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Miranda Patrick is a recurring character on Andi Mack. She is the local botanist who works for the City of Shadyside. She meets Bex and Bowie at Judy's Blooms. She also has a daughter, Morgan. Miranda is portrayed by Chloe Hurst.


Miranda seems nice and thoughtful at first. She volunteers to mind the nursery for Bowie and promises to help Bex with her plants. She initially only pursues Bowie after Bex clarifies that she and Bowie are over and that she's moved on.

However, as she and Bowie start dating, her true colors are revealed. She can be very pushy as she essentially forces Andi to let Morgan hang out with her in AndiShack. Miranda is not a very good mother; she doesn't discipline Morgan at all and will do anything to make her seem like a good child even when she misbehaves. She just lets Morgan do things like steal and play dangerous hide and seek games under the excuse that she's only a child. She will happily lie and cover for her daughter, forcing Andi to apologize for accusing Morgan of stealing her prayer box even though Morgan did do it.

Miranda is also quite manipulative and grows jealous of Bex and Bowie's engagement. When she meets Bowie again in Season 3, she claims to have taken his advice that she needs to become more trustworthy and be a better mom to heart, but it's clear she has another agenda. Despite being in a new relationship, she tries to win Bowie back over (to little success) and make Bex doubt wanting to marry Bowie by talking about how her own marriage failed.


Season 2

You're the One That I Want

Miranda Patrick volunteers to stand in for Bowie at Judy's Blooms. When Bex comes over to bring sick plants to Bowie, she finds Miranda instead. Miranda introduces herself to Bex and tells her that she is a plant doctor. She takes Bex's plants to look after them. Miranda quickly starts bonding with Bex over how they both have two first names. They are both happy to have made a new friend.

Miranda saves Bex's plants, and explains that she over watered them. When Bex goes to pick up her plants, they agree to go out for a donut to celebrate sometime. Miranda then asks Bex about her relationship with Bowie and if it is okay for her to ask Bowie out. Bex denies being interested in Bowie and gives Miranda the okay to ask Bowie out. However, Bex is not honest with herself. So, she cancels her donut plans with Miranda to avoid any awkwardness. She leaves as Miranda asks Bowie out.

Miniature Gulf

Miranda calls Bowie during a mini-golf course with Andi and Bex. Andi learns about Miranda and she is not happy about it. She tries to pressure Bowie into letting her meet Miranda so she can "approve" whether Miranda is good enough for Bowie. Bowie refuses. Miranda later goes to the same park to play mini-golf with Bowie. It is revealed that Miranda has a little daughter, Morgan Patrick.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

Miranda officially meets Andi for the first time. She indirectly gets Bowie to convince Andi to let Morgan hang in the Andi Shack while she runs some errands. Morgan turns out to be a nightmare for Andi. When Andi suspects that Morgan took her special bracelet box, Miranda denies that Morgan took it. She claims that Andi is lying and wants her to apologize to Morgan. When the box is mysteriously found in a place where Andi had already looked, Miranda gets her way to force an apology out of Andi.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

Miranda takes Morgan to visit Bowie at Red Rooster Records so that they can grab lunch together. Bowie asks them to give him a few minutes, but Morgan starts complaining that she's bored. So, Bowie gives her his five music boxes to play with. At the end, Bowie notices that one is missing. Morgan insists they were just four. But then, one of the music boxes starts playing from Morgan's jacket. Miranda asks Morgan to put it back. Bowie asks Miranda to say something to Morgan about stealing but Miranda doesn't. So, on their way from lunch, Bowie starts confronting Miranda about how she handled the situation. Miranda becomes upset that Bowie is bringing it up. Bowie asks if Morgan has stolen before. Miranda admits to Morgan stealing Andi's prayer box from Andi Shack. Bowie also figures out that Miranda is the one who returned the box back and yet she had made Andi apologize to Morgan. Bowie calls out Miranda for making him doubt his own daughter. He says he can't trust her anymore. Feeling guilty and embarrassed, Miranda takes Morgan and leaves.

Later that evening, Bowie tells Andi and Bex what happened. He also reveals that he broke up with Miranda. She's out of his life for good.

Season 3

The Ex Factor

Miranda and Morgan unexpectedly show up at Red Rooster Records. Miranda claims she's learned a lot from what Bowie told her when they broke up and that she wants to make amends with Bowie. Morgan reveals that Miranda has a new boyfriend Morgan has nicknamed "not-Bowie." They ask Bowie if he can give Morgan guitar lessons and with some persuasion, he agrees. As Morgan goes to pick out a guitar, Miranda slips in that she's been missing Bowie too despite being in a relationship. She claims that her boyfriend just isn't as good as Bowie. She is shocked when Bowie reveals he's engaged to Bex.

While Morgan is having her lesson with Bowie, Miranda goes to Cloud 10 to "congratulate" Bex on her engagement. Celia doesn't trust Miranda at all, but Bex is willing to give Miranda a chance. Miranda says she's happy for Bex and Bowie expresses hope that the marriage works out for them better than it did for her and her ex-husband. Miranda goes into detail about how getting married ruined her relationship with her ex, which had been "pretty perfect" for the six years they had been dating before that. She tells Bex that getting married made their relationship feel like an chore and that they grew apart and forgot why they were even together in the first place. Miranda assures that Bex and Bowie have what it takes to make it work.

Bowie, in a panic when Morgan suddenly disappears in the middle of the lesson, finds Miranda outside a clothing store later and explains that he lost Morgan and promises to find her. Morgan pops out of a clothing rack and high fives Miranda, revealing that this was just a game that Morgan likes to play and Miranda just lets her. Miranda congratulates Morgan for successfully hiding from Bowie and pointing out how worried he looked. Miranda's attempt to win Bowie back fails as he is horrified by this game. He doesn't give her another chance because he now sees her for who she really is and is done with her games. Miranda seems to accept that she and Bowie are done for good.

Bex and Bowie talk about Miranda visiting them both at work. Bex admits Miranda's story scared her, but Bowie tells Bex not to let Miranda get in her head and once again clarifies that Miranda is out of his life; he doesn't even know what he saw in her in the first place. This doesn't stop Bex from getting cold feet.


Season 2

Season 3


  • Miranda's name, as well as her daughter Morgan's name, both start with the letter M. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. 13 is an unlucky number.
  • Miranda and Bex bond over the fact that they have two first names.
  • She insults Andi Shack by calling it a "sewing hut".
  • She shares the name of another character from a sister "Lizzie McGuire" where one of the main characters also has the name Miranda.


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