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It wasn't that Bowie didnt want me to meet Miranda. He didn't want me to meet Miranda... and her daughter.

Andi to Bex

Miniature Gulf is the eleventh episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the twenty-third episode overall. It first aired on February 9, 2018 to 1.14 million viewers[1].



Andi and Bex discover that Bowie may be seeing someone and Andi asks to meet her. Cyrus is tapped to make a video for the school, but realizes he may be better behind the camera.[2]

Full Plot

Andi and Bex are playing mini-golf with Bowie and having fun together. Bowie gets a call and leaves to pick it up. Andi suspects that he's hiding something from them. She pressures Bex until Bex reveals that Bowie is seeing Miranda Patrick. Andi is not happy about it. Bex asks her to respect Bowie's privacy but she says she has to do something about it.

After meeting up with Bowie, Andi starts asking about Miranda. She wants to meet her so that she can approve whether Miranda is good enough for Bowie. At first Bowie plays along but eventually tells Andi that he will decide that for himself.

When Bex and Andi go back to the mini-golf course by themselves, they are shocked to see Bowie around. They're about to go to talk to him just before noticing that he is there with Miranda... and her little daughter.

Back at school, Cyrus has been chosen by Dr. Metcalf to star in a video series showing new and prospective students about life in Jefferson Middle School. He is surprised when Jonah Beck quickly agrees to be Cyrus' cameraman. Jonah starts filming Cyrus around the school. But it turns out that Cyrus is really bad at being the star. He is too nervous and clumsy to complete even a single video successfully. Eventually, they realize that Jonah Beck is more suited for being in the spotlight while Cyrus is best behind the camera.

Meanwhile, Buffy starts tutoring TJ in algebra but has a hard time getting through to him. In addition to TJ not understanding anything Buffy is teaching him, he is rude and obnoxious to her, making it very difficult for Buffy. Nevertheless, Buffy continues to try to make him focus. She realizes that TJ doesn't even know the basic multiplication tables. At that point, TJ says he's dumb and walks out on Buffy. After that, Buffy goes online and starts researching about what TJ might be going through.

After leaving Buffy, TJ walks to a swingset and finds Cyrus swinging. Cyrus is stressed about his videos and he usually goes there to get fresh air. He asks TJ to try it. TJ gets on the swing next to Cyrus. They have a surprisingly nice and sweet conversation. TJ tells Cyrus that he has "stuff" but Cyrus tells him that he has more stuff. TJ starts swinging even higher than Cyrus. He even starts helping Cyrus to get the confidence to swing higher like him.

Buffy arrives and is shocked to see TJ having fun with Cyrus at the swingset. Upon seeing Buffy, TJ immediately gets off and starts to walk away. Cyrus tells him that Buffy is cool but TJ doesn't want to be near her. Buffy asks Cyrus to give them some privacy so she can talk to TJ. She tells TJ that she did some research online and found that TJ might have a learning disability called dyscalculia. Dyscalculia makes it difficult for kids to comprehend numbers or even perform simple arithmetic calculations. She asks TJ to get tested. At that point, TJ gets even angrier at Buffy and storms off.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack (credit only)

Recurring Cast

Trent Garrett as Bowie Quinn
Luke Mullen as TJ Kippen
Chloe Hurst as Miranda Patrick
Eden Grace Redfield as Morgan Patrick


  • This episode was originally called Miniature Golf.
  • It is revealed that TJ might have a learning disability.
  • It is unknown why they replaced "golf" with "gulf" in the title. A "gulf" can mean something of great depth and space, either physically or intellectually.


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