I like you.

— Libby to Jonah

Jonah and Libby is the formerly romantic pairing between Jonah and Libby. They started dating after Jonah and Andi decided they were better off as friends. Jonah and Libby's relationship nearly ended due to Andi's reasons for breaking up with him worrying Libby as well as Jonah's lack of effort to learn American Sign Language to better communicate with Libby, however, it was salvaged when he realized this and asked her to help him learn.

Jonah and Libby are portrayed by Asher Angel and Millicent Simmonds.

Ship names for them include Jibby and Lonah.


Hole in the Wall

  • Andi brings up the concept of she and Jonah seeing other people. Jonah's awkward silence implies that he already is (and that said person is Libby).
  • It is unclear how long they had been dating by this point, but definitely not before Howling at the Moon Festival.

The New Girls

  • The Good Hair Crew sees Jonah and Libby together from a distance.
  • The two are smiling at each other and Jonah plays with Libby's hair, tucking it behind her ear.
  • Andi suspects Libby (who she does not know yet) to be Jonah's new girlfriend.
  • Jonah reveals to Andi that Libby is deaf.
  • Jonah introduces Libby to Andi at The Spoon Diner. Jonah and Libby text each other to communicate.
  • Andi takes Libby to AndiShack, and Jonah is left saying "stole my date".

The Quacks

  • Andi asks Libby if she still wants to break up with Jonah but Libby is unsure about her feelings.
  • Jonah feels left out that he can't understand what Libby and Andi are saying about him.
  • Jonah is worried that Libby might be mad at him.
  • Cyrus helps interpret the sign language between Libby and Jonah.
  • Libby says that Jonah should learn sign language so that they can communicate better.
  • Cyrus says Jonah and Libby have been together for "a while".
  • To make things right with Libby, Jonah starts learning language and asks Libby to help teach him.
  • Libby is impressed that Jonah is making an effort.
  • Libby starts teaching Jonah sign language by first showing him how to say "I like you."

The Ex Factor

  • Andi mentions that Jonah and Libby are still dating to convince Cyrus and Buffy that there isn't anything going on between Jonah and Amber. However, they stumble upon Jonah and Amber kissing.

Mount Rushmore or Less

  • The Good Hair Crew calls Jonah out on having “two girlfriends”, but Jonah confirms that he wasn’t cheating on Libby with Amber as Libby had dumped him a few days earlier. He hadn‘t told the Good Hair Crew because he was embarrassed.




  • Libby is Jonah's third girlfriend since the start of the show - after Amber and Andi.


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