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We need to find a new hangout.

Andi to Buffy and Cyrus

Friends Like These is the third episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the fifteenth episode overall. It first aired on November 10, 2017 to 1.40 millon viewers.[1]



Andi tries to convince her friends to find a new hangout spot to avoid Amber at The Spoon. Buffy tries out for the boys’ basketball team.[2]

Full Plot

Andi is reading a book while waiting for Buffy and Cyrus to join her at the The Spoon Diner. Amber is her waitress, who comes along and starts making small talk. She notices that Andi is reading a book called Girls Who Eat Candy. She tells Andi that she loves that book so much and that she cried when Cassie died.

Andi is shocked by the spoiler but she is more shocked by the fact that Amber said she cried. Amber has feelings? She tells Amber that she didn't know Amber had feelings and Amber says she just needs to know her better. Their awkward conversation ends when Amber is called away by another customer.

Jonah Beck joins Andi. Andi tells Jonah how weird it is for Amber to try to be friends with her. Jonah says Amber probably likes Andi, but Andi thinks Amber still likes Jonah.

Cyrus and Iris are walking down the street, holding hands and talking about how cute they are as a couple. Iris invites Cyrus to her house tomorrow night. She tells him it will be just her and him because she's babysitting her baby brother and he has to be in bed at seven.

Buffy and Marty try out for the boys' basketball team. They're both intimidated by TJ Kippen, the team captain. Marty complains that he's been in many classes together with TJ, but TJ has no idea who Marty is. Marty still thinks it's impossible for Buffy to make the boys' basketball team. Buffy claims that she is going to make the team... better. During the tryouts she has a terrible encounter with TJ. He commits a foul and refuses to admit it. Buffy confronts him for mistreating his teammates. But TJ tells Buffy she will never know because she won't be selected.

After that, Buffy is convinced she won't make the team because TJ is the captain. She tells Andi and Cyrus about how TJ kept calling her "little girl." Her friends assure her not to worry because at the end, it's Coach Purcell who decides who's on the team.

Their talk is abruptly disrupted by Amber when she comes over uninvited and sits next to them, saying her feet are tired. They're weirded out and quiet as Amber talks about how hard life is. She leaves after being called back in. The Good Hair Crew is left wondering what that was all about. Andi tells them how Jonah said Amber just wants to be friends. They agree that Amber is only trying to be friends with them to be closer to Jonah. Cyrus and Buffy tell Andi that Jonah is "the one that got away." She's Amber's "what if." She needs closure in order to move on.

Andi uses that to try to figure out if the guy in the picture in the toaster tarts box is Bex's "what if." She asks Bex if that guy is the reason why she can't move on. Is she the real reason she can't marry Bowie? Bex figures out that Andi learned something about YA novels. She tells Andi that relationships are complicated. She says that she needed the picture but couldn't put him in the memory box yet because she doesn't know if he belongs there. Andi tells Bex that she needs closure.

The next day, the basketball roster is out. Buffy makes the team and calls her mom to tell her about the success. Marty doesn't make the team but tells Buffy that he is happy for her. TJ tells Marty not to worry because Buffy won't last on the team. Buffy fiercely introduces herself to TJ but TJ threatens that Buffy will be nothing but a bench warmer. Buffy tries to trash talk TJ but she holds herself back.

To celebrate Buffy's victory, The Good Hair Crew goes to The Spoon Diner but they're afraid of running into Amber. So, they stand outside to see if Amber is on duty. Buffy tells them Amber is a snake. She tells them the story of a man who raised a serpent like a pet but the snake turned against him. So, like the pet snake, Amber is measuring Andi, ready to bite. So, they agree to look for a different hangout place besides The Spoon.

That night, Cyrus goes to Iris' house for their planned date night, ready to watch a scary dragon movie. Iris prepares popcorn for the movie and sits close to Cyrus. As they joke about the movie, Iris keeps pointing out how funny and cute Cyrus is. Iris turns down the TV volume and leans in on Cyrus' shoulder. She says she feels safer with him. Iris wants a kiss. He doesn't know what to do. He gives her a quick awkward kiss. Cyrus apologizes for the terrible kiss but Iris assures him that it will get better. But Cyrus knows it won't get better. He can't tell her the real reason why he doesn't have feelings for her. He gets up and leaves. Iris is left in shock.

In their quest to avoid The Spoon Diner, the Good Hair Crew and Jonah go to a restaurant called Shapiro's Delicatessen. But their baby taters are so bad they don't even deserve to be called baby taters. Jonah tries to get them to go back to The Spoon but they don't want to. When Jonah says that he knows they're the "Good Hair Crew," Cyrus quickly tries to invite him to join the gang. Jonah wonders what's really going on.

Andi admits to Jonah that they're avoiding The Spoon because of Amber. They remind Jonah of all the times Amber humiliated them or messed with them. Jonah tells them that Amber is now changed and that she is in a really bad place now. Jonah refuses to tell them the real reason why Amber needs someone to talk to because he had promised to keep her family and financial situation a secret. Jonah tells them that he is the one who told Amber to befriend them because she could use friends like them, and he thinks they're cool. Cyrus brags about how Jonah said he's cool. But Buffy and Andi remind him that Jonah says everyone is cool all the time.

On their way home, Buffy asks Cyrus about his date with Iris the other night. Cyrus explains it was a disaster. He tells Buffy that he felt nothing during the awkward first kiss and wished he would rather be doing something else like watching a snake eat an elephant. He says it's not a good sign and that he will need to tell his parents he likes boys at some point. He asks Buffy if he's going to be okay. Buffy tells him that he is already okay.

While buying second-hand clothes at Nine Lives, Andi runs into Amber. She notices that Amber is selling her clothes. Amber tells her that she knows they're trying to avoid The Spoon because of her since they haven't been there in a couple of days and Jonah told her about it. Andi promises that they're going to return to The Spoon because the other place is horrible. Amber tells them that they don't have to sit at her section. Andi understands that Amber is going through a financial situation and buys a dress from her.

Back at home, Bex is finally ready to open up to Andi about the boy in the picture. His name is Gabriel. He was great at making impressions. It was a toxic, messed up relationship. It took a while for Bex to see it. Bex tells Andi that Gabriel is the reason Bex is afraid she might never marry anyone. Andi tells Bex to put him in the past because he's a nobody. Bex says she didn't want to keep his memory. That's why she never put him in the box of ex-boyfriends. So, she put him in his own box.

Andi asks to see the picture of Bex and Bowie. She looks at it and sees how perfect Bex and Bowie were together. She wonders if she's ever going to have that. Instead of returning Bowie's picture to the memory box, Bex leaves it on the table below Andi's picture frame.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack (credit only)

Recurring Cast

Emily Skinner as Amber
Garren Stitt as Marty
Luke Mullen as TJ Kippen
Molly Jackson as Iris
Jay Whittaker as Coach Purcell

Guest Cast

Wilder Smith as T.V. Narrator


  • It was revealed the "nobody" on the picture had a name, Gabriel.
    • He ended up in the toaster tart box because Bex wanted the picture but didn't put it in her memory box because she didn't think she could yet.
  • Buffy made the basketball team.
  • Cyrus was invited over to Iris' home to watch a movie.
  • Amber sold one of her own T-shirts to Andi.
  • Anthony Rey was supposedly going to play Gabriel.


Marty  : What happened to your great bantering skills?
Buffy  : They're on vacation. With your fashion sense.
Marty  : Oh. There they are.

What a waste. I can't believe a potato gave its life for this.



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