Nine Lives is a vintage shop in Andi Mack (TV Series) where Bex and Andi like to shop. Bex first introduced Andi to the store in the episode She's Turning Into You.

Episode Appearances


  • In each appearance the store logo changes and clothes move from inside to outside.
  • Bowie found a ring there in second hand clothing, which he and Andi saw as a sign from the universe telling Bowie to propose to Bex.
  • It apparently changed locations between seasons.
  • Amber brought some of her clothes to sell there, and Andi bought one. It was a purple shirt that Andi bought for 5 dollars.
  • In each of Andi's visits to the store, she goes with/meets someone she knows.
  • It is across the street from Judy's Blooms.


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