Ling is a character on Andi Mack. She’s the daughter of Mei, and Bex's cousin. Mei tends to subtly contrast the details of Ling's life to Bex's to prove her superior parental skills to Celia  After being first mentioned in Chinese New Year, she first appears in Howling at the Moon Festival.

Ling is portrayed by Nicole Bilderback.


Ling appears very nice and open, unlike her mother, Mei. She seems very ordinary and normal, and is oblivious to the boasting her mother does about her stable marriage and growing family, to score points against Celia.


Ling has led a very normal life of marriage and family, unlike her less conventional cousin, Bex. In recent years, Ling has not spent much time with the Macks, concentrating on her own full life, keeping busy with own her marriage and soon to be expanding family.

Character History

In Chinese New Year, Ling and her husband cannot be in Shadyside with the Macks, as they are vacationing in Tuscany.

Ling is first seen in Howling at the Moon Festival, arriving as a surprise guest for the festivities. She appears genuinely happy to see the Macks, as she has not seen them for several years. As Celia blurts out that Bex and Bowie are engaged, Ling removes her coat to reveal that she and her husband are expecting twins. Later Ling joins her mother, Aunt Celia, and Bex in having tea, and catching up. When she advises Bex that planning a wedding can be difficult, as her own took 15 months of preparation, Bex admits she would be content with a simple civil ceremony, much to Mei's amusement, noting she could take care of her parking tickets at the same time. At the end of the evening, Ling begs off the launching of the floating lanterns as she is tired, and as her mother points out, needs to eat and rest for three now. Ham, however, insists on taking a picture of Ling and Mei. After the pair comply, they ask Ham to text them the resulting picture and leave, neither knowing that they now have wet paint (resulting from an incident involving Jonah sneezing into a candle that Ham was covering up) all over the backs of their jackets.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3


  • During Chinese New Year it is mentioned Ling and her husband were in Tuscany.
  • It is implied her husband is a dentist.
  • Ling's wedding took 15 months to plan.
  • Ham implies that the Macks have not seen Ling for several years.
  • In Howling at the Moon Festival, it is revealed that Ling is expecting twins.


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