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Henry Andrew "Ham" Mack was a recurring character on the TV series, Andi Mack. He’s Andi's grandfather and the lone male in the Mack household. He’s overjoyed that his family has fully reunited. Ham was portrayed by Stoney Westmoreland.


Ham is the "normal" one in the family. He is the one who tries to reason with both sides to help find common ground between Bex and Celia. This often puts him in a tough position where he has to decide which side to choose. He is quiet and humble. He is a caring dad and grandfather.


Ham is Celia's husband and Bex's dad. Up until Andi's 13th birthday, Andi thought that Ham was her father. When Bex came home for the birthday, Ham was happy to see her return and he tried to calm Celia down. Since then, Ham has been trying to keep everything calm in the midst of the tension among Celia, Bex and Andi.

In Outside the Box, Ham tries to help Bex bond with the rest of the family during family dinner memory games. He even tries to help Bex cheat just so she can fit in. When the family secret is exposed to everyone in Dancing in the Dark, Ham tries to calm Celia down by taking her away for a getaway. Unfortunately, their trip is cut short when their neighbor calls them about the party. This infuriates Celia so much that she refuses to talk to Bex and Andi. Ham steps in to help fix things and when Bex reveals that Andi was asking about her dad but Bex doesn't know how to begin and tell him that he has a daughter he didn't know existed. Ham tells Bex that Andi's dad knows she exists but doesn't know that she is his daughter. In It's Not About You, Ham gives Bex Bowie Quinn's email address and asks her to write to him about his daughter - he deserves to know the truth. When Bex can't figure out what to write to Bowie, Ham tries to help but they both end up just writing "hey!" Lucky for them, Bowie comes over and all they need to do, is deal with Celia.


  • Celia Mack

    The Mack Family

    - Celia is Ham's wife. Ham is the one who calms Celia down when she gets angry.
  • Bex Mack - Bex is Ham's daughter. Ham has been trying to make Bex feel accepted in the family since she returned.
  • Andi Mack - Andi is Ham's granddaughter. The family had lied to Andi that she was his daughter. Andi finds Ham to be easy to talk to compared to Celia.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • He is nicknamed "Ham" for his initials, Henry Andrew Mack.
  • Creator Minsky consciously chose to give the character her own father's initials.
  • He seems to do most of the cooking in the Mack house.
  • He likes Andi to call him "Pops".
  • He secretly helps Bex in the Mack Family Memory Game.
  • He made sure Andi's biological father, Bowie, was aware of her existence, but only as the cover story of being Bex's little sister.
  • He is the only member of the Mack family that is not a main character.
    • This is similar to how Tasha Davenport from the Disney XD show Lab Rats is the only one that lives in the Davenport house that is not a main character.
  • Ham takes yoga classes.
  • Towards the end of Season 2, Ham begins a short world tour, to visit places he's always wanted to see, by himself, as Celia is needed to open Cloud 10.
  • He sent his wife a prayer bowl from Tibet.
  • Ham returns from his trip in The Boys Are Back, but lost his keys.
  • It is revealed that Ham has returned to India in Hammer Time.
  • On December 14, 2018, Stoney Westmoreland was fired with one week of production left in Season 3. Edits have been made to remove him from episodes as much as possible.


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