Mei is a recurring character on Andi Mack. She‘s the sister of Celia Mack; and Andi's great-aunt. She‘s first seen when she comes for Chinese New Year festivals.

Aunt Mei is portrayed by Freda Foh Shen.


Mei is very competitive and constantly tries to prove that she is better than Celia. This causes the siblings to be very competitive with each other as seen Chinese New Year. Aunt Mei likes to brag about her achievements and her family, which gets on CeCe's nerves. This leads to conflict between her and Celia


Mei is Celia's sister. She is Bex's aunt and Andi's great-aunt. She has a daughter named Ling and a grandson called Ronald.

Character History

In Chinese New Year, Celia scrambles to prepare for Mei's arrival and hangs up a clock on the wall. Some time ago, Mei gave it to Celia. However, Celia hates it so much that she only hangs it up once a year when Mei visits. When Mei comes over for Chinese New Year, she criticizes Celia about many things, such as the "year of the rooster tilapia disaster." Mei also brags about her daughter and son-in-law, who are in a castle in Tuscany. Mei is very proud of the clock she gave Celia, saying it was hand-carved out of the very finest black forest wood. When the truth is finally revealed that Celia hates the clock, Mei leaves in a huff.

In Howling at the Moon Festival, CeCe invites Aunt Mei again to the Moon Festival hoping to brag about Bex and Bowie's engagement. However, Aunt Mei one-ups CeCe by revealing that her daughter, Ling is pregnant with twins. She starts bragging about Ling's expensive wedding, which causes Bex to say that she just wants a small wedding in the city hall. This drives a wedge between Bex and CeCe since CeCe wants to throw Bex a big wedding to top Ling's. But Bex and Andi are tired of the constant competition between CeCe and Aunt Mei. So, CeCe caves in. On their way out, Ham gets back at Mei and Ling on behalf of CeCe by asking them to stand against a wall with wet paint for picture. Aunt Mei and Ling leave the Mack house with paint all over their backs.

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