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I call him “not Bowie!”

— Morgan about Miranda’s new boyfriend

Morgan Patrick is a recurring character on Andi Mack. She is the daughter of Miranda Patrick - Bowie's ex-girlfriend. She is portrayed by Eden Grace Redfield.


Morgan comes off as anti-social and is unable to relax and interact with Andi. She is stubborn as she insists that she never took the bracelet. She is judgmental and quick to point out that the Andi Shack is messy. She is unappreciative and doesn't thank Andi for going out of her way to spend the day with her. She has a tendency to misbehave; she steals and hides from adults for fun. However, between being raised by Miranda, who tries to discipline her, and being a child of divorce, this may be attributed to poor parenting as opposed to innate qualities.


Miniature Golf

Morgan goes to play mini-golf with Miranda and Bowie. When Andi sees her, she realizes that Morgan is the reason why Bowie doesn't want Andi to meet Miranda.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

Bowie and Miranda ask Andi to hangout with Morgan in the Andi Shack while Miranda runs some errands. Andi tries to be nice to Morgan but Morgan doesn't warm up to her. Morgan criticizes Andi Shack, saying that it's messy. She hates everything in it. She accidentally destroys a bracelet that Andi was making for Bex, meaning that Andi would have to make it from the start. Andi then puts the bracelet inside a shiny Tibetan prayer box. After seeing that Morgan likes the box, Andi puts it aside and specifically asks her not to touch.

Morgan and Andi have an awkward time together until Miranda comes to pick her up. Andi tries to say goodbye but Morgan doesn't seem to care. After they've left, Andi notices that the box with the irreplaceable bracelets is gone. She concludes that Morgan stole it. She tells Bex and Bowie about it. Morgan is brought back but denies taking it. Andi insists that Morgan took it but Miranda wants Andi to apologize. As the fight escalates, Bowie, Miranda and Bex go to search further. Bowie mysteriously finds the box in a place where Andi had searched. Andi is forced to apologize to Morgan.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

Miranda brings Morgan to Bowie's Red Rooster Records so that they can grab lunch together. Bowie asks them to wait for him a little but Morgan starts complaining that she's bored. So, Bowie gives her his five music boxes to play with. Morgan steals one of the boxes and hides them in her jacket. When Bowie notices one music box is missing, Morgan insists they were just four. Then suddenly, the music box starts playing from Morgan's pocket. Miranda asks Morgan to put it back. Bowie asks if Miranda is going to say something to Morgan about stealing but Miranda doesn't. So, on their way from lunch, Bowie brings it up. Miranda asks Morgan to go play on her phone while she and Bowie fight about the situation. During their confrontation, Bowie realizes that Morgan has stolen before. In fact, she is the one who stole Andi's prayer box and Miranda returned it back secretly. Bowie is upset that Miranda made Andi apologize to Morgan when she knew all along that Morgan is the one who stole the box. He is even more upset that Miranda made him doubt his own daughter. Unable to repair the damages, Miranda and Bowie break up. Miranda takes Morgan and leaves with her.

The Ex Factor

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  • Morgan's name, as well as her mother Miranda's name, both start with the letter M. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. 13 is an unlucky number.
  • She is a fan of Harry Potter and wants a mahogany wand with dragon heartstring.


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