Jefferson Middle School is the local middle school in Andi Mack where the main character, Andi, and her friends attend. The new school principal is Dr. Metcalf. Jefferson Middle School used to be the third-ranked middle school in the city but is currently ranked number ten, out of 162 schools.


Season 1


  • Andi meets up with Buffy and Cyrus at school to get her motorcycle from Cyrus before her first period.


  • Buffy joins the school's track team and is so determined to win that she gets the school disqualified when she runs all the turns during a relay race without handing over the baton to hear teammates.
  • Cyrus and Andi pretend to be "frozen" during gym class so that they don't have to participate.
  • Andi's teacher gives her detention for sleeping in class. The detention is supervised in the library by Mrs. Devlin.
  • The school's Ultimate Frisbee team, The Space Otters led by Jonah Beck has their first game during which Cyrus provides sunscreen, drinks and other supplies to keep the team refreshed.

It's Not About You

  • The school's Vice Principal, Mrs. Dullridge forces Buffy to change her hair from curly to straight because some kid complained that he failed the test because Buffy's hair was too big for him to see the board.

She Said, She Said

  • It's revealed that Buffy and Marty are the school's fastest runners in their respective track teams.
  • Amber visits Jonah Beck and uses his phone to text Andi pretending to be Jonah so that she can prove to Jonah that Andi likes him.
  • The school auditorium is shown when Andi goes to hide there for some alone time after the incidence with Amber and Jonah.

Dad Influence

  • Mrs. Dullridge, the vice principal is finally seen in this episode when she gives Andi permission to go hangout with her dad.

Terms of Embarrassment

  • Andi's dad, Bowie Quinn comes to the school and introduces himself to Andi's friends and makes himself the Space Otters Frisbee Team coach.
  • Andi reveals that no parents or fans attend the school's frisbee team games.

She's Turning Into You

  • After a heated argument at home, Andi storms off the next day and goes to school dressed up in dark makeup but changes it immediately after arriving at school.
  • Buffy and Marty are still arguing about who is the fastest runner in the school. They agree to do a race but Buffy loses one shoe and assumes Marty stole it.

Were We Ever?

  • The school has hired a new Principal, Dr. Metcalf to help improve the school grades, following the school's dropping grades. The school used to be the 3rd ranked in the city but it's now currently ranked number 10 out of 162 schools.
  • Principal Metcalf starts enforcing the school's dress-code and starts by confronting Andi Mack for wearing leggings to school. He claims that the girls are distracting other students with their body parts.
  • Andi, Buffy and Cyrus complain about the school dress-code to Bex and she encourages them to protest.
  • The Good Hair Crew come into school marching in prison uniforms to protest the school's dress-code for imprisoning them and forcing them on what to wear.
  • Dr. Metcalf tries to stop the protest by summoning Buffy, Cyrus and Andi to his office and threatening to suspend them if they don't change.
  • Bex organizes the other students to protest by supplying them with the prison uniform, making the protest too big for Principal Metcalf to control.
  • Metcalf calls Bex and Andi into his office and tries to threaten them with "permanent records" but suspects that it's a fake. It turns out to be a folder with nothing but sudokus.
  • Andi and Principal Metcalf reach a resolution to talk about changing the dress code.
  • It's the school picture day but it's ruined by the protest. So, the school agrees to retake the school pictures the following day.
  • Jonah Beck is worried that other students in the school don't take his Space Otters Frisbee Team as a real school sport and tries really hard to make sure the team gets represented in the school photos.

Season 2

I Wanna Hold Your Wristband

  • Principal Metcalf runs a social experiment where he splits the kids into two groups. One group gets special treatment while the others are under-appreciated.
  • Cyrus and Andi are placed in the group with all the privileges while Buffy and Jonah Beck are placed in the other group.
  • Andi breaks the barrier and joins the other group. She and Cyrus also help steal food for the less privileged group.
  • Andi figures out that the point of the experiment is to show that even though some people are privileged in life, they're not better than the less advantaged.

Known Teams & Clubs

Known Students

From the yearbook

  • Ryan Dilmore
  • Lucas Sarno
  • Dave Schnepper
  • Virginia Avil
  • Ashley Aykle
  • Richard Azi
  • Amber Bat
  • Maya Beckers
  • Joseph Bin
  • Tim

Known Staff


  • Jefferson Middle School seems to be a very conservative school. A vice principal confronts Buffy about her hair and later on, it's revealed that they have a very unreasonable dress code.
  • It's currently ranked number 10 among the 162 middle schools in the city. It was previously ranked as number 3.
  • Wasatch Middle School in Salt Lake City is the filming location.
  • The school has a ultimate frisbee team, the Space Otters, which is often not taken as a serious school sport.
  • It is the setting of the deleted scene from episode 113.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

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