Natalie is a recurring character on Andi Mack. She is the captain of the ultimate frisbee team at Peabody. Natalie is portrayed by Shelby Simmons.


Natalie is very social and friendly. She quickly becomes friends with Jonah and she has a lot of friends she invites for parties. She likes to share her frisbee and party videos on YouTube. Natalie seems very sweet as she talks to Andi when she first meets her.

Character History

Natalie meets with Jonah Beck through frisbee tournaments since Jonah Beck is the captain of the Space Otters Frisbee Team while Natalie is the captain of frisbee team at Peabody, her school. They easily bond and become friends. She invites Jonah to her pool party and posts a video about it.

In "There's a Mack in the Shack", Jonah takes Natalie to The Spoon Diner. Little do they know that Andi is there with Celia and Bex. After noticing Jonah with Natalie, the Macks quickly leave the diner.

In "You're the One That I Want", Jonah Beck tells Andi who Natalie is. Andi feels threatened since Natalie seems to have a stronger chemistry with Jonah because of their shared passion for frisbee. Jonah tells Andi that Natalie is just a friend but Amber reminds Andi that Jonah said the same thing about her. Buffy and Cyrus dig up more information about Natalie and realize find the video of Jonah Beck at her pool party. They also learn that Natalie and Jonah are both going to the same frisbee training session. They spy on Natalie to see if there's anything between her and Jonah but nothing.

Natalie invites Jonah to guest star in her frisbee YouTube video. Jonah is excited to attend only to be reminded by Andi that he had already made plans to go with her to a Grease sing-along. Given a little choice, Jonah chooses Natalie's video over his plans with Andi. However, after being confronted by Amber about Natalie, Jonah cancels on Natalie and goes to Andi's sing-along. Andi talks to Natalie for the first time when she comes looking for Jonah. Natalie tells her that she went for the sing-along, thanks to Amber's convincing.

In "Buffy in a Bottle," Natalie joins Jonah at The Spoon so that they can eat together since Jonah is upset with Andi. Natalie happily greets Andi and asks that she and Jonah should sit on the same booth with Andi, Cyrus and TJ. However, Andi doesn't want to sit with them because she feels that Jonah only invited Natalie to make her jealous. So, Andi leaves the diner angrily, followed right after by TJ and Cyrus. Natalie is left alone in the booth with Jonah, wondering what just happened.

Episode Appearances


  • She has a MeTube channel.


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