rose was Cyrus' maternal grandmother, and the Shiva was held at Leslie Goodman's residence. However, on the other hand, Leslie refers to her to as "Rose" as opposed to her mother.


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