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Kira, "The New Girls"

Kira is a character on Andi Mack. She is a talented basketball player who used to be the shooting guard at her former school, Monroe. She transfers to Jefferson Middle School where Buffy invites her to join her girls basketball team.

Kira is portrayed by Raquel Justice.


Kira is very talented in basketball - she instantly impresses Buffy with her skills. Like Buffy, Kira is ambitious, competitive, and confident in herself and her skills, but sometimes lets her pride get in her way. However, she puts up a front that makes her come off in a bad way.

Kira will go to great lengths and use nefarious means to get her way. She is good at it too, knowing what to say to upset, scare, or coerce people into doing what she wants. She is very manipulative and controlling, motivated by her ambitions, jealousy, and possibly some underlying issues such as having difficulty making friends that has led her to go about her life in a way that hurts people.


The New Girls

Buffy is looking for a good basketball player to help boost the morale in her girls' basketball team. Just as she's about to give up hope, she notices Kira perfectly shooting something into the trashcan like a pro. So, Buffy approaches Kira and introduces herself. This leads to a fun Buffy the Vampire Slayer introduction.

After that, Kira tells Buffy that she is new at Jefferson and that she used to play basketball at Monroe. She was the shooting guard. Buffy then asks Kira to join the girls' basketball team she is starting. Buffy explains that the team is brand new and in a really bad shape. At first, Kira is reluctant because she thinks Buffy was only being nice to her because she needs her in the team. But Buffy says that she would still want to be friends even if Kira didn't join the team. Kira agrees to join the team. When she asks Buffy when she can meet the team, Buffy admits that the team is a "hot mess."

Buffy introduces Kira to the full team and asks them to follow what Kira is doing. At first, Buffy is really impressed with Kira's spirit. But then Kira starts bragging about how good she is and undermining the rest of the team. Kira accidentally mentions in front of the team that Buffy called them a "hot mess."

Afterwards, Buffy asks Kira to meet up with her. She asks Kira to adjust her attitude and become a team player but Kira starts making fun of how terrible the team is. Buffy admits that she made a mistake by calling her own team a hot mess. Kira remains unapologetic. So, Buffy kicks Kira out of the team. Kira doesn't care because she thinks the team is horrible.

But, as many fans have pointed out, Kira may not be as bad as she seems. The way she acts shows a clear feeling of pain, and there is clearly a reason why she acts the way that she does. Many people theorize that she may have had a not so good past, leading her to put her anger on other people (which of course is not a good thing, but it's not uncommon). Basically, Kira is just a lonely person who needs more love in her life, and has so much room to grow.

Mount Rushmore or Less

Kira introduces herself to TJ on the basketball court in the park and asks to join the boys' basketball team. TJ recognizes her from some Monarchs games he's attended and says there's a girls' basketball team, but Kira responds by saying she was kicked off. When Cyrus arrives, TJ wants to introduce them but Kira already remembers Cyrus as Buffy's friend, eyeing him suspiciously. She is left stunned and picking up on something as she watches TJ walk away with his arm around Cyrus' shoulders.

Kira asks TJ to do a duo costume with her for Costume Day - "double dribble." However, TJ had already made plans to do costumes with Cyrus as "somersault." Kira doesn't get it and when TJ says it's an inside joke, she mocks the idea. TJ rejects her twice, seeming perfectly happy with his plans until she says "So, you'd rather do a costume with Cyrus instead of me; okay, have a fun with that," before leaving a suddenly concerned looking TJ.

Kira manages to manipulate TJ into wearing her costume - which was something he clearly didn't want to do - by pointing out the implications of doing a costume with a boy instead of a girl and making him insecure about it. Kira seems pleased when TJ bails on Cyrus, breaking Cyrus' heart. TJ is clearly devastated he let Cyrus down and uncomfortable around Kira. TJ apologizes to Cyrus twice, but Kira drags TJ away to show off their costumes to his teammates before he can explain himself.

Unloading Zone

Kira and TJ are playing basketball as Cyrus and Buffy watch from a distance. Kira is playful with TJ, messing with his hood and jumping on his back. When Buffy asks if they're together, Cyrus says he doesn't know since TJ has been spending most of his time with Kira. Buffy assures Cyrus it won't last because TJ will realize Kira is not a nice person.

TJ gets away from Kira to ask Cyrus if he's been avoiding him. Cyrus says he hasn't, TJ has just been "otherwise occupied." Cyrus tells TJ he's happy for him, but TJ clarifies that he and Kira are not a couple; they just bond over basketball and their shared competitive natures. He only gave her a piggyback ride due to a bet. TJ invites Cyrus to hang out with them, but Cyrus is hesitant since he knows Kira has a problem with the fact that he's Buffy best friend. Kira interrupts them and glares at Cyrus, smiling through her teeth as she reluctantly agrees to let him hang out with them. Cyrus is uncomfortable and leaves TJ gazing longingly after him, making Kira snap him out of it.

Kira and TJ are walking through the park as TJ is texting. She wants to know who it is but he brushes it off. TJ suggests they feed the ducks but Kira wants to go on the swings. TJ is reluctant, but she manages to convince him by betting that she can swing higher so TJ will prove her wrong.

We Were Here

Kira attends the party at the Mack house with TJ. The two seem to get along well and have fun. Kira tries to get TJ to dance but he turns down the offer. Kira then laughs at Cyrus' dance moves, which bothers TJ. He tells her off for this, stating it's wrong to make fun of people. She says she saw him smiling and accuses him of finding it funny too, to which he clarifies he found it fun and that there is a difference. Kira then accuses TJ of picking Cyrus over her. When TJ calls her out on giving him an ultimatum, which Cyrus has never done, it becomes clear who he'd pick; she takes this as his final answer and leaves.



  • Many sources state that the name "Kira" is a Russian feminine variation of "Cyrus."
  • She is a transfer student from Monroe.
  • She has many similarities to Season 1 Buffy, although meaner.
  • She has never met or interacted with Andi, another one of Buffy's friends.
  • She is very manipulative and controlling towards TJ and coerces him into hanging out with her at all times.
    • Kira has a grudge against Cyrus because he is friends with Buffy and because TJ likes Cyrus. She will even go so far as so make fun of Cyrus in front of TJ, such as when Cyrus was dancing.
    • She might have only used TJ to hurt Cyrus's feelings and get back at Buffy after what happened in The New Girls.
    • She may have a crush on TJ (and if she does, he definitely does not return it as he is gay as confirmed by Luke Mullen) or may simply be desperate for a friend since she is new at the school and clearly isn't very good at making or keeping them.
    • Some of Kira's actions, particularly in Mount Rushmore or Less, are implied to be homophobic.