Jefferson Middle School Boys Basketball Team is the boys' basketball team at Jefferson Middle School. Even though this is a boys' team, Buffy Driscoll goes for the tryouts and makes the team, putting her at odds with the team's captain, TJ Kippen.


Chinese New Year

Since the track season is over, Buffy tells Marty that she will sign up for basketball team tryouts. Marty insists that she can't sign up because it's a boys' basketball team but Buffy doesn't let that stop her. She starts practicing with Cyrus' help.

Friends Like These

The basketball team led by Coach Purcell and TJ holds tryouts for the new basketball season. Buffy and Marty try out for the team. TJ, the team captain is not comfortable with Buffy trying out because she is a girl. So, he gives her a very hard time. Buffy advises TJ to start treating his teammates better. But TJ tells Buffy that she will never know because she will never make the team. Luckily, Coach Purcell is impressed by Buffy's performance and selects her. Unfortunately, Marty doesn't make the team. TJ tells Marty not to worry because Buffy won't last long in the team.

The Snorpion

Buffy has her first game as a member of the team. Unfortunately, TJ refuses to pass her the ball. Buffy later goes to make things right with TJ but TJ insists that she should quit the team. So, Buffy yells at TJ and walks away.

There's a Mack in the Shack

TJ's math tutor, Mr. Coleman threatens to get TJ benched from playing for the team if he doesn't improve in math. He asks Buffy to help tutor TJ in math but neither Buffy nor TJ likes the idea. However, desperate to keep playing, TJ agrees to let Buffy tutor him. Buffy later tells TJ that he might have a math learning disability called dyscalculia.

We Were Never

There is a big basketball game coming up, and TJ wants to play one more game before finding out whether he has the math learning disability. He manipulates Buffy to do his homework and promises to pass the ball to her. However, during the game, TJ refuses to keep his promise to give Buffy the ball. The rest of the teammates become furious at TJ and pressure him to give the ball to Buffy. Buffy gets the ball for the first time but drops it almost immediately after seeing her mother.

A Walker to Remember

TJ has been sidelined from playing for the team because he's been failing math. This gives Buffy the opportunity to shine and impress everyone as she leads the team to victory. Buffy even gets a nickname as the basketball slayer. However, TJ rejoins the team after learning from Cyrus that his math teacher can't fail him for having a learning disability. Since he's jealous of everyone cheering for Buffy, he tells Mr. Coleman that Buffy did homework for him. This gets Buffy suspended from the team.

Known Members

  • Coach Purcell (coach)
  • TJ Kippen (team captain)
  • Buffy Driscoll (former)
  • Connor
  • Jack Green
  • Will Lerner
  • Michael Long
  • Randy Miller
  • Nick Nelson
  • Andrew Scott
  • Joshua Smith
  • Scott Smith
  • Doug Tyler
  • Jefferson Basketball Player #3




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