Aren't you supposed to say something captain-y like um, all we can do is our best?

— Kaitlin to Buffy, The Quacks

Kaitlin is a character on Andi Mack. She is a student at Jefferson Middle School and a member of Buffy's girls' basketball team.

She is portrayed by Yasmeen Fletcher.


Kaitlin is cheerful and optimistic as she tries to get a tensed Buffy to lighten up by asking her to look at the bright side while preparing for their disastrous first game. She is a little sassy and straight to the point as seen in the way she talks to Buffy when the other members fail to show up because of Buffy's pessimism.


In The Quacks, Kaitlin is one of only three members of the Spikes that bothered to show up for the first female Basketball game in the entire history of Jefferson Middle School. Due to the foreboding doom of certain defeat, perpetuated by the team captain, Buffy, the rest of the team decides to stay away.

Before the game Kaitlin asks Buffy to give the team an encouraging pep talk but Buffy is too worried that they're going to lose. She points out that the other team members revealed to show up because Buffy keeps saying it will be a bloodbath.  Kaitlin tries to get Buffy to lighten up, but Buffy is far too concerned that they require one more player, or else they must forfeit the game.  The arrival of Mrs. Mendenhall, their coach in name only, does not calm Buffy at all.  Desperate, Buffy drafts her best friend, Andi Mack to the team.  Although the Spikes are completely blown out by their opponents, Buffy comes to realize that the fact that they all there participating together in the sport is what really is important.  Kaitlin joins the rest of the team as they accept the loss, but celebrate having enjoyed playing the game.

In Something to Talk A-Boot, Kaitlin becomes concerned that The Spikes are going to loose their next game because Buffy can't play due to a foot injury. When Buffy gives her a game playbook to help guide them, Kaitlin complains that she doesn't understand it and turns it down without even trying. After that, Kaitlin rallies her teammates to throw an end-of-season party because she is convinced they will lose, making this their last game of the season. Buffy is disappointed by Kaitlin's lack of faith but she agrees to the party.

During the party, Kaiitlin starts showing her teammates the videos her mom has been taking during games. They agree to watch but only because the videos are funny. In the videos, Buffy notices that Kaitlin's shots are actually very close but she tends to close her eyes while shooting basketball. She advises Kaitlin to stop closing her eyes in order to improve her scoring percentage. Buffy uses Kaitlin's videos to give pointers to the other players as well. This gives Kaitlin and the rest of the team hope. They agree to go over Buffy's game plans in her play book. This helps Kaitlin and her teammates. During the game, Kaitlin scores several shots leading The Spikes to their first victory.



  • Kaitlin wears #15 for the Spikes.


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