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You're here to learn, not distract each other with your body parts.

— Principal Metcalf, "Were We Ever?"

Dr. Metcalf is a recurring character on Andi Mack. He is the current principal of Jefferson Middle School. He makes a big impression on his first day by reinforcing the school dressing code. Principal Metcalf is portrayed by Oliver Vaquer.



Season 1

Dr. Metcalf starts as the new principal of Jefferson Middle School in "Were We Ever?." He is hired to help improve the school's GPA and test scores because the school has been falling in the district. He introduces himself to students on the hallway, telling them that he's an approachable principal.

After introducing himself to Andi, Buffy and Cyrus, Dr. Metcalf notes that Andi is wearing leggings in school. He tells them that they're there to learn, not distract each other with their body parts. He makes them read the dress code, which they didn't even know existed. After reading the dress code with The Good Hair Crew, Bex tells them that it's unreasonable and encourages them to protest against the Principal.

The next day at school, Dr. Metcalf is shocked to see Andi, Buffy and Cyrus marching into school in matching prison outfits. He pulls them into his office and threatens to suspend them if they don't change from the prison outfits and end the protest. On the way out, they're all surprised to see hundreds of other students wearing the same outfits, protesting the unreasonable dress code. The principal feels powerless as the Good Hair Crew gladly joins the bigger protest. Dr. Metcalf tracks down the person supplying the prison outfits and encouraging the protest. It's Bex Mack but the Principal doesn't know her.

After finding out that the woman is Bex, Dr. Metcalf summons both Bex and Andi to his office and threatens that this act of protest would go to Andi's permanent record but Bex says there is no permanent record. After a long debate, Andi promises to dress better if the principal agrees to make the dress code more reasonable. They reach an agreement, giving Bex a first win in a protest.

Season 2

In "I Wanna Hold Your Wristband", Dr. Metcalf divides the students into two groups: A and B. Group A receives special treatment like better food and easy tests while group B receives the opposite. Andi and Cyrus are in Group A while Buffy and Jonah Beck are in Group B. Dr. Metcalf ensures enough security so that students do not switch groups.

However, Andi and Cyrus eventually defy the principal's orders and switch to group B. They help group B steal food from Group A, which leads to chaos. Principal Metcalf intervenes and asks them if anyone knows what the exercise was about. The students think it's because one group is better than the other but Andi realizes that it was simply alphabetical. She concludes that the exercise was to show that even though there's nothing about either of the groups, giving one group special treatment makes them think they're better than the others. It is the same thing in the society today, many people believe they're better than everyone else simply because they happen to be privileged in life. The Principal thanks Andi for figuring it out and ends the exercise.

Season 3

In "Cookie Monster" Buffy and Jonah find Dr. Metcalf at a tattoo parlor while buying a skateboard for Jonah, the teens are shocked by finding the principal outside of school and run away. The next day Dr. Metcalf confront the teens and offers to answer any question regarding his tattoos. He reveals that he got his first tattoo at 18 years old simply because he wanted to get a tattoo, thinking that they would believe he was cool. Buffy tells him that she would never have a tattoo now since is something that teachers do" causing Dr. Metcalf to leave.

When Cyrus goes to report the gun situation Dr. Metcalf is already waiting for Cyrus along a police officer, He is quick to assure Cyrus that everyone is okay and that the officer has some questions for him. Cyrus is surprised to found out that they already know about the gun, Is revealed in "The New Girls" that TJ was the one that reported the gun.

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