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Libby is a character on Andi Mack. She dates Jonah Beck following his non-breakup with Andi. At first, Andi thinks she's avoiding her before learning that Libby is deaf. Libby and Andi quickly become close friends and start hanging out together after realizing how much they have in common. Libby ends up having more chemistry with Andi than with Jonah.

Libby is portrayed by Millicent Simmonds.


She is artistic and creative like Andi - she and Andi easily connect over their shared love for making crafts in Andi Shack. She is sweet and easygoing as she quickly becomes friends with Andi.


The New Girls

Libby is standing with Jonah when she gets the attention of The Good Hair Crew. Andi quickly figures out that she must be Jonah's girlfriend. She runs after Libby to introduce herself but Libby doesn't respond. Andi thinks she is icing her but Jonah later reveals that Libby is deaf.

Libby officially meets Andi for the first time at The Spoon when Jonah arranges for them to meet. Since Andi knows some sign-language, she starts communicating with Libby. Jonah usually just texts because he doesn't know sign language. So, Libby ends up connecting with Andi and having more fun with her than she ever did with Jonah. Libby and Andi compliment each other's headband and realize that they're both artistic and love making their own crafts. Andi realizes that Libby would love the Andi Shack. She asks Jonah to let her take Libby to the Andi Shack. Jonah is left, complaining that Andi stole his date.

Libby instantly falls in love with Andi Shack. She tells Andi that if she had Andi Shack, she would never be sad. Andi then mentions the time she was sad at Andi Shack following her break up with Jonah. Libby asks Andi about her and Jonah's no-breakup breakup. Andi says even though Jonah is a great guy and cute, she and Jonah didn't have much to talk about.

This makes Libby conclude that Andi meant Jonah is boring. When Jonah texts trying to get Libby back from Andi, Andi tells Libby that he's worried she might tell Libby something bad about him. Libby then says that Andi already told her that Jonah is boring. Andi then starts begging Libby not to break up with Jonah.

The Quacks

Libby joins Jonah, Andi and Cyrus as they come to cheer Buffy's girls basketball team's first basketball game. During the game, she struggles to communicate with Jonah because he still doesn't know to communicate in sign language. This frustrates Libby as they have to rely on Andi as the interpreter.

Andi asks Libby if she's still thinking about breaking up with Jonah and she nods. When Jonah hears his name, he asks if they're talking about him but they deny it. Andi tells Libby that he hates that they have to talk behind Jonah's back but Libby says they're talking right in front of his face. He just needs to learn sign language. When Buffy calls Andi to play for the team, Cyrus steps in as the interpreter. When Jonah keeps asking what Libby is saying, Libby tells Cyrus that Jonah really needs to learn sign language. When Jonah asks if Libby is mad at him, she becomes upset and leaves.

This gives Jonah a wake up call. He later surprises Libby by using sign language to ask her to teach him sign language. Libby gladly agrees to teach him. She starts by teaching him how to say, "I like you."


Jonah Beck

Main Article: Jonah and Libby

Andi brings up the possibility of she and Jonah seeing other people in Hole in the Wall, and Jonah's silence implies that he already is. Libby is Jonah's new girlfriend, as revealed in The New Girls, and she is deaf. He introduces Libby to Andi over lunch. Jonah and Libby communicate via text. Andi, on the other hand, is proficient enough in ASL to hold a conversation with Libby. Andi mentions that she and Jonah broke up because he was boring, which prompts Libby to want to break up with him. In The Quacks, it is revealed that Libby is bothered by Jonah's reluctance to learn ASL for her. He asks her to teach him, and she says yes, saving the relationship.



  • Libby is the first deaf character on Disney Channel.
    • She is also portrayed by a deaf actress.
  • The character was created for her after the show filmed a season one episode at her school in Salt Lake City, Utah, and cast students as extras. The writers loved Millicent so much, they built a storyline around her. “I was immediately blown away by her talent,” executive director Michelle Manning remembers. [1]
  • Simmonds taught her costars how to use ASL, and helped them practice simple sign language and facial expressions between scenes.
  • Her Andi Mack costars and crew also learned how to sign prior to working with her. “They wanted to make sure that they did it right, and it was really special because they wanted to make sure that everything was done right,” Millicent remembers. As a result, she bonded with Peyton over songs they both love, and remembers Asher joking with her a lot on set.
  • Though Libby's sign language is not subtitled, the closed captions "caption" her signing as if she was speaking.