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Amber  : Amber alert! Amber alert!.
Jonah  : (embarrassed) Stop!

Amber and Jonah is the romantic pairing between Jonah Beck and Amber. Amber is in high school while Jonah is still in middle school. They broke up, but got back together in Dad Influence. Later, Jonah breaks up with Amber because he realizes that Amber is controlling and that he has feelings for Andi. In The Ex Factor, Jonah and Amber start dating again, but only for a short time as just 5 episodes later they break up due to Jonah being uncomfortable with her.

Ship names:

  • Jamber => Jonah + Amber


Season 1


  • Amber finds Jonah training with Andi Mack and announces herself, saying "Amber alert."
  • Amber tells Andi that she is Jonah's girlfriend.

Outside the Box

  • Amber gets insecure after seeing Jonah Beck hugging Andi after a frisbee lesson.
  • Amber starts crying to Jonah and makes him give her the bracelet that Andi made for him.
  • Buffy tells Andi that Amber is mad at her because she tried to go after her man, Jonah by making Jonah a bracelet.

Dancing in the Dark

  • Amber is jealous when she finds Jonah Beck dancing with Andi at Andi's dance party.
  • Jonah confronts Amber for making fun of Bex and Andi's situation.

It's Not About You

  • Jonah apologizes to Andi and Buffy on behalf of Amber and says Amber is very sorry for what she did at the party.
  • Jonah and Amber double-date with Cyrus and Iris
  • Amber seems a little jealous that Cyrus and Iris are cuter than her and Jonah.
  • Jonah puts his arm on Amber's shoulders during the games.
  • Andi catches Amber cheating on Jonah Beck with another boy.

She Said, She Said

  • Jonah Beck is very devastated when Andi tells him about Amber cheating on him.
  • Amber visits Jonah Beck at his school.
  • Amber tells Jonah that Andi was lying because she has a crush on him. She proves it by sending a text to Andi, pretending to be Jonah.
  • Jonah defends Amber, telling Andi that she probably misread the situation.

Dad Influence

  • Jonah Beck and Amber temporarily break up but after a mistaken advice from Cyrus to follow his instincts, Jonah gets back together with Amber.

She's Turning Into You

  • Jonah struggles to get Amber the perfect birthday gift but she always hates his gifts.
  • Bex advises Jonah to give Amber a gift of make-up.
  • Amber rejects Jonah's birthday card and forces him to write another more personal message.
  • Jonah says Amber is really good at giving second chances.

Best Surprise Ever

  • Jonah and Amber are eating together at The Spoon Diner along with Amber's high school friends.
  • Amber and her friends make fun of Jonah Beck's Space Otters Frisbee Team which really upsets Jonah.
  • When Jonah leaves the Diner after Andi, Amber tells him he likes Andi and Andi likes him back but Jonah walks away.
  • Amber apologizes to Jonah for not standing up for him.
  • Jonah breaks up with Amber and asks her to give him the bracelet back.
  • Amber is shocked that Jonah Beck would break up with her since he is only in middle school and is very lucky to be dating her.
  • Amber threatens Jonah Beck for breaking up with her, saying that Jonah is gonna regret this.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

  • Despite their breakup, Amber opens up to Jonah about her family financial situation and why she has to work at The Spoon Diner.
  • Jonah hugs Amber and offers to be there for her.
  • Jonah respects Amber's request to keep her situation a secret.
  • Amber and Jonah's relationship turns into a friendship relationship - at least from Jonah's side.

Friends Like These

  • Jonah urges Amber to become friends with Andi, Buffy and Cyrus because she needs some good friends she could talk to.
  • Jonah persuades The Good Hair Crew to give Amber a chance because she's going through a tough time and could use friends like them.
  • When Andi and her friends list times Amber humiliated them, Jonah finds a way to defend her.
  • Jonah tells Amber that the Good Hair Crew is avoiding The Spoon Diner because of her.

The Snorpion

  • When Andi is talking with Amber about her parents fighting, Jonah asks Cyrus and Buffy to stay out of it because it's none of their business.
  • Jonah continues to defend Amber from the Good Hair Crew claiming that she's going through a difficult time.

You're the One That I Want

  • Amber convinces Jonah to go with Andi to the Grease singalong instead of filming an Ultimate Frisbee video with Natalie. She reminds Jonah that he dated the cool girl couldn't handle her.

We Were Never

  • Jonah reveals to Andi that Amber forced him to call her his "girlfriend" while they were couple.

Season 3

The Ex Factor

  • Amber gets Jonah a free meal at The Spoon Diner and offers him free tickets to Adrenalin City, in order to help Jonah with his financial problems.
  • Jonah and Amber share a pretzel, leading Cyrus and Buffy to believe that they were getting back together.
  • Jonah and Amber kiss at the park, thereby getting back together.

Mount Rushmore or Less

  • Amber is upset when Jonah fails to like her pictures on InstaPic. She gets Andi to tell Jonah that he needs to heart all of her pictures.
  • Jonah tells Andi that he feels like dating Amber requires him to do too much work, but Andi tells him that Amber is not asking for much.

Hammer Time

  • Andi finds Amber at the Rage Cage. She is in tears because she feels like she has to make all the effort in her relationship with Jonah.
  • Andi suggests that maybe Jonah isn't capable of doing more than he is, but Amber fears he doesn't like her.
  • When Andi asks why they don't just break up, Amber says she can't because she thinks she's in love with Jonah.



  • Both are right-handed.
  • Both are friends with Andi and Cyrus.
  • Both are teenagers.


  • Amber was a bad person, but Jonah is a good person.
  • Jonah is a boy, Amber is a girl.
  • Jonah has green eyes and Amber has blue eyes.
  • Amber is in high school while Jonah was in middle school.
  • Jonah is athletic, but Amber isn't as sporty.
  • Amber was a control freak, but Jonah was not.


  • Amber is in high school and older than Jonah.
  • Amber was controlling to Jonah in their first relationship.
  • Amber cheated on Jonah during their first relationship.
  • Even after Amber cheated on Jonah, Jonah got back together with her. 
  • The two have gotten together three times and have broken up twice.  


Amber  : (sees Jonah Beck and pretends to be crying)
Amber  : Oh no no! Don't look at me. Keep walking. You can't see me like this.
Jonah  : What's wrong? Did something happen? What was it?
Amber  : You. With your groupie pixie dream girl.
Jonah  : What?
Amber  : Don't lie. I saw you, just now, holding her in your arms.
Jonah  : Do you mean Andi?
Amber  : Please. I don't wanna hear you to say her name. It's like a knife in my heart. Am I losing you, Jonah?