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I made you leave. It was me.

Andi to Bex

Mama is the fourth episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the sixteenth episode overall. It first aired on November 17, 2017 to 1.58 million viewers.[1]



Andi learns more about her past on the anniversary of the day Bex left home. Jonah attempts to teach Cyrus how to skateboard.[2]

Full Plot

Andi and Bex are playing with a Rubik's cube puzzle when Andi gets a text from CeCe that she's cleaning closets and throwing everything out if they don't collect their items. Andi wants to go but Bex doesn't want to. She tells Andi that today is the day that she left home, thirteen years ago. She tells her that she's very sorry for leaving home. Nevertheless, Andi convinces Bex to go to Celia's house.

They find Celia pruning her plants. She tells them that Ham has gone for hot yoga. Celia pretends that she doesn't know what day it is, leading to an argument with Bex. Andi stands up to them and tells them that if she can forgive them for lying to her for 13 years, they should be able to forgive each other for whatever happened between them.

Bex and Andi start going through their clothes. Bex shows Andi her tank top collection and other inappropriate outfits she used to wear despite not being allowed to. Andi asks Bex what happened that made her leave. Bex tells Andi that it was because Celia criticized everything she did. She treated Bex as if she was stupid and everything she did was wrong. In the flashback, Celia tells teen mom Bex that she can't take care of Andi because she doesn't know how. Celia says she can't trust Bex with Andi.

Andi thinks Bex is exaggerating but then Celia goes in and criticizes Bex for making a mess. Bex says Celia just proved her point. Celia asks what Bex had told Andi. Bex leaves the room and Celia tells Andi her own version of what happened.

In Celia's flashback, teenage mom Bex is sitting idly listening to music. Celia walks in and nicely asks Bex if she's thought about what to do about school. Bex responds rudely. Celia offers to take care of Andi if Bex decides to go to school but Bex says Celia is not going to raise Andi. She tells Celia that she had a chance to raise a daughter and she blew it.

After the flashback, Andi tells Celia that her version of events are completely different from what Bex told her. Ham arrives from his hot yoga. He excitedly tells them that this is the first time they are all together at home on that date for thirteen years. He tries to cheer everyone up but neither Celia nor Bex is excited about it. Andi gets them together and tries to get them on the same page. She understands that Bex left because of the tension between her and Celia. But what really happened THAT day she left?

Ham offers to tell her what happened that day. In his flashback, Bex and Celia are arguing after returning from the pediatrician for Andi's checkup. Bex is angry because Celia had presented herself as Andi's mom and the pediatrician didn't even know Bex was the mother. In fact, the pediatrician had given Bex a lollipop, thinking that she's just a kid because Bex was still a teenage girl. While, they're still arguing, Ham enters the room carrying baby Andi. It turns out that Bex and Celia had forgotten the baby in the car for forty minutes because they couldn't stop arguing.

Bex and Celia start arguing about whose fault it was. Then the baby says "Mama." They're both excited at Andi's first words. Bex tries to get Andi to say "Mama" again but she doesn't. Instead, she calls Celia "Mama." This is so painful for Bex to hear.

After the flashback, Andi blames herself for being the reason why Bex left home. Bex explains that she decided to leave because she realized that Andi can't be happy being raised by both her and Celia. She thanks Celia for taking care of Andi. Celia thanks Bex for being so brave and making such a huge sacrifice.

Afterwards, Celia admits to Bex that she knew what day it was but refused to acknowledge it, purely out of reflex. Bex says she knew Celia would never really throw their stuff out but Celia confirms that she was serious about that. In fact, Celia reveals that she is selling the house because it's too big for her and Ham. And that means Andi would lose her Andi Shack. She asks Bex to tell Andi about the Andi Shack.

Later that evening, Bex tries to tell Andi that they're losing Andi Shack but she can't bring herself to tell her. So, she changes the topic.

Elsewhere, while studying Hebrew for his upcoming bar mitzvah, Cyrus runs into Jonah Beck skateboarding. Cyrus praises Jonah for being able to do almost anything and Jonah praises Cyrus for being able to read Hebrew. After a fun conversation, Jonah believes that Cyrus can skateboard. He starts teaching him. At first, Cyrus is too scared to move but when Jonah mentions that he was hoping they could go skateboarding together, he gets the courage to move. Unfortunately, he loses balance and doesn't know how to stop. He falls into the bush and gets hurt. Jonah calls for an ambulance and Cyrus is taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Buffy is looking for a community service credit for her grade. So, she goes to her elderly neighbor, Millie, to sign her up. Little does Buffy know that Millie is just as competitive as she is and is not easy to convince to do anything. Millie says Buffy hasn't been a good neighbor but Buffy promises to be a great neighbor. She tries to sign Millie up for healthy meal delivery but Millie says she doesn't want to eat healthy foods. She just wants to eat baby taters and milkshakes - which are also Buffy's favorites. Unfortunately, Buffy can't sign her up for that. She asks if she could sign her up for walks but Millie says that's like taking dogs for a walk. Buffy asks if she could sign her up to come sit and talk and maybe play games. Now, that gets Millie's attention. Millie asks if they could play card games and Buffy accepts.

Millie takes out a deck of cards, ready to play one game of Spite and Malice. She beats Buffy. Buffy doesn't believe in losing so she swears not to leave until she wins a game. Millie tells her that she never loses a game. Millie says that she lost her family, friends, and teeth but she's never lost at cards. So, the two engage in a series of games. Millie brags at the end of each game to intimidate Buffy. Buffy asks Millie about her family and friends and realizes that they're still alive. They just don't talk to her because all she does is make them play card games.

Just after coming to that realization, Buffy gets a text from Jonah that Cyrus is in the hospital. Buffy realizes that winning isn't everything. She doesn't want to lose her friends because of being so competitive. She leaves Millie's house and goes to see her friend in the hospital.

At the hospital, Buffy meets up with Andi and Jonah. Jonah explains what happened and they both ask him why he would teach Cyrus how to skateboard when he knows how clumsy Cyrus is. Jonah says that he forgets sometimes. It turns out that Cyrus only hurt a finger. But he proudly says that was a big defining moment for his life because now he's got courage and is no longer going to live in fear, scared of everything.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack

Recurring Cast

Stoney Westmoreland as Ham Mack

Guest Cast

Juliet Mills as Millie


  • Juliet Mills is an acclaimed actress, and the older sister of Disney Legend, Hayley Mills, as well as the daughter of additional Disney Legend, the late Sir John Mills.
  • The famous Fidget Spinner was mentioned.
  • It was revealed that Celia and Ham are selling their house.
  • The title is the same name of a 2013 Suspense and Horror movie.


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