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Trashing stereotypes. Do you see me now?

Andi's art caption

One Girl's Trash is the 16th episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the 53rd overall. It premiered on June 28, 2019 to 0.60 million viewers.



Andi creates an art project to combat stereotypes; Bowie reveals his true feelings about the wedding; Jonah and Amber are not on the same page with their relationship. 

Full Plot

As a punishment for giving away Mint Chip clothes without permission, Andi, Cyrus, Buffy and Jonah are required to do 20 hours of community service. While the others are disgusted while picking up trash, Andi sees the trash as materials for her arts and crafts. She takes her trash bag with her to The Spoon as they go to order food after the first day of community service.

While waiting to order food at The Spoon, Jonah goes to talk to Amber to ask her to go on a go-kart racing date with him. Since Amber has been thinking about telling Jonah that she loves him, she accidentally says "I'd love you" instead of "I'd love to" but she corrects herself immediately. Jonah is surprised that Amber would want to go go-kart racing but Amber says she wants to spend more time with Jonah. After that, Amber walks to The Good Hair Crew booth and passes Andi a secret note asking her to meet her at the back. Amber tells Andi that she accidentally told Jonah that she loves him. She asks Andi for advice on whether to tell Jonah she likes him for real. Andi thinks it's a bad idea because Jonah might not say it back. However, Amber somehow misinterprets Andi's advice and sets out to tell Jonah she loves him during the go-kart date.

Later at school, Andi's teacher, Mrs. Frankel leads the class through an exercise to see how well they know each other. Each student is given a paper slip with another student's name and they have to say what they know about the person for the rest of the class to guess who it is. Kristina, the self-proclaimed coolest girl at Jefferson, gets Andi's name. When it comes to her turn, Kristina says that she doesn't know much about this person but they threw a cool party once;[1] they're probably good with computers; and they probably play violin or piano. Other students guess it's Andi but Andi denies it because she's not the person described by Kristina. Mrs. Frankel confirms that Kristina had Andi's name, after which she uses it as a lesson on stereotypes.

Andi is disappointed that her classmates don't see her for who she really is. Instead, whenever they look at her, all they see is a bunch of Asian stereotypes. She tells Buffy and Cyrus about it later in the Andi Shack. They are both appalled by the stereotypes. They encourage Andi to do something about it. This gives Andi the courage to do a huge art project using things that have played a major role in her life to get people to truly see her.

Amber and Jonah's go-kart race turns out to be a lot of fun for both of them. While taking a break, Amber tells Jonah that he's the most fun person she's ever hung out with. She then tells him, "I love you" but a loud go-kart passing by makes her inaudible. She tries it a second time but once again, she's interrupted by another go-kart. Jonah asks her if she said they should go for round two, and Amber plays along. After the date, Amber goes to Andi's house to tell her what happened. Andi tells her that perhaps it's for the best that Jonah didn't hear her. It is better than if he heard her and didn't say it back. Amber agrees and thanks Andi for being so wise.

After parting with Amber, Andi goes to the Red Rooster Records where she finds Jonah and asks him for a frisbee to use as part of her art project. She invites Jonah to go get a milkshake at The Spoon with her but Jonah declines because he's avoiding Amber. He reveals that he heard Amber say she loves him but pretended not to hear. He is afraid that Amber will say it again. He wonders why it has to be "love" instead of just fun. Andi explains that being in love matters to people like Amber. Jonah then sighs and complains that he might have to break up with her. Again.

The next day at school, Andi unveils her art project. It is a masterpiece made of items from major events in Andi's life. At the top, it's a collage of Andi's face, with the caption, "Trashing Stereotypes: Do you see me now?" Buffy, Cyrus and even Mrs. Frankel are very impressed by Andi's work. Buffy tells Andi that such a masterpiece can change her life.

Meanwhile, Bowie notices that Bex is not wearing the engagement ring but Bex says she had only removed it so that it doesn't get dirty while cleaning. He asks her if they should continue wearing the rings since the wedding is off and Bex says they should. After that, they struggle to find the perfect place to keep the snowglobe they got from Celia. They don't want it to be too visible because it is a constant reminder of how they disappointed CeCe by canceling the wedding.

Later at CeCe's house, Bex is putting away the wedding dress when Bowie walks in. The dress makes Bowie emotional, who says that he wishes he could have seen Bex in the dress. Bowie then drops a bombshell on Bex by revealing that he wanted the wedding. Bex asks why he didn't say anything when she suggested canceling it but Bowie says that he went along with it because all he wants is to make her happy. Bex says that she wants to see him happy too. They share an emotional hug.


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  • Among the trash that Andi picked up was a rainbow kite; coincidentally, this episode aired on the weekend of Pride, which is on June 30.
  • Several objects from various Season 3 episodes are seen: Bex and Bowie's engagement rings from The Boys Are Back, the "Nailed It!" snowglobe from Unloading Zone, and Bex's wedding dress from Secret Society.
  • Cyrus finds other objects from episodes outside of Season 3: the prison uniforms from Were We Ever?, the social experiment bracelets from I Wanna Hold Your Wristband, and the wig from Dancing in the Dark.
  • It is possible that Andi used the trash she picked up at the beginning of this episode for her "big" art project.


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