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Oh I see. So, you were just gonna sit there and watch me babble on like a fool about your wedding all night long?

Celia to Bex

Hammer Time is the fourteenth episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the 51st overall. It premiered on June 21, 2019 to 0.62 million viewers.



Andi releases her frustrations about Bex and Bowie’s canceled wedding; Cyrus invites Jonah to a backyard campout; Buffy competes in a marathon with Marty. 

Full Plot

Andi, Buffy and Cyrus are waiting for food at The Spoon as Andi expresses her frustrations about Bex and Bowie's canceled wedding. After bringing them food, Amber sits down to join the conversation. She tells Andi that she knows a place where she can help her release her anger. Later on, Amber takes Andi to a rage cage where she releases her anger by crushing things with a hammer.

Back at home, Andi gets a call from CeCe who is still very excited about the wedding. After that, Andi confronts Bex for not telling CeCe that the wedding is canceled. Since it's Celia's birthday, Bex doesn't want to tell her yet and ruin her birthday. So, they agree to tell CeCe the following day. Bex, Bowie and Andi go to a restaurant for CeCe's birthday dinner.

Celia arrives at the restaurant alone and reveals that Ham has left on a whim for India to resume his travels around the world. They agree that he has not been himself since he returned. CeCe then tells them that she has found the perfect venue for their wedding - on an alpaca farm. She excitedly starts showing them the venue pictures she took, but the cute pictures only make Bex, Bowie and Andi feel guilty. After noticing that they all have an unhappy look, CeCe asks them to come clean. Bex then drops the bad news to her that they decided to call off the wedding. CeCe becomes so upset that she destroys her own birthday cake after the Maitre D' and the wait staff present it to the table, and leaves the restaurant. She stops talking to Bex.

To help CeCe release some of that anger, Andi takes her to the rage cage Amber showed her. It helps but just a little. While in there, Andi notices Amber in the neighboring cage. She goes to talk to her to find out what's going on. Amber says that she is frustrated by Jonah because he is not putting any effort into their relationship. Andi tells her that if she is upset, she should just break up with him. However, Amber says that she can't break up with Jonah because she thinks she is in love with him.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Marty run into each other, and after their usual witty banter, Marty mentions that he would be running a marathon the following Saturday. Buffy wants to race too but Marty warns that she could get hurt or dehydrated since she hasn't been training. However, Buffy brushes it off, claiming that Marty is just afraid of losing to her.

During the marathon, Buffy becomes dehydrated and is unable to proceed. As she starts collapsing, Marty arrives to catch her. He sits her on a bench and asks if he should call for help but she says she is okay. He wants to stay with her but Buffy asks him to continue with the marathon so that he still finishes it under his target, four and a half hours. Marty leaves but returns a minute later, saying that he's figured out that Buffy was testing him to see if he would actually leave or come back for her. Buffy had showed him a movie with a similar storyline. So, he tells Buffy that he's not leaving her. However, instead of sitting there with her, he carries her so that they can get to the finish line together. It takes them over seven hours to finish but they both agree that it was worth it.

Elsewhere, Cyrus invites Jonah to camp outdoors in his backyard so that they can watch a meteor shower together. When Cyrus brings meat into the tent, it attracts wild animals, causing the boys to panic. After the tent zipper gets stuck, they figure out that if they cut a hole through the tent and throw the meat away, the animals will leave. This works, and they finally get out of the tent just in time to witness the phenomenal meteor shower.


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  • This episode will serve as the mid-season premiere.
  • This is the first episode to undergo a reshoot after Ham was written off the show. Ham is said to have gone back to India as part of his plan to travel the world.
  • The title references the popular MC Hammer phrase, "Stop! Hammer time!" from the 1990 song "U Can't Touch This". Nowadays, this phrase usually means to either stop and dance or to beat something up with a hammer to express one's anger (the latter as seen in this episode).
  • Cyrus mentions that meteors don't really hit the earth, except for Russia "that one time." This references the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor incident, where its explosion caused plenty of injuries and property damage.


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