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Dr. Leslie Goodman is a character on Andi Mack. She is Cyrus' mother and a psychiatrist. She has married two psychiatrists: her ex-husband, Norman, and her current husband, Todd. Leslie is played by Jackie Joyner.


Leslie's personality is warm and cheerful. On the other hand, she has a tendency to be a gossip. If you tell her something, she will likely spread it.


Dr. Leslie Goodman is a psychiatrist. She married Norman Goodman, had Cyrus with him, and at some point divorced him. She then married Todd, another psychiatrist. It is apparent that Leslie and Norman have remained friends after their divorce.

Leslie has a seemingly close relationship with her son, Cyrus. They trust each other. The way Cyrus has described being raised by four psychiatrists leads one to assume that she applies her therapy in her parenting.


Cyrus admits that he told his mother about Andi's secret. Andi and Buffy freak out because they know Leslie's gossip tendencies. Turns out, they were right to be worried as she tells the whole of Shadyside.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

Leslie is seen sitting next to Norman, in the first row of the Shadyside Synagogue at the beginning of Cyrus' Bar Mitzvah. When Cyrus begins reciting from the Torah, she and Todd stand at his side, opposite Norman and his wife, Sharon. During Cyrus' "Bash Mitzvah," she and the rest of his parents, welcome the guests, and first present Cyrus as a man.   

Later, while inspecting the outside activities, she briefly talks to Jonah, as she looks for Walker Brodsky, the caricature artist. Walker abruptly pops out of the photo booth, and she leads him back to his post.  

One in a Minyan

Leslie is sitting shiva for Cyrus' grandmother, Rose. She says they all loved Rose very much. Leslie greets Bowie as he arrives at the shiva with a kugel. She asks him to entertain Rose's mahjong buddies as she takes the kugel.

Episode Appearances


  • Having observed Norman and Todd standing together, Bowie concludes that she has a "type," in her romantic inclinations.
  • Professionally, she has kept the Goodman surname and does not use Todd's last name. Her maiden name is unknown.