Jonah Beck and TJ Kippen are two characters on Andi Mack. The first time the two of them had an onscreen interaction was when TJ saw Jonah having a panic attack at Cyrus Goodman's Bar Mitzvah and got left to get help.


Season 2

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

  • Jonah has a panic attack and TJ helps him by bringing one of Cyrus' parents to help him through the attack.

A Walker to Remember

  • Jonah, Cyrus, and Andi brought megaphones to cheer on Buffy during her game.
  • When Andi proposes they use them to also boo TJ, Cyrus askes why they would do that. He then leaves to go to TJ, leaving Jonah to ask Andi if the two of them are friends.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

  • They don't interact directly, but Jonah has a panic attack due to the fighting between Cyrus and Buffy
  • Cyrus and Buffy are fighting over Cyrus' choice to comfort TJ

For the Last Time

  • Both TJ and Jonah bring something for Buffy's time capsule.

Season 3

I Got Your Number

  • Jonah is invited to Cyrus' house and the two of them start a game of ping pong.
  • TJ is also invited to the house, and when Jonah sees him, he seems disgruntled about something.
  • It is revealed that the two of them had an issue in the past where TJ accidentally took Jonah's Little League jersey because he could not read the numbers correctly due to his dyscalculia.
  • Cyrus figures out a way to find Little League record from the past, and the two of them apologize.
  • After TJ opens up about his dyscalculia, Jonah thanks TJ for helping him during his panic attack at Cyrus' Bar Mitzvah.

One in a Minyan

  • They are both invited to Cyrus' grandmother's Shiva but don't interact because TJ shows up later.


  • They are both team captains
  • They both have "stuff" (Jonah's anxiety and TJ's dyscalculia)
  • They were both on the same Little League team.
  • They are both friends with Cyrus Goodman
  • They have the same eye color


  • TJ plays basketball and Jonah plays Ultimate Frisbee



  • TJ is implied to be Jonah's foil
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