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So, you would rather do a costume with Cyrus than with me?

Kira to TJ

Mount Rushmore or Less is the thirteenth episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the fiftieth overall. It premiered on March 1, 2019 to 0.79 Million viewers.



Andi attempts to enlist her friends in an epic group costume; Amber continues to vie for Jonah's attention; Bex makes a confession to Andi.

Full Plot

Andi, Buffy and Cyrus are in disbelief and shock after seeing Amber and Jonah kissing. They are concerned that Jonah could be cheating on Libby. After confronting him about it, Jonah reveals that Libby broke up with him a few days ago and was too embarrassed to tell them. They ask why he was so quick to get back with Amber but Jonah says it just happened. They're left worried that Jonah is going back to his toxic relationship with Amber. Maybe it will be different this time. Maybe they will break up again and he will try to get back with girlfriend no. 2 - Andi. But Andi makes it clear that she's out.

The following Wednesday, Principal Metcalf announces this year's Costume Day would be on that coming Friday. Andi and her friends love Costume Day but two days' notice is way too short to come up with a good costume. Andi comes up with the idea to go as "Mount Rushmore" and recruits Cyrus, Buffy, and Jonah into it since it needs four people and is fairly easy to make. All they need is to do is paint their faces gray and pose as past presidents behind a sheet.

After that, Buffy goes to meet up with Marty and catch up. It's been a long time since they talked face to face. Marty says that he's now doing long distance running. They agree that they missed each other. Marty reminds Buffy that he has a girlfriend but Buffy is cool with it because she just wants to be friends.

Elsewhere, Kira approaches TJ after a game and asks if she can join the boys basketball team since Buffy kicked her off the girls team. TJ already knows her from having attended a few Monarchs games. Their conversation is interrupted when Cyrus arrives. TJ wants to introduce Cyrus and Kira but the two recognize each other. Kira eyes Cyrus suspiciously as she takes note of that fact that he's Buffy's friend. Cyrus and TJ walk off with TJ's hand on Cyrus' shoulder, and Kira seems to suspect something going on between them.

As they walk through the park together, TJ asks Cyrus if they could do a costume together. Cyrus is pleasantly surprised since he didn't take TJ to be a costume guy but TJ says he has layers. TJ suggests that they should go as "somersault" - an inside joke referring to the time TJ helped Cyrus learn how to do a somersault at TJ's gym.[1] TJ would go as "summer" while Cyrus goes as "salt." Together, they would be summer-salt, or rather "somersault." Cyrus is so excited to do the costume with TJ that he chooses it over Andi's Mount Rushmore costume. He tells Buffy about it and how somersaults are his and TJ's thing, and she says she understands. She decides to ask Marty to replace Cyrus in the Mount Rushmore costume.

However, TJ is put in a bind when Kira asks him to do a basketball-related costume with her. TJ tells her that he is already set on doing a costume with Cyrus; but Kira pressures him to choose her idea. She makes fun of Cyrus and TJ's "inside joke" costume idea that no one else will understand. She plays on TJ's fear of coming out by pointing out the implications of doing a costume with Cyrus (a boy) instead of her (a girl). TJ, who had been happy and keen to do the costume with Cyrus, is suddenly scared and insecure.

Meanwhile, Andi finds Amber struggling to take "candid" photos of herself. Andi jokes that they're not really candids if she's posing for them. Amber agrees but says she needs to post them on InstaPic. She asks Andi to take the photos. While snapping the pictures, Andi starts asking Amber about getting back together with Jonah since Jonah didn't say much. Amber says it just happened naturally because they were spending so much time together. Andi is glad because Amber has seemed happy lately. Andi then shows Amber all the photos she took of her and they both agree they're cute. Amber proceeds to post them online.

The next day at school, Amber shows up at Jefferson to talk to Andi. She is worried because Jonah hasn't "hearted" some of her "candid" photos. She asks Andi to talk to Jonah about it. Andi agrees and reaches out to Jonah. Jonah says he's already liked some but Andi tells him that he has to like all of them. Jonah complains that Amber is too demanding but Andi defends Amber, saying that most of the things Amber is asking are just basic relationship things. He has to put some work into the relationship. Later at The Spoon, Amber thanks Andi for convincing Jonah to like all of her photos. When Jonah complains to Andi again about Amber being too demanding, Andi tells him that he needs to be able to speak up for himself and only do what he wants - not because someone else wants him to.

While looking for a sheet to use for the Mount Rushmore costume in their apartment closet, Andi accidentally knocks down a box of letters. It turns out that after getting cold feet, Bex had decided to hide the wedding invitations in the closet. Bex apologizes and tries to explain herself to Andi. They agree to send the letters together the next day. However, after talking to Bowie about it, Bowie agrees that he doesn't want anything to change for them either. Bex and Bowie agree that this huge extravagant marriage is not their style. They just want to be happy together, regardless of whether they're officially married. Andi is very disappointed but not surprised. She says that deep down she always knew they were never going to get married. She tells them that they have to tell CeCe about it which will break her heart.

Cyrus shows up on Costume Day in his "salt" costume and can't wait to see TJ's "summer" costume. Unfortunately, TJ is not wearing the costume; he and Kira have dressed up as "double dribble." TJ seems uncomfortable in Kira's presence and is devastated that he let Cyrus down, saying sorry twice and that it was a last minute decision. Kira then drags TJ away from a heartbroken Cyrus before he can properly explain to show off their costume to TJ's teammates.

Andi is getting impatient that Cyrus and Jonah haven't shown up yet for the Mount Rushmore costume. Buffy brings Marty as Cyrus' replacement but refuses to explain why. Jonah finally arrives and asks to speak with Andi. He tells her that he will not do her costume because he's decided that he's not a "costume guy." He reminds Andi that she told him not to do things he doesn't want. Andi says the advice was about standing up to Amber but Jonah says that he only agreed to do the costume because Andi wanted him to. But now it's time for him to do what he wants. Andi is hurt that Jonah refused to keep his promise despite knowing how much it meant to her. Still upset that Bex and Bowie are calling off the wedding, Andi complains that no one honors commitments anymore.

Andi is disappointed that her Mount Rushmore costume dream has been crushed. However, she, Buffy, and Marty happen to stumble across a heartbroken Cyrus sitting alone. Without explaining what happened with TJ, Cyrus, nearly in tears, takes off his salt costume and re-joins Mount Rushmore as Thomas Jefferson. During the costume photos for the yearbook, Buffy and Marty are having fun while Cyrus and Andi are miserable.


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  • This is the mid-season finale of Andi Mack Season 3.
  • Bowie and Bex call off their wedding.
  • Jonah says his costume is "average kid before he finds out he's a superhero." This is a reference to the movie Shazam! in which Asher Angel plays Billy Batson.
  • TJ says he has "layers," a reference to Shrek, which Luke Mullen is a big fan of.
  • TJ is a "costume day guy" and Jonah is "not a costume guy."


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