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Don't worry, Bambi. I'll protect you.

Amber to Andi

I Got Your Number is the eighth episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the forty-fifth overall. It first aired on January 18, 2019 to 0.77 million viewers.



Andi gets in over her head when she attends a high school party with Amber causing Bowie’s plans for a romantic outing with Bex to go awry. Cyrus tries to mend a longtime rift between Jonah and T.J.

Full Plot

Amber asks Andi to go out with her to a party. So, when Buffy invites Andi to a Dance Dance Film Festival at her house, Andi chooses to go out with Amber instead. Andi fails to mention to Bex and Bowie that part of her night with Amber involves going to a party.

On their way to the party, Andi and Amber talk about the Buffy and Walker situation. They then start making jokes about the girl code while frequently holding hands and rubbing on each others shoulders. As they get closer to the party, Amber holds Andi's hand and they run together. Andi is not only shocked that the party is taking place in a warehouse but that it's a high school party with a lot of older people. Andi starts to freak out but Amber promises to protect her.

Andi and Amber join the party and start dancing together while holding hands. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long before Amber's hand slips away and they get separated. Andi becomes scared and starts searching for Amber in the loud, crowded party. She freaks out even more and texts her parents to come get her.

This comes as an inconvenience to Bex and Bowie's date night. With Andi out at Amber's, Bex and Bowie had decided to turn their night alone into the perfect date night. Bex has always wanted to go on a carriage horse ride date. She had told Bowie about it 15 years ago. So, Bowie gives her exactly that. Bex is enjoying the carriage ride date when Bowie gets a text message from Andi with the location to get her. Since the horses have to reroute their path and Bowie doesn't want to ruin Bex's ride, he volunteers to go get Andi.

Bowie arrives at the party to get Andi. Amber then shows up from the crowd and sadly asks if Andi is really leaving. Bowie explains how Andi lied about where she was and how they found her, and Amber tries to take the blame, but Bowie says Andi is responsible for her own decisions. Amber is left really upset as she watches Bowie take Andi away from her.

Outside the warehouse, Andi thinks Bowie was just acting upset, only to find out he meant what he had said. Bowie tells Andi that he doesn't know if he can trust her. However, those words surprise him, and he realizes he's turning into his father. But Andi admits that he's turning into her father. Bex catches up with them and they ride in the carriage together. Right afterwards, Andi goes to Buffy's and asks if they can still do their Dance Dance Film Festival night. The two girls are happy to be finally hanging out after weeks of awkwardness.

Meanwhile, Cyrus invites Jonah to play ping pong in his step dad's basement. What Jonah doesn't know is that Cyrus invited TJ too. When TJ arrives and asks to play, Jonah angrily decides to leave. Cyrus realizes that there's some feud between TJ and Jonah. After Jonah storming out, Cyrus asks TJ what he did to Jonah but TJ has no idea what Jonah is mad about. Later on, Cyrus asks Jonah why he hates TJ. Jonah then agrees to explain what happened between him and TJ. It goes all back to the Little League:

Years ago, Jonah and TJ were both on the same Little League baseball team. Jonah idolized the baseball legend Roberto Clemente and wanted to be like him so much that he even got his number "21" to be on his jersey. Unfortunately, TJ stole the jersey and insisted that it was his. When Jonah suggested asking the coach to confirm the real owner of the jersey, TJ said the coach would just side with Jonah because the coach was Jonah's dad. Their friends started pressuring them to fight but the coach stopped them and asked Jonah to wear a different jersey. This made Jonah so upset that he never wanted to be on any team with TJ and his friends. As a result, Jonah ended up never playing for any real sport like football or basketball.

At this point, Jonah finally admits to Cyrus that ultimate frisbee is not a real sport. He could have played a real sport but he lost all those opportunities because of TJ. Cyrus admits that Jonah's grudge is justified because it was an important moment in his life. Cyrus starts wondering why TJ would do such a thing. Jonah says it's because TJ is mean but Cyrus defends TJ saying that he's not mean. He just has a mean face.

To settle things between Jonah and TJ, Cyrus calls them together for an open dialogue. Jonah proves he's telling the truth by showing them a team photo with TJ wearing jersey number "21." TJ then reveals that when he looks at it, he sees "12." To explain the confusion, TJ opens up to Jonah about his dyscalculia (math learning disability). Jonah sympathizes with TJ's situation and they both apologize to each other. Jonah then thanks TJ for helping him at Cyrus' bar mitzvah. He opens up to TJ about his panic attacks. The boys admit that they all have issues to deal with.


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  • Asher Angel's younger brother, Avi Angel, portrayed young TJ in the flashback scene.
  • This is the second episode to feature a flashback, with the first being Mama. However, this is the first episode in which different actors portray the same characters in the past.
  • This is the first episode to premiere after Stoney Westmoreland was fired from the show.
  • Jonah wore a baseball jersey with the number "21" in honor of Roberto Clemente, a Hall of Famer who played 18 seasons for the Pittsburgh Pirates before dying in a plane crash.
  • When Andi told Amber the types of parties she's used too, she is making a reference to Dancing in the Dark


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