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Nobody here is better than anyone else. Nobody anywhere is better than anyone else

— Dr. Metcalf to Students

I Wanna Hold Your Wristband is the sixth episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the eighteenth episode overall. It first aired on December 1, 2017 to 1.45 million viewers.[1]



Andi takes a stand when students are divided into two groups, and one group receives preferential treatment at her school. Andi also learns AndiShack is in jeopardy.[2]

Full Plot

During break at school, Andi asks Buffy and Cyrus if she and Jonah should be holding hands by now. She asks why Jonah hasn't held her hand yet. Cyrus volunteers to help but only makes Andi nervous by telling her that she probably suffers from Hyperhidrosis - sweaty palms. Buffy tells Andi if she wants to hold Jonah's hand, she should do it and not wait for Jonah to instigate. So, Andi walks in ready to hold Jonah's hand.

Just before Andi holds hands with Jonah, Principal Dr. Metcalf interrupts them. He says that they're trying something different. The principal splits the students into two groups, A and B. Each person gets a wristband indicating the group they're in. Andi and Cyrus get into group A while Buffy and Jonah get into group B. Andi asks to join Jonah's group but the principal refuses. Metcalf tells them that the groups are not random. They were chosen using very specific guidelines. The students are not allowed to interact with students from other groups.

The students realize that the groups are being treated very differently. Group A gets special treatment while Group B is being mistreated. While Group A gets easy connect-the-dots quizzes while Group B gets very difficult test 20-page booklet of math proofs - in English. Buffy assumes they're getting the harder test because they're smarter than the others but Cyrus reminds her that her GPA is only slightly better than his and Andi's. During a dodgeball game at the gym, Group B gets blindfolded which makes them easy targets for Group A. Cyrus even takes Buffy out in sports. Group B is made to paint walls while Group A gets massages. Andi sneaks to talk to Jonah who complains about Andi's group getting special treatment. Jonah's sad face makes Andi feel bad for him and Group B.

During lunch, Group A gets all sorts of delicious foods while Group B gets some gross green goo. Jonah calls the goo "docious-atrocious" and Buffy complains that it smells like socks. Andi tells Cyrus that she's figured out what Dr. Metcalf is doing. It's some sort of social justice experiment to show them how unfair it is that some people get things and others don't. She tries to mobilize Group A to stand up and go share their food with Group B but no one is willing to join her movement. She goes alone to join Buffy and Jonah, against the rules. They ask her if she brought over any food but she complains that she left so quickly she had to leave everything behind. From Group A side, Cyrus observes what's going on and crosses the barrier carrying a large bowl of food. He shares it with Group B as they cheer him up. Andi and Cyrus get cookies made for Group A and give it to Group B. This causes Gus to scream and a food fight to break out between Group A and Group B.

Principal Metcalf comes over to break up the fight. He announces that the day's exercise is over and asks if the students know what the exercise was about. Buffy says that it was about privilege; one group thinks they're better than the others. Gus says that people in Group A are better but has no evidence when Jonah asks him what they're better at. The principal asks them if they can figure out how the groups were assigned. At first Andi thinks it was random but after remembering how the principal assigned them, she figures out that he used the first letter of their names to assign the groups. It was every other letter - A, C, E... - group A etc.

Dr. Metcalf explains that no one is better than anyone else simply because they're privileged. They are all equal. And a lot of problems in the world wouldn't even be there if only people learned that simple fact.

As the students throw out their wristbands, Andi collects them so she can use them for her crafts. Jonah praises her for being so smart that she figured out Metcalf's experiment. This leads to a sweet moment after which Andi and Jonah hold hands. They walk out together as Jonah talks about his sweaty palms.

Meanwhile, Bex rides her motorcycle to Celia's house and finds Bowie and Celia cleaning the yard. Bex thinks that Celia gave up her plans of selling the house but Celia tells her that she's still selling it and that's why they're cleaning the yard -to prepare it for open house. Bex tries to talk Celia out of selling the house but once Celia has her mind set on something, she always follows through. Bex reveals that she hasn't told Andi about the house being sold because she is still in denial. Bowie tells Bex that she needs to tell Andi but Bex insists that Andi will be crushed on finding out that she's losing Andi Shack. Bex gets mad at Bowie for siding with Celia. She rides back to her apartment.

Bowie follows Bex to her apartment and tries to make things right. Bex complains about how Celia doesn't care about breaking Andi's heart but Bowie helps Bex see things from Celia's perspective. He explains that Celia needs Bex to tell Andi herself because she knows how hurting it is. He says that Celia and Ham don't really need the house because it's too large for them. And if they sold the house, they could be free and go on adventures, just like Bex and Bowie did. This helps Bex see Celia's point but she's still worried on how to break the bad news to Andi.

Andi arrives from school, happy that she finally got to hold Jonah's hand. She finds Bowie and Bex who ask her to sit down for some bad news. They break the news that Pops and CeCe are selling the house. And that means that Andi Shack will be gone too. Bex says that they will find a place for her arts and crafts supplies but Andi insists that Andi Shack isn't just a place for her art supplies. It's more than that. It's been there for her entire life. They promise to figure out something else but she is not ready to listen. She wishes that they never left home.

Andi walks out on them and runs to Andi Shack. She sadly looks through her crafts hoping that this won't be the last time. She lies down, powerless, feeling with the weight of the world on her.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack

Recurring Cast

Trent Garrett as Bowie Quinn
Oliver Vaquer as Dr. Metcalf
Anson Bagley as Gus
Jack Diamond as Coach Jim Bag

Guest Cast

Jake Brown as Cater Waiter
Bob Bedore as Mr. Plimpton


  • This episode's title is a parody of The Beatles song "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".
  • The name of the girl Cyrus high-fived in gym class was "Chloe."
  • The meaning of the exercise that Principal Metcalf did is that nobody is different than anyone else.
  • The song played in the end is "Falling Star" by "Raphael Lake & Royal Baggs."
  • Fans speculate that the meaning of the episode hints that you shouldn't treat people (Cyrus) different just because of who they are and how they live.


I wish we'd never left home.

Andi to Bex and Bowie


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